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90 Best Side Hustles for Teens to Make Money

Inside: Are you looking for ways to make money while still staying disciplined with your schoolwork? If so, check out our roundup of our best side hustles for teens!

The desire for financial independence can emerge early during the teenage years. Many teens yearn for their own money, not just to cover their personal expenses such as new clothes or leisure activities, but also to gain a sense of responsibility and autonomy.

Side hustles present an opportunity to learn, grow, and earn.

The true potential of side hustles goes far beyond simply making extra bucks. They develop essential life skills—time management, a grasp on finance, and interpersonal traits, leading to more rounded individuals.

However, tight academic schedules and age restrictions can make it challenging to maintain a regular part-time job, driving teens to seek alternative earning options that are more flexible and compatible with their routines.

We will cover creative and fun ways for teenagers to make money. Whether it was starting a YouTube channel (every teen’s dream) or offering tech tutoring, the possibilities have indeed been endless.

Are you looking for ways to make money while still staying disciplined with your schoolwork? If so, check out our roundup of our best side hustles for teens!

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How can a teenager make a lot of money?

There are numerous ways for a teenager to make a substantial amount of money. Choosing the right mix of online side hustles, community work, and leveraging hobbies is key.

More than just making quick cash, these ventures help teenagers cultivate valuable skills, potentially setting the foundation for future careers.

Best Side Hustles for Teens

Image of the scholarship form as one of the examples of the best side hustles for teens.

Exploring the world of side hustles can open up lucrative opportunities for teens to earn an income while expressing their creativity.

Here are unique and rewarding ways for teens to make extra cash in their spare time.

1. Earn Scholarships or College Credit

Taking AP classes and earning scholarships don’t just save tuition money but they also serve as a source of income for teens. By investing time wisely in studying and applying for scholarships, a teen can offset education costs, thereby effectively earning money.

The hourly payoff for such efforts often turns out to be significant especially if you want to go to college without student loans.

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2. Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is more than just a hobby today—it’s a lucrative venture. By leveraging YouTube’s monetization features, such as placing ads, miracles are not unheard of — some YouTubers make millions from their content. Consistency and quality are key elements in this game.

While it may take a while to build a large following and start earning, the long-term benefits can be substantial. As a teenager, you have the benefit of time to learn, experiment, and grow your channel. This side hustle not only offers the chance to earn money but can also develop social marketing and video production skills.

3. Start a clothing resale business

Starting a clothing resale business can be quite lucrative if done correctly. All it requires is a little time and effort sorting out used, but good quality items from your wardrobe or finding appealing deals from thrift stores or yard sales.

Platforms like Poshmark, eBay, Mercari, and ThredUp provide excellent spaces for reselling clothes, with some young entrepreneurs grossing more lots of money on their platforms. Whether you’re selling old clothes or unused items, these platforms offer an easy way to declutter and earn some cash simultaneously.

4. Invest in the Stock Market

Image of the investment as one of the ways to make money as a teen.

Investing in the stock market offers a golden opportunity for teenagers to grow their money. Even a minor investment, as small as $5 or $10, can grow over time. My teens and I spend time learning to trade their favorite companies.

Stock trading is not just about making money—it is a great life skill, teaching about risk, research, and patience. It might not be a typical side hustle, but it’s a surefire way to grow wealth while still in your teens.

Do remember, while the returns can be high, investing in the stock market does carry risks, so it’s important to learn and understand the fundamentals of investing before diving in. As such, an investing course is always worth it.

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5. Strut Your Skills with Social Media Management

Do you find yourself regularly scrolling through Instagram or curating the perfect Tweet? You can turn your social media prowess into a money-making venture. Many businesses are yearning for a hand in managing their social media channels — a task your teen is potentially perfect for!

As a social media manager, you’ll be tasked with posting quality content regularly and engaging with followers. With a strong social media following of your own, it won’t be hard to convince businesses that you’re the right fit.

6. Submit your Music to be Promoted

Building social media fame can be a powerful avenue for talented musicians. Platforms like Playlist Push allow you to submit your music to be featured on Spotify playlists and in TikTok videos, expanding your reach and potential income.

Leveraging the wide audience these platforms boast, you can earn money every time your song is streamed or used in a video. This unique income-generation opportunity not only boosts your pocket but also increases your exposure and recognition as an artist.

7. Sell custom-designed stickers

Custom-designed stickers offer a creative and fun side hustle, especially for teenagers. This endeavor combines originality and artistry, allowing one to sell unique designs, or even innovative spins on existing characters.

With a significant demand still prevailing for stickers, you can leverage platforms like Etsy to earn money selling one’s original sticker designs.

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8. Start a Podcast

Picture of the podcast tools to make money as a teenager,

As podcasts continue to gain popularity, starting your own podcast can be a great way to make money and connect with an audience. Choose a topic you’re passionate about, and let your voice be heard. Advertisements and sponsorship can bring in a steady income as your listener base expands.

Beyond the potential income, hosting a podcast allows you to refine your communication skills, expand your network through guest interviews, and explore topics you’re passionate about in depth.

