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Ultimate Guide to a Successful Spending Freeze

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Spending freeze sounds lovely. A chance to save extra money.

Yes, it will be a challenge to not spend any money.

But, think about the progress to pay off debt or save money! That is why a spending freeze challenge is worth it.

However, you are probably wondering how can I not spend money for 2 weeks?

We have participated in spending freezes at different times over the years. The number one reason I enjoy them is I get to see what is really needed and what is just excess spending.

Each day comes with temptations to spend money.

Have you struggled with spending too much money? Even when you know you should stop spending money, but don’t know how.

This is exactly what you need – a spending freeze challenge!

In today’s society, the opportunity to spend money is everywhere – online, schools, vending machines, brick and mortar stores on every corner. It is like people want instant access to our bank accounts.

Are you ready to learn how to go on a spending freeze? Plus get tips for not spending money!

Ready for a spending freeze challenge? There is no better way to start saving money and stop spending money. Get your tips and improve your budgeting finances. These are ways on how to start to save money.

What is the Definition of a Spending Freeze?

A spending freeze is a set amount of time where money is not spent.


It is a commitment to be deliberate to not spend money. Specifically, unnecessary spending.

The bills like housing, insurance, and medical would still be paid and taken care of; those are not part of a spending freeze.

The purpose of a spending freeze is to eliminate the excess spending.

Also known as the I-had-no-clue-what-happened-to-my-money-this-month mantras.

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Should Groceries Be Included in the Spending Freeze?

spending freeze tips

That depends.

If your pantry and freezer are full, then the answer is probably yes with a limited predetermined amount for milk, fresh fruit and veggies. That means you to do a frugal spending freeze.

If your pantry and freezer are empty, then no.

Eating a healthy meal at home is more important. However, eating out needs to be eliminated during the spending freeze.

Another alternative it to hold a Freezer/Pantry Challenge at a different time.

Why is a Spending Freeze Important?

tips for not spending money

It is a simple way to be intentional with money for a set amount of time. You can decide if you want to do a week or a month.

Handling money can bring about a lot of stress.

By participating in a spending freeze, you are consciously not spending money for a set amount of time.

A spending freeze seems more like a fun game than living under a strict budget.

These no spend challenges are a great way to learn about your money habits. These spending habits can add up to a lot of wasted money over the years. By participating in a speeding freeze, you get to dig in deep and understand how you spend money over 30 days, a month or even a year.

We will provide plenty of tips for doing a budget freeze. We want you to find success! Plus every penny saved is one less penny to be earned.

What are Benefits of a Spending Freeze?

how can I go two weeks without spending money

There are truly so many benefits of a spending freeze!

When you are debating learning how to do a spending freeze, these reasons below you want to remember. This will help with spending freeze motivation! 

Overall, it will help you improve your personal finance situation and that is something everyone needs..

1. Spending Habits

A spending freeze is a fabulous way to break bad spending habits.

We live in a society of excess material items.

Honestly, the reason is because things are so cheap anymore. A dollar here. A dollar there. While it doesn’t seem like much at the time, those dollars add up to $5, $20, $100 or even $500 during a spending freeze. Possibly even more depending on the length of a spending freeze.

Understanding your spending habits is one critical piece to success with money.

Throughout a spending freeze, keep a journal of the items you passed on and didn’t spend money. With evaluation, it will show where your weaknesses are and what changes you can make going forward.

Grab a copy of the No Spend Challenge printables in our FREE resource library.

Picking up an item here or there will destroy your chances of becoming a millionaire.

2. Save Money

A penny saved is a penny earned.

We work hard for every single dollar, so why are we so tempted to spend that same dollar because something is cheap?

A spending freeze is a great time to jumpstart an emergency fund, pay off debt faster, or start saving for your money goals.

Not sure how money goals fit into your life?? In this post, understand the truth behind money goals.

Kickstart the money you saved with one of our money saving challenges:

3. Living with Less

tips for doing a spending freeze

Aah! One of my personal favorite benefits of a frugal spending freeze.

Since I’m not buying anything, there is less stuff coming into my house.

Too many times we get overwhelmed with stuff – yet we can’t control the stop buying aspect.

Honestly, it is important to conquer your clutter and this might be the time to do.

When you clean out the basement, closet, or toy room, it becomes blatantly obvious how much money was wasted.

Here is a book that helped me to overcome how to minimize my life, but not become a minimalist. You should read it too!

Fast forward, read our journey to own less stuff.

4. Frugal Lifestyle

Another benefit of a spending freeze is afterwards many people decide to live a frugal lifestyle.

For us personally, when we paid off $53,000 in debt, we had to drastically cut spending for that one year. Many of those spending habits have never come to our lives.

Some people may call it minimalism or simple living or being frugal.

