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125+ Money Affirmations to Attract More Money into Your Life

Inside: Here is a collection of affirmations for attracting more money into your life. The affirmation process helps you to change beliefs about money in your subconscious mind by creating new, more positive thoughts. Works for me!

Affirmations have been all the rage over the past few years, and people are using them to achieve their goals.

  • “I am in control of my finances”
  • “Money comes easily into my life”
  • or even “I love money!”

What about you? Do affirmations work for your goal? I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, so let’s find out!

Are you struggling to make more money, even though you work a lot? Do you feel like your finances aren’t where they should be and that something is missing in your life?

If so, here are some money affirmations that can help.

Affirmations are statements that you say to yourself over and over again.

They can help you manifest your goals by re-affirming them in your mind on a daily basis. They become part of who you believe yourself to be and bring about desired outcomes with ease.

You may have heard these before, but do you consistently say them to yourself? Journal them? Write them everywhere?

I’ve compiled some of my favorite money affirmations for money below. I hope these help give you the encouragement and inspiration to re-affirm what’s important in your life!

Money Affirmations is a collection of affirmations for attracting more money into your life. The affirmation process helps you to change beliefs about money in your subconscious mind by creating new, more positive thoughts.

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What are money affirmations?

Affirmations are a powerful way to change your thoughts and, in turn, your life.

They are simple, positive statements that you repeat to yourself regularly. The purpose of affirmations is to attract whatever you desire into your life- including money!

Why are money affirmations important?

Picture of lots of hundred dollar bills for why are money affirmations important.

It’s important to remember that affirmations work subconsciously.

You may not see results overnight, but with time and repetition, the desired outcome will manifest. Wealth affirmations specifically focus on money and what a person will do with it after they have made it through the manifestation process.

Affirmations on Money

Although using affirmations is a great way to achieve financial success, they should not be used as the only tool in your arsenal. Manifesting your goals takes time and effort, and affirmation is just one piece of the puzzle. Make sure to take actionable steps towards your goal and be patient!

Affirmations can also be used to create SMART financial goals– specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound goals that you can track over time for motivation purposes

How can money affirmations help you attract more money into your life?

Picture of money hanging on a string for how can money affirmations help attract more money.

Affirmations are one way to help you focus on your thoughts and dreams.

When you repeat an affirmation, you plant a seed in your subconscious mind that will grow over time.

This helps to manifest what you want into reality.

These seeds will grow over time and bring about new thoughts, beliefs, and habits into a mindset of abundance. Money affirmations have a “magnetic” effect that attracts like-minded thoughts to your life–helping you achieve your financial goals faster!

There are many ways to bring more money into your life, but using affirmations is one of the most effective methods. Affirmations can help create strong positive emotions that attract money and other forms of abundance into your life. When used consistently, money affirmations can be a powerful tool for attracting wealth and prosperity into your world!

Below we will give you exactly what can I say to attract money.

What is a way specific money affirmations can be used to attract more money?

Picture of a lady using specific money affirmations.

When it comes to attracting more money into your life, many different affirmations can be useful.

Many people ask, “What are the best affirmations for money?”

Below are a few examples to get you started:

  1. “I am abundant and prosperous.”
  2. “Money flows easily and effortlessly to me.”
  3. “I am safe and secure with my finances.”
  4. “My income is constantly increasing.”
  5. “I have all the money I need and more.”

Do affirmations work for money? Absolutely, yes.

How often should you repeat money affirmations in order to see results?

Picture writing in a notebook for how often to repeat money affirmations.

The more often you repeat your affirmations, the better.

However, don’t feel like you have to do it all day long. Just a few minutes each morning and evening should be enough to start seeing some results.

Remember that affirmations are just like any other habit- the more you do them, the easier they become and the better the results will be. So stick with it!

Do money affirmations really work or are they just a waste of time?

Picture of hundred dollar bills and a rock with the word faith for do money affirmations really work.

