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Digital Products to Sell on Etsy: Best Way to Make Money Online Fast

Inside: Do you want to make money online fast? If so, we’ll discuss the best digital products to sell on Etsy. By following these steps, you’ll be on your way to making money selling digital items quite easily.

Do you want to learn how to sell digital products on Etsy and make money through it?

Selling digital products offers an exciting avenue for generating passive income. With their low production and distribution costs, high profit margin, and potential for scalability, they stand as a lucrative business model for many entrepreneurs.

Moreover, once a digital product is created, it can continuously bring in revenue without the need for additional production costs, making it an appealing source of passive income.

The key to being a successful Etsy seller is to understand your chosen niche and what your audience wants.

We will dive into digital products you could sell on Etsy which range from arts & crafts to business materials.

Do you want to make money online fast? If so, we'll discuss the best digital products to sell on Etsy. By following these steps, you'll be on your way to making money selling digital items quite easily.

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What are Digital Products?

Digital products are items that are accessed and delivered electronically, examples of which include software, ebooks, online courses, digital music, video, and audio files.

These intuitive products offer the versatile benefit of being easily reproduced and instantly accessible on various devices, without the requirement of physical storage or shipping. Plus the world is moving towards becoming digital anyway.

In creating digital products, businesses aim to capitalize on customer appeal and convenient delivery, which often complement their physical goods or services.

Why Sell Digital Products on Etsy?

Selling digital products on Etsy offers an incredible opportunity to showcase and monetize your unique creations. With Etsy’s vast online marketplace and its millions of potential customers, it has become a preferred platform for artists, designers, and content creators.

Furthermore, it provides the flexibility to set your prices in accordance with the value you offer and experiment with different pricing strategies.

This is a hassle-free way to monetize your creativity. Here’s why:

  • You craft it once, it sells eternally: Digital products offer the ultimate advantage of a “create once, sell forever” model. Imagine sipping a cup of tea while your creation secures sales one after another.
  • Resource-friendly: Bid adieu to the restrictions of shipping, storage, or material costs. Instead, welcome the comfort of financial freedom and resource efficiency.
  • Everlasting stock: Digital products on Etsy never run out! Say goodbye to inventory issues and overselling, which makes it a smart choice for long-term business.

So, start now by creating an account, picking your digital product, setting up shop, and starting selling on Etsy. With no heavy fees and no botheration of shipping.

Just pure creative power leads to sheer earning happiness.

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What digital products sell the most on Etsy?

Well, our data shows that digital prints, planners, stickers, fonts, and children’s educational materials are some of the best-selling categories netting serious cash on this creative marketplace. This information came from Cody and Julie – the founders of the e-Printables course.

Typically, seasonal content always does well on any platform. Same with current trends like the “Barbie” craze.

  • These products are a creative enthusiast’s goldmine owing to their limitless customization capabilities, instant delivery, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Wherein, most busy professionals, students, parents, and small business owners find them irresistible due to their convenience and adaptability to suit specific needs and tastes.

To learn more about selling on Etsy, I highly recommend connecting with Cody and Julie in their free webinar.

What digital download sells best on Etsy?

Image of a personal computer set with eyeglass, notes, and pens creating a logo brand.

Among the myriad of digital products available, digital prints notably rank as one of the best-selling downloads on Etsy, closely followed by other popular items such as:

  • digital planners
  • logo designs
  • travel guides
  • business card designs
  • Lightroom presets
  • printable invitations.

A beautiful synergy of convenience, utility, and aesthetics, that can be printed at home or in a local print shop, whenever you wish. Perfect for last-minute gifters, DIY décor enthusiasts, or anyone looking for hassle-free beautification!

So, staying in the game, consistently monitoring market trends, and adapting accordingly is the key to successfully selling your digital prints on Etsy.

Best Digital Products to Sell on Etsy

The best digital products to sell on Etsy depend upon various factors, such as your skills, customer interests, and specific market trends.

