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Discover Time Freedom & Design a Happy Life You Enjoy

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Time freedom is absolutely liberating!

If you are not aware of the concept of what time freedom is, then you are completely missing out.

This is something that you absolutely need to have in your life.

You need to learn how to design your life around this concept of time and freedom.

In our society, it is looked upon favorably that you are constantly busy; we are supposed to be busier than we were before. It is an accolade, it is a reward; you are given a pat on the back for being busy.

You’re doing a “great job” of living a busy life. But, those are also the same people that are busy hating life and completely stressed out. Is that really how you want to live life?

Today, I am going to challenge you to jump on the time freedom bandwagon.

This past year, I underwent major surgery; one that took months to recover from. As a result, I had a lot of time to think (flat on my back) without a whole lot to do. No to-do list, no driving children, no cooking dinner, no lifting, no nothing. Since I was recovering from the surgery and unable to do a lot of things, I had a lot of time to think.

One thing stuck out clearly… I do not live my life how I desire.

The way I actually spent my time pre-surgery did not align with my values, ethics, or my long-term vision for my life. I was wasting my life away by living the life that others believe that I am supposed to live.

Then, I began designing the life that I want to live. And that starts with time freedom.

Intrigued? Well, you should be… This will be a game-changer for you.

Reading this post from Money Bliss on time freedom will deeply impact your life. Focus on the activities you want and start to design the life you want to live!

What Does Time Freedom mean?

Time freedom is exactly what you think it would be… have the freedom and the time to live life like you want to live.

  • You get to call the shots.
  • You get to do things that you want to do.
  • You don’t have to do things you don’t want to do.
  • You control your time.

By choosing time freedom, it gives you the flexibility to enjoy the life that you want to live.

Possibilities include spending time with your family, working on projects that you have passions about, spending time on hobbies that you are passionate about, or volunteering with causes you believe in.

So many opportunities present themselves once you carve out what time freedom means to you.

Think about these questions to help you define time and freedom for you:

  • If I was given an extra hour each day, how would I spend it?
  • If I was given an extra day in the week, how would I spend that time?
  • What is holding me back from living the life of my dreams?
  • Am I strong enough and have the conviction to say time freedom is more important than how others say I should dictate my time?
  • If I die today, what would I regret about how I spent my time?

Once you answer some of these questions, you will have a greater chance of figuring out what tiny meant freedom means to you.

While the overall definition of time freedom is the same for all of us; each person will have their individualized approach and personalization to what time freedom means to them.

How to Achieve Time Freedom?

Picture of how to achieve freedom in a technology obsessed world.

This is something critical for you to dedicate time to think about.

As I said earlier in this post, this is something that I pondered on for a while. And it wasn’t until a couple of months later, once the hard part of my recovery was behind me and I could actually start doing things again that time freedom became even more important to me.

I am stingy. I am choosy with how I am going to spend my time and with who I am going to spend my time.

Time here on Earth is short; it is a speck on the horizon.

So choose to live life passionately and enjoy the journey.

This process of how to achieve time freedom will be fine-tuned as you go through the process. You can spend 10 minutes and think about it, but you really have to dig deep and make really tough choices. More than likely involve your family and close friends in your decision.

You need to define what time freedom means to you and how you are going to achieve it and more specifically why it is important.

1. Evaluate Your Real Life

You need to figure out what you were currently doing and how you are actually spending your time. This means for at least one week, you need to write down every single thing that you do.

For example, if you have to go pick up the kids, even though you know it is a seven minute drive to and from your house and school. It does not actually take you seven minutes; build in bluffer blocks to chat with your friends, talk to their teachers after school, and the whole event of picking up your kids. It is going to be longer than seven minutes.

So, you need to time block every single thing out. That will give you an idea of exactly how long it takes you to get stuff done.

While I am a believer in 30 Minute Meals and I love meals that are quick. I’ll be honest, I may be able to cook a meal in 30 minutes, but there is no way that I am able to cook a meal and clean up in 30 minutes (at least I am honest)! As a result, I need to make time for an hour to cook and clean up dinner.