There is a lot of debate on the internet about whether or not money affirmations actually work. Some people swear by them and claim that they have had great success using them, while others say that they are nothing more than a waste of time.

One thing that is for sure is that money affirmations do have some very powerful success stories behind them.

People like Oprah Winfrey and Lady Gaga were successful before they ever became public figures, and a lot of their success can be attributed to their belief in themselves and their determination to work hard at everything they do.

In fact, many of the billionaire morning routines include starting their days with positive affirmations.

Can affirmations make you rich and come to abundance?

Picture of money and a wallet.

When it comes to getting rich, many people believe that affirmations are the answer.

The idea behind using affirmations is that if you repeat something often enough, you will start to believe it and eventually it will come true. However, this isn’t magic – rather, it’s a matter of shifting your beliefs.

And while affirmations won’t make you rich overnight, they can cause desired results to appear over time.

Mindset and Affirmations

The key thing to remember with affirmations is to maintain a positive mindset.

You want to be focused on attracting wealth and abundance into your life, not just thinking about what you don’t want. Money affirmations can help raise your vibration and shift your beliefs so that you can start attracting more money into your life.

Remember…Mindset is everything.

How do affirmations work?

Picture of a sign that says grow positive thoughts for how do affirmations work.

Affirmations work because we keep repeating them to ourselves. It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy!

Our subconscious mind picks up on the positive affirmation and starts to change our behavior over time.

The more effort we put into it, the better chance that our subconscious will start accepting these new thoughts as truth.

Affirmations are conscious and subconscious–both play a role in helping us manifest what we desire. Positive affirmations help us get rid of negative thoughts and replace them with more confident ones. We need to be mindful of our words and truly believe in order for the affirmation to work its magic!

The subconscious begins to accept positive reinforcement over time as long as we continue putting in the work. Eventually, this helps us change our mindset and see things in a different light. “I can” replaces “I can’t.”

This is because affirmations work best when they’re phrased positively!

What do experts say about using money affirmations to attract more money?

Picture of 100 dollar bills.

When it comes to attracting more money into your life, there are many things you can do to help increase your chances of success. Some people may swear by the power of affirmations, while others find that other methods work better for them.

However, most experts agree that using some type of affirmation is a good way to start visualizing your goals and keeping them at the forefront of your mind.

Affirmations can also help open up your mind to opportunities in a confident way, attracting more opportunities for you. While they won’t create wealth on their own, if used correctly they have the potential to help people create more money.

Keep in mind that affirmation is not a magic solution – it takes hard work and dedication no matter what method you choose – but if you’re looking for an edge, using daily affirmations could be the right choice for you.

What is the science behind money affirmations and how do they work?

Picture of a man wondering what is the science behind money affirmations.

When it comes to the science behind money affirmations, there is a lot of research that supports their efficacy.

A study published in The Journal of Positive Psychology found that people who regularly use positive self-statements (such as daily affirmations) have increased well-being and decreased levels of anxiety and depression.

The reason why affirmations work is because they help to change your beliefs and the vibrations you emit into the universe.

When you think positively about yourself, you are sending out positive vibes into the world which can attract more good things into your life.

Your words are powerful magic wands when it comes to shaping your own reality. What you focus on expands! So by repeating money affirmations, you are essentially telling the universe that you want more money in your life and that you are ready for it to come to you.

Affirmations are an easy way to change the way that you think, and they can be used as a tool to remove any barriers that are holding you back financially in life. If you’re feeling stuck under a scarcity mindset, start using some money affirmations today and see how they can help you achieve your goals!

Here are 125+ money affirmations you can start using today!

Money Manifestation Affirmations

Picture of a stack of hundred dollar bills for money manifestation affirmations.

When you repeat money affirmations, you are programming your mind to believe that it is easy and natural for you to be prosperous and successful.

You are sending a message to the universe saying, “I am open to receiving wealth and abundance.” As you continue to recite these affirmations, you will start to see changes in your life as you attract more money into your experience.

Manifesting a healthy relationship with money is important.

1. “I have more than enough money, and that’s okay.”