It is also important to keep an eye on high-sales products, check positive reviews, track favorites, and note recurring themes to understand what customers are looking for and to guide your digital product offerings. This is a quick way to make 300 dollars fast.

Here are the examples of some of the best digital products you might want to sell on Etsy:

1. Printable or Digital Planners

The picture of a weekly goals planner with a pen in hand and stuff in the surroundings.

You’ve hit the jackpot if you’re contemplating selling printable or digital planners on Etsy. Some people might say digital or printable planners are seasonal but due to the high demand and flexibility, it could be the golden goose for your marketing on Etsy.

Buyers love and enjoy the tailored usability offered by printable planners, which they can customize to their requirements and physically pen in their plans.

You can supply this demand by offering a large variety and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Tip: Try bundling in different types of stickers for a snappier offer.

2. Craft Patterns

Craft patterns are a top-ranking digital product on Etsy, thanks to a revival of all things crafty!

From knitting and crocheting to sewing and embroidery, these digital masterpieces cater to the abundant trend-setters and hobbyists who frequent Etsy.

To truly get your digital craft patterns thriving on Etsy, remember to follow the trail blazed by successful pattern sellers like these Etsy sellers. These crafts start from an average selling price of $10, making them a lucrative venture for creatives.

Lastly, don’t forget to unleash SEO magic – get your product seen by the right people especially when creating a sewing pattern or crochet pattern. This can be your missing element for transforming hard work into hard sales!

3. Children learning materials

Looking for a profitable side gig? Selling children’s learning materials on Etsy is wildly popular and well-needed especially for those homeschooling.

Parents and teachers are snapping up digital educational resources. By marketing printable lesson plans, colorful flashcards, and engaging worksheets, parent is hyped to supplement their children’s education.

This is a great summer job for teachers because your educational resources might just be the next best-seller on Etsy.

Crack open those lesson plans, as your Etsy store awaits.

4. Wallpapers

On Etsy, phone wallpapers are the new moneymaker. Provide colorful ways for customers to personalize their devices, these digital beauties are a hot ticket item.

To catch the widest net, cater to both phone and desktop users. You must keep up with trends. Also, creating wallpapers for Apple watches and other high-tech gadgets or themed designs for holidays is always a hit.

It’s a simple concept: stylish wallpapers have an average selling price of around $3-4.

5. Calendars

Image of a white calendar with a red pinned in October.

Venture to sell digital business calendars guarantees a steady demand, as planning isn’t just a phase – it’s woven into the fabric of daily life. To get started, unlock your artistic prowess with any digital art program like Adobe Photoshop or Canva.

Begin creating your unique touch on calendars, ensuring they’re editable pre-print- a clear selling point. Remember, quality trumps all – prioritize visually appealing designs with user-friendly formats.

Time to turn dates into dollars. Listing calendars in your Etsy shop certainly won’t go out of style or demand. Also, aim for the $5 – $10 price range to hit the sweet spot of affordability and profitability.

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6. Invitations

Invitations are among the top-selling digital items on Etsy.

Customizable templates for various occasions like weddings, parties, baby showers, and more are particularly popular. It’s perfect for creative individuals skilled in design who are looking to turn a profit on their talents.

These digital products can provide a meaningful revenue stream. Some creators can charge up to $20 per customized item.

The bottom line is that selling digital invitation templates on Etsy doesn’t just allow for creativity, but it’s also a lucrative business opportunity.

7. Business cards

Picture of the men handing the business card to each other.

Catering to the surge of remote entrepreneurs and the timeless need for personal cards, this trend is something to tap into.

You can offer editable, customized, or even smart cards – with features like one-click phone calls or emails – which can give your shop an edge.

Through Canva or Wepik, you can design exotic templates, offering customers the control to personalize before printing. Turn on your creative juices, let your brand shine, and step up your entrepreneurial ladder with a business card template.