How does this relate to time freedom? You need to see how you ACTUALLY spend your time.

Once you see how you spend your time, you can evaluate your true life, not the life that you believe is happening in your head.

You get to evaluate how you actually spend your time.

You may notice things like, wow, I spent 45 minutes or 90 minutes scrolling on Facebook and Instagram, and only 10 minutes talking to my children after

That could be an eye-opener for you to evaluate your life, and figure out what time freedom means for you.

2. Design the Life That You Want

Picture of someone after they design they life they want

This is the fun part!

As you are going through the week tracking down every single thing that you do and how you spend your time, you get to start thinking and dreaming about how you would spend your time differently.

Figure out how would you live your life differently.

Now that you know that time freedom is a possibility in your life. You get to start designing the life that you choose.

In order to do this, you need to evaluate what are the things that matter to you most.

If you died today, what would you regret most? Just writing that brings tears to my eyes, but you never know what the future holds.

That is why time and freedom are so liberating. You get to make sure that you get to tell those around you that you love them. They are important, and their life is worthwhile.

This step of designing the life that you want to live will probably take the longest because, over time, you will refine things that were important to you and realized others actually were not that important as you thought.

Refining what type of life you want to live will take time; so, please do not limit this soul-searching process.

Focus on time freedom and what it will mean to you.

3. Take Control of Your Time

Take control of your time and enough of the “busy life.”

That is something of “busy” generations before. Going forward, you want to have space, flexibility, and freedom to live the life that you choose to live.

And that starts by taking control of your time.

Don’t let others dictate your life plan.

In advance, decide how and where you are going to spend your precious time. Block out times for rest, recuperation, reading, hanging out with the kids, working out, etc. Do not let whatever get into your blocked out time.

Do the same for your work time – the amount you get paid to work. I cannot stress this enough. If you are sick and tired of working 60 to 80 hours a week, yet you still do it, week after week, even though you were paid on a 40 hour a week salary that needs to stop today.

Enough is enough.

Stop being there for your employer and crumbling in your personal life.

You need to take control of your time and work is the number one thing that is a most for us (until you reach your money freedom) that we need to do, but it takes the most time out of your life.

If you are paid for 40 hours, then focus on getting your job done just as well in 40 hours, and not spend that extra 20 to 40 hours working overtime. You are not getting paid for overtime. And that doesn’t equate to your time freedom.

Enough is enough.

I know so many people that are tired and don’t want to work anymore because time freedom is more important to them than their paycheck and their sanity.

Start putting barriers in place – block your schedule. Define your working hours and stick to it. No logging in early and no checking emails before bed. You are in charge of your time.

You need to be more respectful of your wishes and your desires.

4. Drop the Things You Don’t Want

Picture of someone happy to find freedom of time.

This one is hard for a lot of us because we feel like there is a mandatory checklist
as we go through the life of things that we are supposed to do. And especially if you’re a mom, you know that you’re supposed to do “mommy activities” like you get a badge of honor.

By participating in something, even though it is not something that you want to do, you are wasting your time freedom

Instead, you need to drop the things that you don’t want to do, and choose the things that you do want to do.

It is not rocket science, but it is hard.

It is hard the first time that you say no to a commitment.

Declare to yourself… I am not going to do this presented opportunity because it gives me the freedom of time to choose something else.

That, my friends, is why you were reading this post! You need the okay that you deserve more in life than being stressed out and running from place to place.

You need to find this time freedom!

5. Focus on Your Time & Desires

This is the step that you need to find clarity and personalization on what time freedom works for means for you.

This is something that is going to become a part of your nature.

It will take time to grow into your new self. It is not a process that is going to happen overnight.

However, I can tell you after going through this process of finding time freedom in my life, I am the happiest person now. What I have in my life is because I am choosing that. And I’m very picky about what I will do and what I won’t do.

Focus on the areas of life that fill your bucket, that energizes you, that makes you just want to keep going. And drop the things that demoralize you, exhaust you, and make you feel worthless.

