1. Using money and other resources carefully and not wastefully.
  2. Strong and healthy.
  3. Prosperous.

By definition, a thrifty lifestyle is using money and other resources carefully in your day-to-day life and making sure not to be wasteful in the way you live. 

In addition, you want to focus on the strong and healthy aspects in your life while eliminating the troublesome, unhelpful, and disastrous areas. In layman’s terms, that would mean keeping your favorite pair of jeans, getting rid of the 15 extra pairs, and only buy a new pair of jeans when your favorites have too many holes to be fashionable anymore. Another example would be to focus on the community of friends who want you to pay off your debt instead of those helping to overspend you money.

Finally, a thrifty lifestyle will put you on a path to be prosperous with your money and your resources.