8. Wedding Invitations and Printables

To be honest, I actually created my best friend’s wedding invitations. Maybe, I should have stuck with the side gig to make 500 dollars fast?!?

Wedding printables are now the ‘go-to’ digital products. This isn’t just about a cute ‘Save the Date’; offers a hassle-free, all-in-one wedding stationery solution, ready to match every wedding theme under the twinkling lights.

Help the DIY couples by providing a bundle: wedding program, customized hashtag sign, table place cards, save-the-date cards, and even personalized portrait options with a delightful sign thrown in.

You can provide a seamless experience and watch the sales ring along with the wedding bells.

9. Journal Inserts

Are you a fan of journaling or love designing layouts? Well, it’s time you converted your passion into profit. Making journal inserts is one of the smartest digital products you can sell on Etsy.

Audiences vary from educators needing organized lesson and homework schedules or those seeking self-help and discovery questions.

For optimal selling, focus on providing a variety of designs and including white spaces for personal touches.

With an average selling price of $5, they appeal to smart shoppers who prefer to print inserts on cardstock paper.

10. Digital artwork

Image of a digital artist working on a sketching a pink rose as  a subject of the art.

Digital artwork stands out in popularity due to the unique customization and selection variety it offers.

Customers are drawn to the ability to choose from diverse art forms, including watercolor illustrations, inspirational quotes, and Baltic or Bohemian prints, that perfectly align with their personal aesthetic or represent an emotion they resonate with.

Moreover, the availability of immediate prints post-purchase greatly increases the convenience and appeal of this artwork form.

11. Recipe cards

Do you love cooking and want to create delightful digital recipe cards for your customers? But, don’t stop there, look at creating a meal planner to bundle with!

A printable, editable canvas for food aficionados brimming with delicious details of recipe cards is a great product. These digital delights are perfect for amateur chefs, bakers, and recipe bloggers.

The takeaway is clear. Selling recipe cards on Etsy is as facile as slicing butter, once you’ve got the right ingredients and the perfect recipe. It’s time to turn the heat up on your Etsy store and dish out some delightful recipe cards.

12. Social media templates

Creating social media templates can provide significant value for businesses and influencers seeking to establish a professional and cohesive online presence.

These templates, which can include pre-designed Facebook banners, Instagram stories, Twitter headers, and more, can be customized to fit a variety of themes such as minimalism, boho, or pastel colors.

When well-crafted, such templates can save businesses valuable time and effort while also helping maintain consistent brand imaging across different platforms. This is similar to a business hiring a virtual assistant with no experience.

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13. Printable Cake and Party Decorations

Image of a  cake with Happy Birthday candle light and stuff around.

Selling printable party decorations as digital products on Etsy is like icing on the proverbial cake for smart entrepreneurs.

You can focus printable party decorations from charming cartoon-themed toppers for kids’ birthday cakes to exquisite, romantic pieces for weddings and anniversaries.

Whether you’re creatively inclined or have an entrepreneurial spirit spotting potential, these printables offer a loophole to financial growth. Bundle your decorations based on themes for enticing offers.

14. Zoom background

Thanks to the surge in remote working and virtual meetings selling incredible Zoom backgrounds on Etsy has emerged as a lucrative product in the digital landscape.

These tailored digital backdrops not only enhance the visual appeal of online interfaces but also cater to users’ needs to maintain privacy or conceal unorganized spaces.

However, you need to understand that creating Zoom backgrounds may not be beginner-friendly due to the required customization. However, do not let this intimidate you.

15. Productivity Trackers

People are constantly in search of practical, user-friendly tools to streamline their lives and make every hour count.

So, these productivity trackers are supremely versatile, covering daily routines, budgeting, goal setting, project management, and even grocery lists. Make your Etsy shop the one-stop shop for everyone’s needs.