While you may not be able to flip this overnight to drop everything draining you and add everything that you want. It will be a process, and it will slowly happen over time.

  • Say no to that friend that every time you leave after lunch, you feel down and depressed because there isn’t much you can offer. She sucks the living daylights out of you.
  • Block the person on Facebook, who was causing all the controversies. It is not worth it.
  • You get to choose what is worth it.

That is what time meant freedom is all about.

Time Freedom vs. Financial Freedom

Picture of the debate of time freedom vs financial freedom.

First, let’s look at what financial freedom means.

Ultimately, financial freedom means that you have the money and the resources to do what you please to do and do not have to worry about making a consistent income and how you will pay your bills.

Most people believe that they will never reach financial freedom because they do not have enough money saved. In reality, all it takes is just start saving and begin investing, and eventually, make progress to financial freedom.

If you are not saving at least 20% of your paycheck today, then financial independence is going to take that much longer.

Now, the question remains… how do time freedom and financial freedom correlate?

You are trading time for money.

Time > Money

You value your time over money.

And the good news is you can have both! You just have to figure out your priorities first.

The closer you are to reaching financial independence means you are closer to stop working for a paycheck. Then, you have the flexibility to do what you want to do when you want to do it. That means you aren’t working a nine to five job.

Not everybody reading this post right now can quit their job, walk away, and enjoy time freedom and financial freedom.

It sounds enticing, right? So, what are you going to do about that?

Make a plan.

Figure out what needs to happen financially, so you can find more time freedom in your life.

Sleep takes up one-third of our day, and studies have proven we should not sleep less than the recommended amount.

It’s work. Trading money for a paycheck.

The next thing that has to change is how much time you spend working.

You need to find ways to make more money fast or spend less than you make.

If you are determined to find more time freedom in your life, you will make it happen.

Do everything you possibly can to make as much money in that short season, so you have time flexibility going forward. You dedicate three years of your life to be able to years of time freedom. I believe that’s a good trade-off, and that’s what you need to think about and focus on.

You can still have time freedom without reaching financial independence. You just have to be careful about how you choose to spend your time outside of work.

What is Location Freedom?

Picture of someone choosing location freedom.

Location freedom means the ability to live where ever you want because you want to.

There is nothing holding you down to a particular city, state, or country.

You have the freedom to choose where you reside – simple as that.

Unfortunately, for most of us to find that independence to have location freedom is very difficult because we feel the constraints that we have to stay working in our particular city, we need to stay close to family. There is a list of excuses not to become location independent.

Whereas, my friends over at Tuppennys Fireplace decided that they were willing to move to have the location freedom that they desired. They put in the time and effort to choose the location that they chose to live in.

While this may not be appealing to everybody, there is something appealing about being able to travel the world.

Being location independent, whether you are working or not working, may feel like a dream. But, you can actually make it a reality.

Are you Ready for Time Freedom in Your Life?

Picture of a clock in the sand. Makes you wonder are you ready for time freedom?

Well, we have reiterated that time freedom is the most amazing experience to have.

You may be terrified, and possibly even bored when you learn how time freedom changes your life.

With time freedom, you will have more time to spend on the things that you are passionate about, and less time on the things that suck you dry.

Day after day, you have the choice of how you choose to spend your time. That freedom is up to you to determine; as I have said, this is not an overnight process. This isn’t going to happen on a weekend.

It will take time to design the life that you want to live.

If you want to make drastic changes, then sit down over a weekend and really spend deep, quality time, thinking through this concept of time freedom. You will walk away a new person.

Most people will be jealous. Some people will hate you.

While true friends will stand beside you, and jump on the bandwagon to learn more about freedom of time.

Don’t care what other people think.

This is your life! You have one life to live. Live the best life that you can!

With time freedom in mind, you can design your life and truly understand what freedom of time will change you from the inside out.

Books on Time Freedom

If you are intrigued about time freedom, then here are the best time freedom books.

These books will help you build habits to find time in your life. Then, you can begin designing the life you want.

As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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