9. Make Money with Photography—Sell Stock Photos

Do you have a keen eye for aesthetics and love capturing moments? Selling stock photography online can be lucrative. Websites like Shutterstock, Dreamstime, or iStockPhoto will pay for your photos, which customers can then purchase for their use.

This side hustle doesn’t require fancy equipment. High-quality pictures taken with a smartphone can work wonders, although a high-end camera is a plus. Moreover, editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom will help enhance your photos for sale.

10. Become an influencer

Imagine making money just by sharing and advocating for products you love. Sound interesting? This is just a glimpse of life as a social media influencer—one of the top side hustles for teens, especially teen athletes.

Distinct ranks exist within the influencer realm:

  • Nano influencers: Less than 10,000 followers
  • Micro-influencers: 10,000 to 100,000 followers
  • Macro influencers: 100,000 to 1 million followers
  • Mega influencers: Over 1 million followers

Even nano influencers within niches like beauty or gaming can make a decent income, provided they are committed to engaging followers regularly. By registering with an influencer network and partnering with brands, you can make money by sharing links to products on your social media accounts.

11. Transcribe audio files

Transcription involves listening to audio files and converting them into written documents. Beyond income, this role develops skills such as attention to detail, typing speed, and critical listening—skills that can vastly broaden career prospects in the future.

Rates typically vary from $1 per minute to $22 per hour, depending on the platform and the complexity of the audio file. No specific qualifications are needed to become a transcriptionist. But, you may want to jumpstart your learning with this transcription course.

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12. Test Websites for Additional Money

Image of a teenage boy doing website testing as his side hustle to make money.

Testing websites is an easy and flexible way to earn some extra cash. Companies are willing to pay just for using their websites and giving feedback. Companies like UserTesting offer up to $10 for 20 minutes of testing.

Your role includes visiting websites, utilizing various features, completing transactions, and giving feedback on the user experience. This testing can be done on both desktops and mobile devices.

13. Become a Search Engine Analyzer

As a search engine evaluator, you can leverage the time you spend online and turn it into a worthwhile income opportunity. Companies like Appen and Lionbridge offer roles where you check search engine results for relevancy and usefulness. This can be done right from your home or wherever you have an internet connection.

This side hustle requires precise attention to detail and an understanding of current events and popular culture. The average income for a search engine evaluator is about $24 an hour. 1

14. Live streaming

Game into glory and cash with live streaming – an increasingly popular side hustle among teens. Platforms like Twitch.tv allow teenagers to stream live video games to an audience. Not only does it enable ad revenue, but it also offers the chance to earn money per month for every subscriber.

Building a subscriber base might take time, but with the gaming and e-sport industry growing exponentially, there’s never been a better time to play and profit.

15. Digital File and Audio File Conversion / Editing

As the digital era thrives, the need for editing and converting files is skyrocketing. This presents an excellent income opportunity for tech-savvy teenagers.

No specific college degree or certification is needed to offer these services. As a teenager, you only need a fast computer, the right software, and of course, video-making and editing skills.

16. Opportunities for Freelance Writing

Picture of the young woman writing a context on the laptop as her side hustle job.

If you’re interested in expressing your thoughts and views, freelance writing could be your ticket to a steady income. It could be as simple as writing blog posts for websites or creating content for social media.

A 2022 report from Payoneer found that U.S freelance writers earn an hourly rate of $28 an hour on average. 2 As a teen venturing into freelance writing, join writing communities, share your work, and never stop learning.

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17. Build websites for local businesses

With a grip on website design skills, teens can put their skills to good use by building websites for these businesses. Extraordinary coding skills are no longer a necessity thanks to tools like WordPress and KadenceWP in the market.

Consider this: charging a modest amount of $500-$1000 for a decent website, if you build a new site every week, that’s a side income of $2000-$4000 every month. Not bad for a gig you can do from the comfort of your home!

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18. Help others navigate technology

In this digital age, many seniors struggle to keep pace with technology. Teenagers, often more tech-savvy, can help bridge this gap by providing a service that assists seniors in navigating technology.

From setting up Alexa to resetting a router, to offering guidance on using the latest devices or social media platforms, this presents a valuable opportunity to help seniors with their tech needs. This service not only brings joy to seniors and enhances their lives but also allows teens to earn upwards of $15-30 per hour.

19. Take Care Of Elderly Generation

Working with the elderly is a noble job that can be quite lucrative. Whether helping with daily activities like cooking and cleaning or simply offering company, you can make money while making a genuine difference in someone’s life.

You could start by volunteering at care homes and later shift to paid jobs as you gain experience and build trust. Remember, this job requires patience and empathy, and it’s an excellent fit for teens who love spending time with the elderly and listening to their stories.

20. Housesit

Picture a house open for housesitting as one of the side hustle jobs for teen to earn money.

House-sitting makes for a straightforward, yet profitable side hustle for teens. House-sitters are paid to watch over homes while homeowners are away traveling, offering services like tending plants, caring for pets, collecting mail, or simply making sure everything is in order.