2. “It is easy and natural for me to be successful and prosperous.”

3. “My income is constantly increasing.”

4. “I easily attract new sources of income into my life.”

5. “I gratefully accept all the wealth and abundance the universe has to offer me”.

6. “When I put in the work, the universe will provide.”

7. “I anticipate money to work for me.”

8. “Money + abundance happen to me.”

9. “With the power of attraction, I will bring wealth and money into my life.”

10. “I love having plenty of money.”

11. “The more I give away, the more I receive.”

12. “Wealth can come to anyone including me.”

13. “I am enough and my intention attracts money to me.”

14. “My prosperity is unlimited.”

15. “My path leads to riches.”

Money Affirmations that Work Fast

Picture of a circle of hundred dollar bills for money affirmations that work fast.

Money affirmations are a great way to attract more money into your life.

They are positive statements that help you focus on your goals and visualize yourself achieving them. Repeating these affirmations will help you program your mind for success and abundance.

16. “Money is a positive force in my life.”

17. “I will make $100 today.”

18. “I will make $1000 tomorrow.”

19. “By design, I will reach my potential.”

20. “I am a magnet for wealth and abundance.”

21. “I believe in myself.”

22. “Money flows easily and abundantly to me.”

23. “Money is my friend, not my enemy.”

24. “By releasing my money blocks, I open myself to letting money flow in.”

25. “I welcome various ways to make money.”

26. “Money allows us to live the life we want and achieve our goals easily.”

27. “I am in control of my future.”

28. “I attract money easily in my life.”

Money Affirmation Cards & Journal

Powerful Money Affirmations

Picture of a lady pumping her fist with lots of hundred dollar bills for powerful money affirmations.

Money affirmations are a powerful way to attract more money into your life.

Repeating these affirmations will help you to change your mindset and start to see yourself as someone who has abundance, rather than someone who is always short on money.

These power money affirmations reassure you that no obstacle is too big and that you have the power to overcome any hurdle.

29. “I am blessed with an ever-flowing stream of prosperity.”

30. “I release all fear and doubt around money.”

31. “More money is coming to me.”

32. “I am confident in my ability to handle any money-related challenges that come my way.”

33. “As a powerful creator, attracting money into my life with the power of my thoughts and feelings.”

34. “I will invest $100 make $1000 a day.”

35. “I know that I can overcome any obstacle and attract more money into my life.”

36. “My guiding belief is my motivation and my reality.”

37. “I am a money magnet; money comes to me easily and effortlessly.”

38. “I am capable of overcoming any money-obstacles that stand in my way.”

39. “Money is a close ally in life.”

40. “Being independently wealthy is a part of my life.”

41. “I am grateful for what I been blessed with.”

42. “I am rewriting my money story.”

43. “Money helps me experience time freedom.”

Positive Money Affirmation

Picture of a sign that reads new mindset, new results for positive money affirmations

These affirmations underscore the importance of taking a holistic approach to financial health. Self-care is essential, as is developing a strong sense of self-worth.

When you feel good about yourself on all levels, you’re more likely to make healthy financial decisions.

44. “I am worthy.”

45. “I release my limiting beliefs surrounding money.”

46. “Building self-worth will lead to better financial choices.”

47. “I visualize my future self and believe it has already happened.”

48. “Money is just a form of energy that flows to me effortlessly and abundantly.”

49. “I am able to easily afford whatever I want.”

50. “Money is an avenue to have a positive impact.”

51. “I am so lucky that I am able to earn more money than I could possibly fathom.”

52. “Money is attracted to me by virtue of the powerful vibrations I radiate.”

53. “I am not ashamed or feel guilty about having an abundance of wealth.”

54. “Money comes to me in huge quantities through my ability to attract it from the universe.”

55. “It is safe for us to be wealthy and successful.”

56. “I am thankful for the positive impact money has had on my life.”

57. “I love my positive outlook on my life and the riches that come from it.”

Financial Affirmations

Picture of cash and phone calculator for financial affirmations.

