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How Much to Give for High School Graduation as Money Gift

Inside: Need to know what is the appropriate amount of money to give as a high school graduation gift, you are in the right place. Learn how much to give for high school graduation. Plus creative ways to gift money.

It’s high school graduation season! A time to celebrate all of the high school graduate’s milestone achievements.

But what is an appropriate gift for a high school graduate?

We’ve all been there.

You don’t want to ask around because you don’t want to look tacky. You don’t want to give too little leaving people thinking you are stingy, but you don’t want to spend too much and break the bank.

So, we have you covered. We did the research and talked with recent grads to see how much people give for high school graduations.

Just remember, this is a very personal gift and will depend on your financial situation and closeness to the graduate.

Know graduating seniors and need to know what is the appropriate amount of money to give as graduation gifts? Learn how much to give for high school graduation.

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How much money is appropriate for a high school graduation gift?

When it comes to giving money as a high school graduation gift, the amount you give should depend on your relationship with the graduate and your budget.

  • Close friends and relatives may want to give $30-100, with $100 being generous
  • Whereas parents could give up to $100-300.
  • However, for those who are less familiar with the graduate, a more modest amount, such as $30-40, may be appropriate.

No matter what amount you decide to give. It is important to remember that the gift is meant to show your love and support and should not put you in financial hardship.

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What should I consider when giving a high school graduation gift?

Picture of a high school graduate holding cash for a gift.

Cash remains the number one gift choice for high school graduates since it gives them the freedom to buy what they want.

When giving a high school graduate a gift, it is important to consider what the graduate is interested in and what they might need.

Here are several factors to consider.

How Close You Are to the Grad

The closer you are to the graduate and their family, it is appropriate for me to give a larger gift as a graduation present.

I know I have received graduation announcements from people that I do not know very well or haven’t seen in many years. And that is so awkward. So, you might have to politely RSVP no and say you haven’t had a relationship in recent years.

You must decide how much you want to spend on the high school graduation gift.

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What Can Your Budget Afford?

When it comes to deciding how much to give for a high school graduation gift, the most important factor to consider is your budget.

Every individual has different financial constraints and needs to make sure to stay within those when looking to give a graduation gift.

  • If you are on a fixed income, you may be limited in what you can give. In this case, an average of $20-$50 is suggested.
  • On the other hand, if you have disposable income, you should be able to give at least $50-$75.

Above all, it is essential to remember to stick to your budget and spend only as much as you can afford.

Grad’s Success in High School

You may want to reward the high school graduate based on what they accomplished in high school.

Among them are the student’s GPA, career or college prospects, class rank, awards, or scholarships which can all be taken into account to decide how much of a gift to give. But, overcoming adversity and challenges, also deserve to be awarded, too.

Additionally, non-academic successes such as athletic achievements, art, theatre, band, music, and volunteer work can be used to decide the amount of the graduation gift.

If the graduate has achieved success, then a greater reward may be fitting, whereas if the student did not invest much effort, the gift amount might be smaller.

Grad’s Future Plans

Before you decide how much to give as a graduation gift, consider the graduate’s future plans. Will they be entering the workforce, attending college, or pursuing a higher degree?

This can help determine the size of the gift, as well as the graduate’s interests.

By understanding their goals, you can give a more meaningful and thoughtful gift.

Are they looking to move out at 18? Your money will help them find out if $5000 enough to move out.

What are the graduate’s needs?

It is also important to consider what the graduate will need in the new chapter of their life, as needs for college-bound and working graduates vary.

Personally, I tend to give more money when I know the graduate will be paying for college without parents help.

Also, when it comes to giving money, consider giving gift cards to stores like IKEA or Target; this way, the graduate can pick out their own supplies.

You don’t want them turning to a gift card exchange kiosk!

How Much You Typically Give for Occasions like these

Let’s be honest… sometimes you need to be fair and have set amounts of money you give for graduations and weddings.

You may have to give the recent graduate the same as a sibling who graduated a few years before. Maybe you increase the size of the gift slightly because of the skyrocketing inflation.

Above all, be mindful of all these factors and don’t pressure yourself to give more than you can afford.

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Are there any special rules to follow when giving a high school graduation gift?

There are no special rules to consider.

However, some things to consider include the graduate’s future plans, hobbies and interests, and your relationship with the graduate.