With house-sitting, you can make a few hundred dollars each week – just for keeping a house secure. With the assurance that you won’t be overwhelmed with work during your house-sitting gig, it presents an excellent opportunity to focus on other tasks like studying for exams.

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21. Pet Sitting

Do you adore animals and need an easy side gig? Then pet sitting might be for you. With many pet owners traveling, there’s a significant demand for these services.

Pet-sitting might land you around $50 per night, depending on the number and types of pets.

22. Dog Walking Service

Whether it’s going for a walk or playing in the park, dog walking can generate a decent amount of cash. Platforms like Rover connect pet sitters with pet owners. Dog walking not only helps fetch approximately $15-$20 per walk but can also add to your daily step count.


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23. Tutoring

Tutoring is a high-demand, high-reward side gig available for teenagers, especially those who excel in academic subjects. Whether you tutor younger children struggling with math or your peers seeking help for test prep, imparting knowledge can be satisfying and profitable.

Be equipped with sufficient knowledge to teach your subject of choice. Advertise your services at local libraries, school papers, community Facebook groups, or simply through word of mouth. Earnings vary but can be around $10-$20 per hour to start. For an added boost, consider tutoring more than one student at a time in a group setting.

24. Quick Bucks from Babysitting

Picture of the teen doing a babysitting as one way to make money.

Babysitting has long been a standard job for teenagers, but don’t be mistaken—it’s far from outdated. Babysitting remunerates well and offers excellent flexibility. If you genuinely enjoy spending time with kids, babysitting is an ideal choice.

Access platforms like Sittercity showcase your babysitting services. Alternatively, spread the word in your neighborhood or through social media.

Depending on how much time you dedicate, babysitters can make roughly $10-$15 per hour, and even more if looking after multiple kids. Many parents are also willing to pay a “night out” flat rate, often exceeding $100 for an evening of babysitting.


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25. Groom Pets for Extra Money

Pet grooming is one of those side hustles most people do not realize they can do. It’s fun, and it’s a great way for teens to make some extra money—typically over $50 per grooming session.

This entails regular bathing, brushing, trimming, and general care to keep pets healthy, clean, and looking their best. Besides basic grooming tools like clippers and brushes, all you need is a love for animals and an aptitude for handling them with care.

26. Show Off Your Handy Skills with Minor Painting And Repairs

Got a knack for painting and DIY projects? Turning these skills into a side hustle can be quite profitable as my husband and his brothers did at this age. Whether it’s a room needing a fresh coat of paint or a wooden fence requiring a new finish, your expertise can be put to good use.

This side hustle might need an initial investment in tools, but rest assured, this can be regained rapidly. From fixing a leaky faucet, doing elementary electrical work, or painting a room, there’s immense potential for handy teens. DIY YouTube channels or local home improvement workshops can be a handy (pun intended) way to improve your skills.

27. Try Grocery Delivery

Picture of groceries to deliver as one way to do side hustle job as a teen.

As more and more people turn to grocery delivery services for convenience or due to current health concerns, becoming a grocery shopper has become a genuinely profitable side hustle. With a driving license in hand and a clear understanding of customer service, you can easily help your neighbors.

With apps like Instacart, teens over 18 can sign up, accept jobs when free, go grocery shopping, and then deliver items. Companies pay you for time spent shopping and a fee for each delivery, with the potential to earn customer tips.

28. Work on TaskRabbit

If you’re 18 or older and keen on turning your skills into a profitable side gig, consider signing up for TaskRabbit. This platform connects “Taskers” with individuals who need help getting things done—these tasks range from assembling furniture and yard work to grocery delivery and more.

This gig economy platform makes it easy for teens to find gigs that match their skills and interests. You choose your tasks, set your rates, and work on your own schedule. Remember, offering a decent service will lead to positive reviews, enhancing your chances of getting more gigs.


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29. Offer personal assistant services

People, especially those running their businesses, often need help with scheduling meetings, answering emails, carrying out research, and handling a multitude of other tasks. That is where a personal assistant would come in.

This side hustle doesn’t necessarily demand any degree—it’s about being proactive, detail-oriented, and reliable. Make your client’s workload lighter and see your earnings pile up—one task at a time!

30. Delivering Newspapers

Delivering newspapers may sound like a job of the past, but it remains an efficient and relaxed way for teens to earn some additional cash. Today, newspaper routes come along with flyers and other paper materials that require delivery.

Typically, this job requires early morning hours before school and can take an hour or two at most per day. The exact pay can vary, but on average, newspaper delivery can bring in about $410 per week. 3 Payment is generally split into delivery fees and tips.

31. Poop-Scooping

Pet waste management is a business that can be surprisingly lucrative, despite the less than glamorous function it provides. With services like DoodyCalls and Call of Doodie Pet Waste Removal, adults are successfully converting poop-scooping into profit, and there’s no reason why teens can’t do the same.

Advertise your services in local newspapers or Facebook groups, and you might find families in your community eager for your help. This job is especially attractive because it’s incredibly simple and may be preferable to the household chores that parents assign.