While you may be feeling down about your current money situation, know that there are ways to change it. Use a variety of positive financial affirmations for different money goals, such as attracting more money into your life or becoming debt-free. You can also personalize the affirmations to fit your own needs and situation.

These financial abundance affirmations help guide you to where you want to be financially. Learning how to become financially independent starts with believing that you can.

You may not be where you want to be yet, but with time and effort, your wealth situation will improve.

58. “I will have money left over at the end of the month.”

59. “My payday is approaching.”

60. “Money does not control me. I control my money.”

61. “Money comes to me in unexpected and wonderful ways.”

62. “My finances are always in perfect order.”

63. “My income will exceed 6 figures.”

64. “I have complete control over my financial destiny.”

65. “All my needs and wants are always taken care of.”

66. “I love having lots of money to spend.”

67. “Don’t let feeling behind today stop you from building the life you want tomorrow.” — The Financial Diet

68. “I am financially free.”

69. “I am worthy of financial success.”

70. “With hard work, I will attain the financial future I desire.”

71. “I am excited to maintain my budget and reach my money goals.”

72. “Step by step, I will achieve my financial goals.”

73. “Money is a tool available to anyone and I will use it to my advantage.”

Saving Money Affirmations

Picture of a lady and a saving pig for saving money affirmations.

While your current money situation may be less than ideal, you can use these affirmations to change your mindset and start attracting more money into your life.

These affirmations for new moms are perfect for this season of life.

Repeating these affirmations will help you focus on the positive aspects of wealth and abundance, and eventually bring more financial security into your life.

74. “Money in the bank makes me feel secure.”

75. “My money situation may not be what I want right now, but I am in better shape than I was last month.”

76. “I will save 10000 in a year.”

77. “I might make a pretty low-income at the moment, but I am still saving money.”

78. “My worth is not determined by my net worth.”

79. “I am saving for my future self.”

80. “Making small sacrifices now will build my increase my savings later.”

81. “Through investing I am able to make passive income.”

82. “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

83. “Financial stability brings me peace.”

84. “I say no today in order to say yes tomorrow.”

85. “I will stay debt-free because money is constantly flowing into my life.”

86. “My saving rate is beyond my dreams.”

87. “The challenge of saving more money lures me in.”

Money Flows to Me Easily and Effortlessly

Picture of a lady who money flows to me easily and effortlessly.

One of the simplest and most effective ways to attract more money into our lives is through the use of affirmations.

Repeating positive statements about money can help change our underlying beliefs and open up new opportunities for financial growth.

Money comes in both expected and unexpected ways, so it’s important to stay open-minded about how it could enter your life.

88. “I let go of any resistance to attracting money.”

89. “Financing my life is an easy task for me.”

90. “I will double 10k quickly.”

91. “My money situation right now may be tight but it’s changing for the better”

92. “I am surrounded by an aura of wealth and abundance.”

93. “Money comes in many different forms, and it can come to us in both expected and unexpected ways.”

94. “Money is an energy that flows to us in many ways.”

95. “I attract money easily and effortlessly.”

96. “I am open to the flow of money my way.”

97. “Money magnet is my name.”

98. “Money attraction is easy for me.”

99. “I can rely on left hand itching to bring me money.”

100. “I turn money into more money.”

Money Affirmations for Success

Picture of a rich lady in a convertible for money affirmations for success.

These help you cultivate positive beliefs about your ability to earn and manage money. These positive thoughts will help support your efforts as you work towards financial success.

Many come from one of these life changing books.

101. “It’s easy and natural for me to be prosperous and successful.”

102. “I am surrounded by people who support my financial growth.”

103. “Money is a tool that lets me construct my life how I see fit.”

104. “I have unlimited opportunities to make more money.”

105. “I am not afraid of achieving success.”

106. “Becoming rich doing what I love is a gift.”

107. “I have super-abilities to be successful.”

108. “Success is the best revenge.”

109. “I don’t need to be a millionaire to be successful.”