You may consider them to be money saving tips. Either way, a frugal lifestyle will save you money. And a frugal spending freeze can kickstart your frugal journey.

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How Long Should a Spending Freeze Be?

tips for not spending money

A week. Two weeks. A month. A year.

It is your choice on how long a spending freeze should be.

Personally, I recommend two weeks for your first spending freeze. It is long enough to truly access your spending, but short enough to have success.

It is too easy to splurge before and after with a one-week spending freeze.

When we have held a spending freeze for a month or longer, it seems much harder to complete and the completion rate is much, much lower.

A 30 day spending freeze is the perfect timeframe for many people to be successful.

Spending Freeze Rules / Guidelines

frugal spending freeze

To be successful, you need tips for doing a budget freeze. That is where spending freeze rules are so important. These tips will guide you on how to do a spending freeze.

To have a successful spending freeze, here are guidelines to help you succeed:

1. Commit to a time frame.

Decide what will and won’t work for your household.

Don’t be shy on telling people about your spending freeze. One key to success is to have support with others participating as well!

Try for at least a two-week spending freeze or a 30 day time frame.

2. Categories to Include

Decide which categories are allowed and which aren’t. (Pick a copy of the Budget Plan to help you).

For most of us, a shopping freeze is needed.

When I do a spending freeze, I focus on all of the fun spending categories. Those items I truly don’t need.

Maybe it the grocery budget you struggle with. Learn how to save money on groceries when doing a spending freeze. It is possible to cut your grocery budget in half with those tips.

The other way to look at it is decide from the budget which items money can be spent on and eliminate the rest.

3. Make it Harder to Spend Money

how to do go on a spending freeze

This seems so obvious. But, it needs to happen.

Here are tips for doing a spending freeze and ways to make it harder to spend money:

  • Freeze your credit cards.
  • Leave money at home.
  • Use cash only. Check out these cash envelopes to help you succeed.
  • Remove automatic payment info at your favorite online stores.
  • Try hard to forget your credit card number.

Another way is to see who can go longer without spending any money. Make it a challenge!

4. Don’t spend money

A spending freeze can’t happen if you constantly spend money.

Stick to it.

Don’t spend any money for the specified time frame. This is your shopping freeze!

The temptations are real. Be strong and don’t spend money. Prove to yourself that you can do it.

Remember how long you choose for your spending freeze and the reason for doing a spending freeze. Stick to it!

5. Say No

how to stop spending money for 30 days

This is a hard one for many people.

Don’t feel ashamed for saying no.

Everyone else is headed to happy hour, but you are on a spending freeze. You have a couple options:

  1. Participate in happy hour and break your spending freeze challenge.
  2. Go home and not spend money.
  3. Encourage others to find a no money activity like game night at your place.

Personally, I prefer to spin the spending freeze in my favor of not saying no and still participating with the group.

With kids – just say no. 

It is actually beneficial for them to watch you save money and change your spending habits.

6. Tell Others

Be open and honest about the spending freeze with friends and family. Also, share your reason to participate.

If they don’t support you, then distance yourself during the spending freeze. Afterwards, share with them how much money you saved.

Prove to your friends and family that you can go two weeks without spending money! Even better, show them you can go a month without spending money.

Unfortunately, you will be judged either way. Pretty unfortunate, but true. Stick to your money goals!

7. Make a Plan for that Money Saved

budget freeze

Most important – decide where the spending freeze money will go.

Savings? Pay off debt? Vacation fund? Emergency fund?

Your choice.

Make sure you have an idea on where the money will go. If not, then you are right back in the same spending cycle.

This is one of the best tips for a frugal spending freeze. Also, making a plan for your money is one of the best money management things you can do. That is something you should consistently do. 

**Bonus Tips for doing a Spending Freeze**

A successful spending freeze is possible with a solid budget.

Budgeting tips to help you succeed:

Money Saving Tips for quick wins:

FREE Apps to Help You Trim Your Spending & Improve Your Savings:

Ready for your Frugal Budget Freeze?

how to do a spending freeze

Are you up for a spending freeze? A chance to spend no money?

A spending freeze is beneficial to understand the role of money in your life.

Truly understand what is more important in life.

If you believe there is no possible way to eliminate any of your spending and feel you are already spending a small amount of money, I challenge you to try a spending freeze. Every dollar adds up. Especially when make the budget freeze a longer timeframe.

Also, a spending freeze forces you to become more creative with what you already own or free resources like our beautiful outdoors.

Not ready to commit to a spending freeze yet? Pin it for later. 

Know someone else that needs this, too? Then, please share!!

Did the post resonate with you?

More importantly, did I answer the questions you have about this topic? Let me know in the comments if I can help in some other way!

Your comments are not just welcomed; they’re an integral part of our community. Let’s continue the conversation and explore how these ideas align with your journey towards Money Bliss.

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