32. Becoming a Party Character

Image of mascot in different character as one way to earn money on side hustle job for teen.

Making appearances at children’s parties dressed as beloved characters can bring both joy and significant earnings. It’s a fun and creative way to engage with kids while cashing in approximately $20 to $50 per hour of work.

Teens who are outgoing, love to entertain, and aren’t afraid of dressing up can do marvelously in this unique side gig. From popular characters like Princess Elsa to superheroes like Captain America, the demand is huge.

33. Make Crafts to Sell

If you’re crafty and want to monetize your creativity, consider making and selling your crafts. Websites like Etsy or Amazon Handmade are excellent platforms for this. Some teens even sell successfully through social media or at local craft fairs.

The craft items you can sell are practically endless—from homemade candles and hand-dyed fabrics to personalized jewelry and digital artwork. Crafts have the potential to be highly lucrative.

34. Sell Digital Downloads on Etsy

Etsy is an excellent platform for those looking to turn their digital creativity into profit. You can sell self-made digital products such as social media templates, personalized planners, unique stickers, or photo presets. In fact, find the most popular items to sell on Etsy.

The platform is accessible to individuals aged 13 and older, with specific guidelines in place for sellers under 18. Remember to carefully consider your pricing strategy, accounting for the creation process and the potential for discounts or coupons to incentivize sales.

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35. Selling Custom T-shirts

Are you a creative person with unique design ideas just waiting to be seen? Selling custom t-shirts is now easier than ever with platforms like TeeLaunch, Printify, or Printful—these services allow you to focus on creating designs while they handle manufacturing and shipping.

Creating a successful t-shirt business doesn’t require a graphic design degree—even simple designs can sell well.

36. Sell Baked Goods

Picture or different types and flavors of baked goods to sell and to earn money.

Got a knack for baking scrumptious cookies? Turn that talent into a profitable venture. You can sell your homemade baked goods to friends, and family, or even open a small online bakery. Sell at school functions, farmer’s markets, or through social media.

The earning potential can vary greatly, depending on the quantity, quality, and price of your goods.

37. Furniture refurbisher

Furniture refurbishment is a fun and creative way to make an income. This involves purchasing used furniture, refurbishing it—which could include sanding and painting the items—and then reselling them for a profit.

Plus, it’s a fun, creative project every time. Turn waste into wonder, then into winnings—one piece of furniture at a time! Remember, behind every old, shabby piece of furniture, there’s a shining profit waiting to be unveiled. Make your mark in the flipping world today!

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38. Lawn Mowing and Yard Maintenance: A Teen’s Go-to Side Gig

If you’re capable of running lawn equipment or picking up rakes, there’s a whole world of yard work waiting for you. Lawn mowing and yard maintenance mostly comprise tasks that most homeowners don’t have the time or will to take care of.

Preteens and teens capable of executing these tasks can make a steady income. On average, one can charge anywhere from $20 for a small lawn to $40 or $50 for a large one.

39. Washing Cars

Start by offering to wash cars for your neighbors. Chances are, people would appreciate the comfort of having their cars washed right at their homes rather than driving to a car wash.

You can charge anywhere from $10 to $50 depending on the vehicle size and the services you provide. Notably, this side gig requires some initial investment for cleaning supplies, gloves, drying towels, and if you want to offer interior cleaning—a handheld vacuum.

40. Car Detailing

Picture of a car detailing job as one way of earning money as a teen.

Car detailing can turn out to be an exciting and profitable way to make money, especially by catering to moms.

With the ability to earn between $50-$100 for a few hours of work, this side job can add a substantial amount to a teen’s pocket money. Depending on the level of detail and the car’s current condition, it might take longer to see results, but the higher pay compensates for this.

41. Scavenging for Recyclables

Going green isn’t just good for the environment—it can put some cash in your pocket too! Scavenging for recyclables in your neighborhood or local parks can be an easy side gig for teens. Certain states in the U.S. even offer cash back for cans and bottles that you turn in.

Regardless of whether you’re collecting recyclables from home or picking them up from others, you’re making a positive impact on the environment while making some extra money. It’s a win for the planet and a win for your wallet!

42. Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling presents an excellent way to make money in cold seasons. It’s a needed service in regions frequently hit by snow, with elderly or busy residents often willing to pay for a clear path.

My teens charge an average of $25 per driveway for an average snow. But, when the snow depth increases, so does their cash earnings.

43. Painting Houses

If you’re diligent and detail-oriented, painting houses can be a lucrative side job. Homeowners often dread painting rooms and are willing to pay generously for reliable service. This can be both interior and exterior painting, depending on your skill set.

You would initially need to invest in some basic painting supplies like brushes, rollers, or a paint sprayer. You can find work by advertising your services to friends, family, or on local online platforms.

44. Cleaning Houses

Picture of the teen cleaning a house to earn money as side hustle job.

This side gig is about executing necessary cleaning tasks that homeowners might not have the time for or prefer not to do themselves.

Start by offering your services to friends, relatives, or neighbors. Once the word about your quality services spreads, you can expand your client base. Invest in some basic tools such as a vacuum cleaner, mops, dusters, and cleaning supplies.