As it becomes an increasingly popular choice to shift focus towards maximizing effectiveness in people’s daily lives. Whether it’s maintaining a workout routine, tracking investments, or staying on top of a student’s study schedule, these trackers cater to a wide assortment of needs.

16. Lightroom Presets

The picture of a living room surrounded of a light room preset, to achieve a cozy and  aesthetics shot.

Lightroom Presets are essentially preset configurations that enhance a photo’s aesthetics, and folks from influencers to amateur photographers are keen to have them.

For starters, it caters well to the Instagram-obsessed demographic continually seeking to elevate their photo game. This venture is best suited for those who have a knack for photo editing and an understanding of aesthetics.

With an average selling price of $10, the numbers tip favorably in your Lightroom presets.

17. Etsy shop banners

Help out your new Etsy sellers by designing an impressive storefront with their shop banner.

Indulge your Etsy shop banners in various design themes suitable for a wide range of stores. Also, include a shop kit that makes store icons, a large and small banner, custom and reserved listing templates, and a profile picture graphic.

Promote your banner designing prowess to other sellers, so that you increase your brand awareness along Etsy.

When you have an awesome shop yourself, you are more likely to get sales!

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18. Logos & branding kits

Move over, clip art! Logos and branding kits are in high demand as they fulfill the crucial need of every business that is striving for a unique identity.

Bundle your logos and branding kits or offer them individually to maximize your reach. Also, combining them with other digital products like media kit templates elevates your shop’s appeal.

This caters to diverse clients from Etsy sellers to businesses, influencers, and bloggers. Selling in this segment, you’ll never run short of market demand. Get ready to impress with your graphic skills, and ride the wave of this profitable venture on Etsy.

19. Thank you cards

Image of the printable cards with a text of thank you in a white paper.

This is a timeless product that is regularly used by businesses and individuals to express their gratitude.

Offering these thank you cards in digital, customizable formats can attract more buyers due to ease of customization and competitive pricing relative to store-bought alternatives.

You can also sell the same design on physical cards if you want for another revenue stream.

20. Fonts

In the world of businesses, creators, and crafters galore are on a relentless hunt for the perfect font that suits their needs. Where versatility is a font’s middle name – they can jazz up a brand’s website or add pizzazz to a party invitation.

Cricut fonts, in particular, are best-sellers. It is specially crafted for Cricut machines – a hit in the Etsy community of designers and makers.

Remember, the devil is in the (font) detail. Jump into the journey of digital font selling on Etsy and watch your typography turn into a treasure in no time.

21. Resume templates

Resume templates are handy, well-designed digital products are reportedly perfect for professionals keen on making their job applications stand out. It is mostly designed to suit particular sectors such as real estate or marketing.

After all, a well-structured resume could be the golden ticket to someone’s dream job – like one of these low stress jobs that pay well without a degree.

However, in my personal experience, the most successful templates are clean, professional, and neutral in color.

22. Invoice templates

The picture of  invoice sample template, in a various number of forms.

You might think that cashing in invoice templates may seem odd, but these digital products offer ample sales potential on Etsy!

Their charm lies in their simplicity and frequently used nature by a wide range of businesses. Small business owners, short on time and design skills, frequently scout Etsy for professionally designed, eye-catching invoices – duly making it your prime market.

Transform invoice templates into a goldmine, with less likelihood of running into steep competition. With an average selling price of $10, you can surely earn money online quickly.

23. Website templates & themes

Are your web design skills a cut above the rest?

Leveraging your skills to create and sell website templates and themes on Etsy, and turn your talent into a tidy profit. This digital product must be customization-friendly with a range of applications, and cater to a broad audience—from small businesses to in-demand bloggers, giving them a sleek, professional online presence minus the design headache.

Begin by focusing on creating templates on popular website-building platforms like WordPress with a Kadence WP Theme. Make sure they serve a specific market, like photography websites or eCommerce stores, and ensure your products have unique, eye-catching designs that set them apart from the sea of competitors.