It would also be beneficial to contact the parents of the graduate to get an idea of what they may need or if they have any specific requests.

This way, you can stay within your budget while still being meaningful and practical.

Is $1,000 a good graduation gift?

Picture of hundred dollar bills with a graduation cap on top for is $1,000 a good graduation gift.

While $1,000 is not necessarily an unreasonable or inappropriate amount to give as a graduation gift, it is likely too large a sum to be considered an appropriate gift, particularly if it is a gift given by someone who is not a parent or grandparent.

This is especially true for a high school graduation.

If you were looking at college graduation, then this amount may be viable for those with the financial means who want to set their grad up for long-term financial success.

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typical graduation gifts from parents

Picture of graduation hats being thrown into the air for typical graduation gifts from parents.

Parents are typically the most generous when it comes to graduation gifts. Hello! They have just raised a child which is no small feat and should be celebrated.

Typically, parents often give the highest amounts compared to other relatives and friends.

As such, monetary gifts are a great way for parents to express their pride and appreciation for the graduate’s accomplishment. The typical gift amount for parents is anywhere from $100 to $300.

Also, they may choose to gift some of the most common graduation gifts from parents:

  1. Sentimental Gifts: Gift ideas that have a heartwarming effect which can include bracelets, hoodies, t-shirts, personalized photo frames, and keychains.
  2. Books: Books such as ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ by Dr. Seuss can be a great gift. This popular gift reminds the graduate of their childhood and the message that there is a world of opportunity out there for them. One of these life changing books will make an impression.
  3. Jewelry: Jewelry such as class rings can be a great reminder of the milestone and are adjustable with stones to match the school colors.
  4. Symbolical Gifts: Symbolical gifts can range from an old childhood book to remind them of their childhood to an old family heirloom like a ring or necklace.
  5. Flowers: Traditional and beautiful bouquets of flowers can also be a great graduation gift.
  6. Moving Out Gift Cards: Gift cards to stores such as Amazon, Walmart or Target. This is a great way to get them started on the next stage in their life.
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What is the best way to give a cash gift for a high school graduation?

There are so many ways to gift money!

The traditional way to give a cash gift for a high school graduation is to present it in a Hallmark card and hand deliver it.

However, you can also get creative and give the cash in a more unique way such as in a paper money flower, lei, or money tree.

Or even learn how to make a money cake!

Find more money gift ideas.

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Generally speaking, an appropriate amount to give as a gift is somewhere between $20 to $300, depending on your relationship with the graduate and your own budget.

For close family or friends, a larger sum of money may be more appropriate, while a smaller amount is still perfectly acceptable for those who are not as close or have a tighter budget.

Ultimately, the proper amount to give is whatever you can afford.

speakers, phones, and Instax cameras.

Other gifts that are sure to be appreciated include graduation bracelets, hoodies, t-shirts, personalized photo frames, and keychains.

Book gift ideas such as Dr. Seuss’s book, Oh, The Places You’ll Go, are also popular. This reminds the graduate of their childhood and the world of opportunity that awaits them.

When giving a high school graduation gift, etiquette should be followed in order to make sure the gift is appropriate and appreciated.

Consider your budget when deciding how much money to give, or if you should give any cash at all.

However, a gift doesn’t necessarily have to be money. Gift cards, symbolic presents, handmade items, or homewares are all acceptable presents.

Additionally, you can split a gift with a friend to divide the financial burden.

When giving a high school graduation gift, it is important to be thoughtful and considerate.

Avoid giving money or expensive items that could send the wrong message.

You should also avoid giving items that are too small, as this can make it seem like you haven’t put much thought into the gift.

How Much Gradation Money Will You Give?

Giving cash as a graduation gift is a great way to recognize the milestone that the graduate has achieved and is a thoughtful gesture. Make sure to wrap up the cash with one of these graduation money gift ideas!

Remember, it is important to be modest and not overdo it – high school graduation is the first of many lifetime milestones!

No matter what kind of gift you give, remember to be supportive and celebrate the graduate’s achievement.

Ultimately, the amount you give is entirely up to you and should align with what you can afford.

If you are close to the student, you may want to give a larger sum of money, but if you’re not as close or if you’re on a tight budget, a smaller amount is perfectly acceptable.

Don’t forget to give them this financial advice for young adults as well.

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