45. Help People Move

As a teen, you can step in to pack, unpack, or lift heavier items. Depending on your region, you could potentially make up to $100 per day with this side gig.

You can advertise your services on local community boards or through social media. Moving is a labor-intensive and time-consuming job that many homeowners find daunting. Often, they’re willing to hire assistance to make the process easier.

46. Window cleaning

If you’re not afraid of heights and have access to the necessary supplies – like a ladder, long poles, and cleaning materials – you can offer your window cleaning service to homeowners in your local area.

This service could even be expanded to local businesses that might pay slightly more.

47. Organize Homes And Garages

Folks often struggle with clutter in their homes and garages and don’t have the inclination or time to tackle the ensuing mess. This is where your organizing skills can come in handy.

Starting an organizer business is a fantastic opportunity to help declutter people’s lives and cash in on your efforts. You can help homeowners decide what to keep, what to sell, what to donate, and help categorize their stuff effectively. The way you charge (an hourly rate or a flat fee) depends on how you value your time and effort.

48. Errand service

Image of a teen doing a gardening errand to earn money.

By starting an errand service, you can help people complete their routine tasks such as picking up groceries, collecting dry cleaning, mailing packages, or purchasing essentials.

Your errand services are likely to be of great assistance to individuals who have busy schedules, the elderly, or those with mobility issues. By charging a reasonable price per errand or an hourly rate, you can earn a decent income doing these simple tasks!

49. Teach Dance

Do you have a passion for dance and a knack for teaching? Then, why not turn that passion into a profession? As a dance instructor, something I did as a teen, you can pass on your skills and enthusiasm for dance to kids, beginners, or anyone willing to learn.

You don’t necessarily need to rent a studio for teaching. You could use a community center, a school’s vacant room, or even your garage. A dance class can run anywhere from $10 – $30 per class, and if you gather a good batch of students, you could make a tidy sum.

50. Sports Coach

For teens with extraordinary sports skills, becoming a sports coach can be a rewarding way to make money. From soccer and baseball to tennis and golf, if you excel at a sport, you can offer lessons to kids and young adults in your area.

With coaching, not only are you making money, but you’re also instilling a love of sports among the younger generation. Plus, spend your days on the field or court rather than behind a counter or a desk. Depending on your level of expertise, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $30 per hour as a youth sports coach.

51. Lifeguarding

Lifeguarding—the perfect job for strong swimmers and responsible teens. This role involves monitoring swimmers in the pool to ensure their safety and well-being. This goes beyond just watching; lifeguards must also enforce the rules of the pool and administer first aid when necessary.

To become a lifeguard, you’ll need appropriate lifeguard training. While the payment varies, the average lifeguard makes around $10 per hour, which could add up to a decent side income during the summer months.

52. Referee

Image of the referee tool in soccer and one of the side hustles job for teens.

Referees are needed in various sports like soccer, basketball, or volleyball. Whether it’s your school games or community tournaments, there can always be a need for a fair referee. As a referee, your job includes enforcing game rules, making judgment calls, and ensuring fair play.

Depending on the complexity and level of the game, a referee can earn between $15 and $30 per hour.

53. Work As A Golf Caddy

If you’re a golf enthusiast or want to rub shoulders with successful golf players, working as a golf caddy can be an interesting way to earn money. Golf caddies assist golfers throughout their game, providing advice, carrying equipment, and even helping to locate lost balls.

Working as a caddy at local golf clubs or country clubs can be an exciting and beneficial part-time job. Most golf clubs, both public and private, hire teens to caddy for their guests. It’s a fantastic networking opportunity as you often get to meet influential and wealthy people.

54. Work as a camp counselor

Whether you’re overseeing camp activities or leading team-building exercises, every duty you perform plays a crucial role in ensuring a memorable experience for your campers.

In this role, you get to teach younger individuals important life skills in an exciting and interactive environment. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash, particularly during the summer months.

55. Do Homework For Classmates

If your homework game is on point and your classmates often seek your help, why not turn this into an earning opportunity? Providing a homework service for classmates can be a financially rewarding way to utilize your academic prowess.

Subjects like math, science, history, and English often pose challenges for many students. If these subjects are your forte, you can consider offering your services for a fee. Be selective in the assignments you take on, making sure they are within your capabilities to ensure quality work.

This area is a fuzzy line just like finding excuses to miss school. You may be better off tutoring.

56. Lead Study Sessions Before Exams

Image of teens leading the group session to earn money as side hustle job.

Exam season can be stressful for many students. If you have a knack for explaining complex subject matter in an easy-to-understand manner, leading study sessions before exams can be a profitable venture. Not only will you be reinforcing your own knowledge, but you will also be earning money by helping others.

You can host these study sessions in person at a location such as a community center, library, or someone’s home, or host them online using video conference tools. Charge per session or offer packages for a series of sessions.

57. Review College Essays

If you have a knack for proofreading and editing, reviewing and editing college essays can be a lucrative side hustle for you. Remember, a compelling college essay is crucial for students applying for college—it’s an essential part of their application and can be their ticket into the school of their dreams.

