10 Smart Financial Goals That You Need

Financial success doesn’t happen just in January. It happens every single day of the year with every single decision you make. The time is now to take your New Year’s resolutions and make them into smart financial goals. Financial goals will help keep you on track. There are two ways to look at goals. You … Read more

The Real Reason You Don’t Save for Retirement

We all know that saving money for retirement is something we should do. Maybe you are contributing the minimum to your 401K through work to get the match. Possibly saving money in a Roth IRA. But, are you truly saving enough for retirement? More than likely not. Don’t feel like you are alone. According to … Read more

10 Financially Sound Books on How to Manage Money + Best All Time List

Learning how to manage money effectively is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. It will help you live the life of your dreams. The honest question to ask is are you willing to read a non-fiction book on a topic you don’t enjoy very much. Most likely, not. But, I have complied … Read more