110. “I have control of my financial future.”

111. “The sky is the limit to what I can achieve.”

112. “A positive money mindset will serve me well.”

Wealth Affirmations

Picture of hundred dollar bills fanned out for wealth affirmations.

Many different money affirmations can be used to attract more money into your life.

Wealth and abundance come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to find an affirmation that resonates with you. “I am worthy” is a good place to start if you want to build self-worth and confidence, which can lead to better financial choices down the road.

You may not be where you want to be yet, but with time and effort, your wealth situation will improve.

These are positive affirmations for success and wealth.

113. “I am open and receptive to wealth and abundance.”

114. “Wealth and prosperity are my birthrights.”

115. “I am open to receiving all wealth life brings me, not just what is coming today or this month.”

116. “Abundance can come in many different forms!”

117. “Wealth is a step towards how to FI.”

118. “I have more than enough money, and that’s okay.”

119. “Financial freedom will happen sooner than I believe.”

120. “The more wealth I have, the more I give back to others.”

121. “There is plenty of wealth to be made.”

122. “Money can be shared when saying ‘I appreciate you.'”

123. “Wealth flows to me easily.”

124. “Having more than enough money does not mean I love money.”

125. “My wealth is limitless.”

How Do You Write Affirmations For Money?

Picture of sticky note affirmations and a notebook for how do you write affirmations for money.

Regardless of how money comes to us, it is important to remember that we always have the ability to attract more of it into our lives. By repeating positive affirmations about money, we can increase our chances of attracting more abundance into our lives.

Following these guidelines will help you write effective affirmations that move negativity out of your life and bring more money into it!

When you’re writing affirmations for money, it’s important to remember a few key things.

Step #1 – Need a Present Tense

First, always use the present tense; this will help your unconscious mind process the affirmation more easily.

Step #2 – Change to Positive Words

Second, make sure your words are positive–for example, “I only spend money on things I love” rather than “I don’t have to worry about money.” This will help you attract financial abundance and success into your life.

Step #3 – Believe it is Already Yours

Finally, before affirming any goal or intention, take a moment to feel what it would be like to have that already in your life. Our unconscious minds respond better when we can imagine and experience what we want in advance.

Money Affirmations Books

There are a number of books that focus on mindset and how to change it for success. The list below contains some of the best ones that I've found.

These books teach you to believe in your ability to shape your own destiny and achieve great things.

Remember you need these essential mindset books to help you change your perspective and achieve success. Remember, it's not about avoiding or getting rid of obstacles, but turning them into advantages.

Embrace the challenges in life and continue moving forward!

Make Money Affirmations Quotes

Picture of a make money affirmations quotes of I am enough.

The best part of all of these powerful money affirmations … you can turn them into quotes!

You can use a simple post-it note and pen! Or upgrade and make them in Canva.

Not artistic? Etsy has you covered! Don’t worry Etsy has plenty of money affirmation quotes.

In fact, we are thinking about designing a package of money affirmation quotes for our readers!

Hang them on your wall as a constant reminder.

How can you tell if money affirmations are working for you?

Picture of rocks with the words hope, believe, and truth on them.

One way to tell if money affirmations are working for you is to look at your bank account.

If you find that you have more money in your bank account than usual, it is a good sign that the affirmations are working.

Another way to tell if the affirmations are working is by looking at your overall mood and attitude towards money.

If you find yourself thinking about money less often and feeling happier and more positive, then the affirmations are definitely working for you!

Money affirmations take time to manifest, so don’t become discouraged if you don’t see immediate results.

Repeating abundance affirmations can help you to open up to the flow of wealth in your life.

By affirming that you are open to receiving all the wealth life has to offer, not just what is coming your way today or this month, but also the wealth of tomorrow, you start to invite more money into your life.

Check out these millionaire quotes to keep you aiming for the stars! You need to repeat these money mantras in your life.

At the end of the day, you don’t need to feel guilty or ashamed about having an abundance of wealth–that’s perfectly okay!

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