You can help by proofreading for grammar and punctuation errors, advising on how to structure the essay, and giving feedback on how students can better articulate their thoughts. You can charge per essay or per hour for your services.

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58. Sell Your Class Notes

For teenagers who excel in academics, selling class notes can serve as an effective source of passive income. Highly detailed and well-organized notes are valuable resources that can aid peers in studying.

Platforms like Nexus Notes or Stuvia allow students to sell high-quality notes, and data suggests that some diligent note-takers can even earn hundreds of dollars per semester. In essence, being diligent and detailed in one’s studies can not only help with personal academic achievement but also earn some extra income.

59. Pallet flipping

Pallet flipping is rising in popularity as a way of making money since it requires a minimal investment. It involves purchasing pallets of returned, overstock, or discontinued products at a discounted price, and then selling them for a considerable profit.

These pallets can be found at liquidation outlets or online, containing a wide variety of products, from electronics to clothing. Once you have a pallet, you can sell the items through online platforms like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or even at flea markets.

Flea Market Flipper

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This is how to create a profitable reselling business quickly

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60. Flip Baseball Cards and Collectibles

Picture of the baseball collectible items to sell and earn money.

The world of baseball cards and collectibles isn’t just a passion pursuit—it’s a financial venture waiting to be tapped into. For collectors and sports enthusiasts, flipping baseball cards can be a profitable business. It involves buying undervalued or rare nostalgic cards, or collectibles at a lower price, then reselling them at a higher price.

You can source these cards from yard sales, online auctions, estate sales, or even your own collection. Keep an eye out for mint condition pieces or rare collectibles as they can fetch a high return. Platforms like eBay are great places to resell your finds.

61. Sell In-Game Video Goods & Digital Avatars

Turning your hobby into profits, you can create and sell personalized digital avatars in gaming platforms like Second Life. This involves leveraging your creativity to design avatar clothing, accessories, and more. Once other gamers purchase your creations, you’ll receive a substantial profit, making gaming an exciting and rewarding venture.

Games allow players to purchase digital commodities like clothes, accessories, home items, buildings, etc. If you have creative skills, you can design and sell in-game goods and earn a substantial profit.

62. Rent out your video games

For avid gamers with a vast collection of video games, renting out your games can be an incredibly profitable venture. It’s a simple and effective way to capitalize on your passion for gaming and make some money on the side.

  • You can rent out your games to friends or acquaintances.
  • If you’re looking for a bigger customer base, you can advertise your collection on places like Facebook Marketplace or local community groups.

Make sure to establish the rental specifics such as the cost and time frame to ensure everything goes smoothly.

63. Teaching fellow gamers

Are you an avid gamer with a knack for strategic thinking and adeptness in several video games? If you answered yes, then teaching fellow gamers can be an excellent way for you to earn extra cash. This involves offering one-on-one lessons or developing structured courses to help other gamers improve their skills.

You can provide your services through your own website or connect with platforms like Gamer Sensei to reach a larger audience. Pricing can be determined on a per-hour basis, depending on your expertise and the demand for your service.

64. Get Paid for Playing Games

Image of a young gaming streamer  earning as side hustle job.

With the gaming industry booming, there’s a surprising way to turn your enjoyment of video games into a stream of income: getting paid to play games.

Companies like Mistplay pay users to play video games on their platform, rewarding them with points that can be exchanged for gift cards or cash.

65. Collect Scrap Metal

Scrap metal collection is an unconventional yet profitable way to earn extra cash. It involves gathering unused, old, or discarded metal objects, and selling them to scrap yards, recycling centers, or metal dealers who pay per pound based on the type of metal.

You can start by collecting scrap metal from your own house. Old appliances, metal furniture, or leftover materials from home renovations can be a good source, and you can also broaden your scope by offering to collect scrap metal from neighbors and friends.

Collecting scrap metal doesn’t just do a service to the environment—it services your bank account too. This is a great way to make 300 dollars fast.

66. Model

If you have a love for fashion and a natural poise in front of the camera, consider stepping into the glamorous world of modeling. Nowadays, brands are on the lookout for fresh faces to represent their product.

From fashion brands, beauty products, to local businesses, there’s an ever-increasing demand for models of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. Set your rage, strike a pose, and see how your wallet strikes more and more earnings—one photo shoot at a time!

67. Host Photo Shoots

Teenagers with an interest in photography can leverage their talent to earn money. Schedule mini photo shoots for families over the holidays while you hone your skills.

Additionally, teens can offer photography services for local events or businesses, boosting their earnings.

68. Reviewing Music for Money

Picture of a teen reviewing a music as one way to earn money.

Listening to music can be a great side hustle; especially if you sign up with RadioEarn, where you can earn by listening to music.

The requirement is minimal as you only need to listen for at least 15 minutes seconds to get paid. Therefore, it is a profitable and convenient way to make money during commutes or spare time.