Remember, if your themes and templates are more unique and tailored. You can command, sometimes get a range of your product to $50.

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24. Stickers

Stickers, both physical and digital stickers, are hot commodities on Etsy, cozily nestled among the platform’s top-selling items.

It also appeals to a large market spectrum, from social media users who love accentuating their chats with digital stickers, to fans of physical stickers decorating their belongings.

Remember, one major selling point is the editability of digital stickers, enabling customers to customize after purchase. Dial your creativity, pick a distinct theme, and roll out your sticker sets on Etsy – there’s a world waiting to stick onto your designs!


Image of books and bookmarks together in a aesthetic design.

Feeling bookish? Get your create-on and cash in on the thriving trend of selling digital bookmarks on Etsy.

Digital bookmarks, at a modest cost of $2 – $3 a pop, are gaining popularity as one of the easiest and fastest-selling digital products, thanks to their charm, practicality, and customized appeal.

Create an aesthetic touch on your reading escapades by hitting the serious tribe of bookworms. To amp up your sales and earn money quickly, don’t forget to add “personalization” options to your bookmarks.

26. Editable flyers

As demands surge, these feature-rich editable flyers become ideal for crafty entrepreneurs aiming to make a profit.

Most of your clients will be large markets comprising event organizers, business owners, and individuals who find convenience in ready-made editable materials.

Success in selling editable flyers on Etsy lies in understanding your target clientele’s needs, creating versatile and appealing designs, and offering top-notch quality. Kickstart your venture by preparing a wide range of attractive editable flyers.

27. Menu templates

Fresh out of the oven, menu templates are popular with restaurant owners to party planners who crave these editable, print-ready goodies.

These menu templates are flexible and can be tailored for cafes, restaurants, weddings, and even small business events. Therefore, begin by creating captivating designs–uniqueness sells and is editable for everyone who wants to customize it.

So preheat your digital oven – it’s time to serve up some mouth-watering menu templates on Etsy.

28. Gift tags

The picture of  gift tag hanging in a Christmas tree  and a minimal  brown gift.

Digital gift tags on Etsy could light up your entrepreneurial path. With an average selling price of $5, these little printables have a big demand, particularly for special occasions like weddings and birthdays.

Ideal for individuals and businesses, this product can fit a myriad of needs from Christmas presents to children’s party favors. If you want to maximize your profits, focus on offering a wide range of designs that target different occasions and tastes.

Don’t forget to consider making a customization service that gives your customers a chance to tweak and add their personal touches.

29. Ebook Templates

Ebook templates have emerged as one of the most popular digital products on Etsy.

Beyond individual ebooks, sellers also offer a variety of creatively designed ebook templates, ebook covers, and materials for children’s books. With a target audience interested in arts and crafts, informative ebooks offer exceptional sales potential, especially those that provide professional knowledge in specific niches like graphic design or online money-making tips.

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30. Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers‘ popularity is booming as they cater to a wide array of tracking necessities beyond just gym visits or step counting.

This product helps monitor weight loss programs, home workout plans, and 30-day challenges, effectively, becoming a one-stop-shop for holistic wellness.

They are ideal for those aiming to enhance their fitness, sleep quality, and overall productivity. With an average selling price of $5, they offer an affordable solution to digital tracking needs.

In fact, this Peloton workout calendar is extremely popular!

31. Debt Payoff Trackers

Image of a colored paper in yellow, blue, and pink with a signage of Pay off Debts.

Debt payoff trackers are fundamental tools for efficient financial management and debt reduction. They provide a concrete visual of one’s financial obligations and illustrate the progress made toward extinguishing each debt.

This encourages a consistent habit of payment and propels individuals towards financial freedom. However, cost should not be a barrier to good financial habits, which is why our website offers a wide range of high-quality debt payoff trackers completely free of charge.