69. Offer music production services

Leveraging your musical and video editing talents may allow you to offer unique music production services to local businesses. This could include creating custom jingles or soundtracks for marketing videos, providing background music for events, or even producing original scores for company performances.

Not only can this service fulfill a unique niche, but it may also allow businesses to add a further level of personalization and professionalism to their brand.

70. Teach coding or programming

Fluency in programming languages can also open the door to an array of online teaching opportunities. Websites like Codecademy and Codementor provide platforms where you can offer your skills in teaching coding or programming to those willing to learn.

Leveraging these platforms can not only generate income, but also allow you to share your passion and knowledge, helping others become proficient in coding.

71. Set up smart home devices for neighbors

Tech-savvy teens can fill a gap in the market by offering assistance to seniors struggling with modern technology like setting up smart home devices.

Advertising this service could simply start from word-of-mouth within the community, making it a viable option for teens to gain hands-on experience and income.

72. Create and Sell custom phone wallpapers

Image of taking an image to customize and creating a phone wallpaper to sell and earn money.

Creating and selling custom phone wallpapers can be a fun and creative way to make extra money online. You can make unique designs using graphic software and upload them on platforms like Etsy or RedBubble, setting your price for each download.

With the increasingly vast array of smartphone users, this market remains ever-expansive and bound to catch the interest of many looking to personalize their devices.

73. Teach art lessons

Teaching art lessons can be just as fulfilling as teaching any other subject and can be a great way to share your talent with interested students. Moreover, teaching art online makes it easy for you to reach a broader audience looking to develop their artistic abilities.

Websites like TakeLessons can connect artists, who are also educators, to students eager to learn art, offering flexible scheduling and payment options.

74. Your Blogging Journey Begins Here

Starting a blog offers an excellent blend of passion and profit. You could share your thoughts on your favorite books, give style advice, or be a gaming guru—the world is your oyster.

With consistent publishing of content and effective keyword usage, you can build steady traffic to your blog. Monetizing with ads, affiliate links, or sponsored content can propel your earnings. Moreover, blogging develops and hones several skills ranging from writing and SEO to marketing and networking.

75. Get paid to watch TV.

Yes, there are companies like Swagbucks or InboxDollars that pay you just to watch videos, TV shows, or commercials and offer your opinion on what you’ve watched.

You can join these platforms for free and usually get a sign-up bonus. Once you’re in, browse through the various video categories, watch for the specified duration, and earn in the form of cash or gift cards.


Swagbucks is a fun rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online.

Earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys, and more!

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76. Distribute Flyers for Small Businesses

Image of the group of teens distributing flyers as their side hustle job.

Small businesses often rely on traditional marketing methods like distributing flyers to attract more customers.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurial individuals to offer flyer distribution services. While the task is straightforward, the earnings can add up, especially if you’re able to handle multiple clients at once.

77. Design T-Shirts

If your teen has a knack for graphic design, designing t-shirts can be a high-paying gig. Sites like Amazon Merch, Spreadshirt and Spring allow you to sell your unique designs.

This not only nets your teen passive income but also provides them with a platform to showcase their creativity and potentially grow it into a thriving online business.

78. Get Paid to Read Books

Did you know that your love for reading books can actually earn you money? As intriguing as it sounds, multiple avenues allow you to get paid for reading books such as doing book reviews or proofreading.

Read through this detailed article to explore more about these options and start turning your hobby into a profitable side hustle.

79. Virtual language tutoring

Virtual language tutoring offers the perfect platform for fluent multi-lingual speakers to earn extra income by imparting knowledge to learners all over the world. Nor even students who need to practice themselves!

It operates largely via online platforms like Verbalplanet, Varsity Tutors, Cambly, Verbling, and Italki, which facilitate interaction between tutors and students, usually through virtual mediums like Skype. The earning potential is considerable, with some tutors making up to $30 per hour.

80. Dog Training Business

Picture of the dog under training and one of the side hustle jobs for teens.

Starting a dog training business can be a rewarding endeavor for animal lovers who would like to turn their passion into profit. Something my daughter plans to do.

The business involves offering services to pet owners who don’t have the time or the expertise to train their dogs themselves. Notably, there’s potential for significant earnings.

81. mTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, often known as MTurk, is a leading online marketplace for a variety of micro-jobs that can help you earn some extra cash in your spare time. The available tasks range from simple administrative tasks, survey participation, data entry, to answering questions with each task ranging from $0.25 to $5.

Anyone above the age of 18 can register and start earning, making it a flexible option for those looking to monetize their downtime.

82. Logo Design

Logo design can be a lucrative area for creatively inclined teens seeking to make additional income. It is in high demand as many businesses, both online and local, constantly require updated or new logos to represent their brand identity.

By advertising their services on platforms such as Upwork, or directly reaching out to local businesses, teens can have the opportunity to make significant earnings from their graphic design skills.

83. Take Online Surveys

Taking online surveys has become a popular way for individuals to earn extra cash on the side. Most survey websites don’t require extensive knowledge, expertise, or investments to participate, you only need a reliable internet connection and some spare time.

One of the best places to start taking surveys for money is Survey Junkie, which pays cash via PayPal, Venmo, or check. Another good option is Swagbucks, which also allows teens over 13 to sign up.


Swagbucks is a fun rewards program that gives you free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online.

Earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos, search the web, answer surveys, and more!

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84. Donate Plasma for Money

Image of collected plasma of teens and one way to earn money.

Donating plasma is another unique way to earn extra money, especially for college students. Plasma is a component of your blood, and it’s used in many lifesaving treatments.

Several plasma collection centers pay for donations, often between $20 to $50 per donation, making it a viable option if you’re comfortable with the process. Make sure to be honest about your age when signing up.

85. Weed Garden & Plant flowers

Getting a garden ready for spring is a profitable side hustle for anyone with an interest in gardening.

Many people will pay teens $10-15 per hour for work. If you love getting your hands dirty, this one is for you.

86. New Computer or Phone Transfer

Helping seniors and others transfer computer information from one device to another can be a rewarding side hustle for tech-savvy individuals. It utilizes their proficiency with various devices and software, providing a much-needed service for people struggling to keep up with rapidly advancing technology.

By offering these services, tech-literate people can not only earn extra income but also make a significant impact in bridging the digital divide experienced by many older individuals.

87. Digitize Old Photos and Movies

Image of collected old photos to digitalize and preserve, one-way skill to do a side hustle jobs as teens.

Many individuals and organizations have nostalgic photos and classic movies they want preserved but lack the time or skill to do so.

Offering a digitization service not only meets this demand but can also be lucratively rewarding with the right marketing and pricing structure, given the cultural value attached to such items.

88. Be a Movie Extra

Being a movie extra is an exciting and potentially profitable side hustle for teens. Depending on the role, one can earn approximately $100 for a single day’s work.

This filmmaking venture not only provides the opportunity to earn some extra money, but also offers a fun and insightful way to gain exposure to the entertainment industry.

89. Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs are a classic way of earning extra money. They can provide a steady income and offer flexible schedules, making them ideal for students.

Popular part-time job options can include working in a fast-food restaurant, local gym, movie theater, or even adventure center.

90. Start a Side Business

Starting your own business can be a rewarding way to utilize your skills and create financial success. The focus of the business is somewhere where your strengths and passions lie.

Many young kids and teens are known to start their businesses young. Such as the founder of Taco vs. Burrito.

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How Can A Teenager Create a Sustainable Side Hustle?

Image of a teen doing live streaming and earning money as a side hustle job.

Establishing a sustainable side hustle as a teenager can be significantly rewarding, both financially and personally. Not only will you earn your own money which gives you a sense of independence, but you’ll also develop vital skills and gain experience that can be invaluable in your future career.

Here’s how to create a sustainable side hustle:

#1 – Identify your interests:

The first step in creating a sustainable side hustle is to identify what you enjoy doing and how you can monetize it. Maybe you’re good at graphic design, have a knack for tutoring, or enjoy walking the neighborhood dogs.

Regardless of what it is, knowing your talents and interests can guide your journey to earn extra money.

#2 – Create a solid plan:

After identifying a potential side hustle, the next step is to create a solid plan to market yourself. This comprises setting goals, creating a schedule, and developing a price point or fee structure for your services or products.

This could mean creating a simple website, leveraging social media, or even passing out business cards or flyers.

#3 – Be Consistent:

Consistency is key when it comes to side hustles. The more effort you put into your hustle, the more rewards you’re likely to reap in the long run.

#4 – Stick to the rules:

If you are under 18, make sure you can use the platform at your age. Also, make sure to know your employment rights to avoid being exploited.

Also, remember to balance your school life with your side hustle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Making $10,000 as a teenager might seem like a mammoth task, but with the right approach, determination, and consistency, it’s completely achievable.

Many teenagers can buy their first car with their side hustle or part-time job earnings.

Making money as a 13-year-old might seem challenging, but several opportunities can fit well around their school hours and responsibilities.

The popular ways include babysitting, lawn care, pet setting or snow shoveling.

While there are restrictions for labor laws for 15-year-olds, there nevertheless exists a myriad of ways to make money fast. You can find a part-time job at this age.

Another great idea is offering neighborhood services to your community. Tutoring, babysitting and housesitting are popular as well.

Side Hustles for Teens to Make Money Now

Picture of the teen doing live selling clothes to earn money on a side hustle job.

Choosing the right side hustle largely depends on your teenager’s interests, skills, and free time.

One thing’s for sure: Starting a side hustle is a fantastic way for teens to start earning money. But, it gives them a taste of the independence it can bring.

Plus get a head start on learning about business, and finance and gain practical life skills.

Whatever they pick, the aim should be to choose a hustle that aligns with their passions and interests.

After all, the best side hustles are those where working doesn’t feel like working, and you can grow within the job—one side gig at a time!

Venturing into the world of side hustles is not just about making their first bucks, it’s about throwing the first dice into the game of financial independence.

There is nothing wrong with learning how to FI at a young age.

Make sure everyone in the house is excelling at side hustles:


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