While these are still popular on Etsy, you have to realize many people want free or extremely cheap.

32. SVG Files for Cutting Machines

Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) files for cutting machines like Circut or Silhouette, are a crafter’s dream, making them a top-tier product to sell.

You can elevate your service by including a PDF tutorial or short video guide demonstrating the use of your product.

Ensure the functionality of your products by carrying out tests prior to listing.

33. Personalized Recipe Books

Being a foodie’s ultimate treasure, these recipe collections are perfect to tickle the taste buds of amateur cooks or pro food bloggers. Plus you can create recipe book templates to be used in Goodnotes or Notability.

Cultivate your online presence to spice up the sales of your digital recipe books.

From personal experience, I bought a digital recipe book because I didn’t want to create one myself.

34. Budget Planners

Budget planners are soaring in popularity, with these nifty tools averaging quite a tidy sum of $5-20 each. Its powerful design is both lucrative for sellers and beneficial for buyers.

In an increasingly digital world, these planners provide a seamless way to stay and stick on top of your finances. From the ordinary individual aspiring to save a penny or two to the business owner meticulously monitoring their profits and expenses. Some budget planner pros, like FRGLMAMA, have made over 60,000 sales!

Here’s a pro tip: Increase your profits by bundling your budget binder with envelopes and to-do lists. Users love the convenience and it saves them a search.

35. Wall Art

Calling all artists and designers with flair! Wall Art reigns supreme on Etsy – proving it’s not just a ‘dabbling’ industry, but a potential goldmine.

Remember, the ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Be Kind’ style arts still hold their charm! Maximizing profits can entail providing add-on services such as printing and shipping.

Wall art downloads make great posters, especially for those who prefer to change up their decor often.

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36. Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journals, with their guided prompts and questions, make hot picks for those striving for self-improvement or simply savoring the good in life. This little gem, flourishing in popularity, provides a thoughtful juncture for folks to reflect on the positive aspects of their lives.

This digital product is tailored for therapists, life coaches, stressed corporate followers, or anyone looking to light up their lives with gratitude.

Make sure to use keywords related to gratitude and journaling in your product description to maximize visibility.

37. Self Improvement Printables

Image of a motivational quote, a pen, and coffee beside of it.

People love these printables for their blend of practicality and inspiration by giving actionable tips, uplifting affirmations, useful trackers, and more.

These self-improvement printables are timely digital products that strike a chord with a growing audience keen on personal growth, self-care, and organization.

This product is perfect for those seeking self-help workbooks, motivational quotes, fitness planners, and even kid-friendly educational materials.

Is selling digital products on Etsy still profitable?

According to legions of online entrepreneurs, the answer is a resounding YES!

As the market for digital products keeps on growing, so does the profit potential for digital sellers on Etsy.

The startup costs are delightfully low – most of what you’re paying is merely for your product’s licensing and Etsy fees. After that, it’s all pure profit!

This method could be your ticket to financial freedom. So if you’re a creative at heart with a knack for producing digital gems, it’s high time you join the Etsy bandwagon to sell your valuable creations.

Etsy passive income isn’t just a haven for handcrafted goods – it’s also a hub for downloadable products from design templates to educational materials.

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Now, What Digital Downloads to Sell on Etsy?

By now, you’ve embarked on an enlightening journey around the process of selecting digital products to sell. You have digested tips, explored examples, and refined your knowledge regarding your market, skills, and customer desires to ensure profitability.

So, let’s cut to the chase, find your product that fits the mold, craft an appealing product description, price it competitively yet profitable, and start making waves with your expertise in the digital market.

By coupling this post with the free training offered, you could be the next seller with digital products that are the next hotcake on Etsy! Will you be the next Etsy seller to learn how to make 10k a month?

Take your first step towards this entrepreneurial journey, and soon enough you could be reaping the sweet profits of your digital endeavor.

Now, start your listings and remember to believe what you have to offer is worth buying.

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