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The Best Times to Doordash: Money Making Made Easy

Inside: Doordash is a popular side hustle that offers drivers the opportunity to make money by delivering food orders. This guide will teach you how to maximize your earnings by knowing the best times to Doordash.

If you’re seeking a way to increase your earnings using DoorDash, you’re in the right place, and I’m here to guide you every step of the way.

After joining DoorDash, my friend Susan transformed her spare time into a thriving side hustle, earning an extra $500 a week by delivering delectable meals. Her dedication not only boosted her income but also made her a favorite among customers, ensuring a steady stream of orders and generous tips.

But I’ll have you know that it’s not just about delivering food, it’s about understanding when and where to do it. Saturdays are a hotspot for orders, especially during dinner and late-night rushes. The good news doesn’t stop there! Thursday to Sunday are consistently reliable days for dashing.

Let’s talk about this exciting opportunity! Your DoorDash adventure awaits – let’s make it a prosperous one!

Doordash is a popular side hustle that offers drivers the opportunity to make money by delivering food orders. This guide will teach you how to maximize your earnings by knowing the best times to Doordash.

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Why is it Important to Choose the Best Times to DoorDash

Ever wondered why choosing the perfect time to dash can turbocharge your earnings as a Dasher? Well, let me spill the beans!

Picking those sweet spots when the demand is buzzing can lead to more generous tips and bonuses heading your way. It’s not just about the clock; it’s about tuning in to the rhythm of customer cravings and using that knowledge to your advantage.

This is such a hot topic DoorDash even released a guide to help you. 1

bar graph of the best times for doordash drivers

When is the Best Time to Doordash?

Alright, so, when’s the absolute best time to kick off your DoorDash adventure? From around 11 AM to 2 PM and 5 PM to 9 PM, the orders just keep pouring in. 1

And the icing on the cake? Customers tend to be more generous with their tips during these peak hours.

Also, don’t underestimate the magic of late-night deliveries, especially on those weekends when the town is buzzing. Those late-night munchies will easily become your new best friend.

Just remember… this will vary by city. So, plan your time where you spend 20% of your driving hours to test new times and track your cash.


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How much can I make working as a dasher during peak hours?

So, you’re eager to boost your income, right? Well, let me tell you, the key to that extra cash lies in peak pay. It’s the bonus you snag for dashing during those high-demand hours. And trust me, those peak pay dollars can stack up faster than you’d think.

Also, according to my friend, Susan, look for bonuses that can help you boost your earnings! These are known as “Peak Pay offers” or added Challenges, which provide opportunities to increase your earnings.

Many Reddit users report making between $100 for 4-5 hour shift up to $1400 a week by DoorDashing. 2

So, if you’re ready to prove your prowess in peak times, get set to dial up your income stream and watch those dollars roll in.

The Best Days vs. Times: A Comparative Study

Image of a food delivery dasher working to earn an income.

Is it better to DoorDash on weekdays or weekends?

Weekends are the clear champs. That’s when folks unwind, and have a good time, and yes, the demand for food deliveries goes through the roof.

On the flip side, there are less Dashers during the week. So, you can possibly earn more if you know the right area.

Morning, lunch, dinner, or late night: Which is the prime time for dashing?

Lunch and dinner reign as king and queen of prime dash times. But don’t dismiss late-night dashes.

Specifically, in areas buzzing with nightlife or universities, late-night can bring a healthy influx of orders. Morning can be hit or miss, largely dependent on your local market. Thus, a great side hustle for college students.

What is the slowest day for DoorDash?

Mondays top the charts as the slowest day of the week for DoorDash. Folk are just shaking off their weekend mood and are less prone to order in.

Some tout Tuesday and Wednesday as the slowest DoorDash days too, so keep that in mind when planning your shifts.

Are there any specific days in the week that offer higher earnings than others?

Absolutely! When it comes to higher earning potential, Saturday and Sunday are the clear winners. Weekends are like a magnet for order activities, which means more opportunities for you to boost your earnings. And if you happen to catch a long weekend, that’s even better!

But here’s the deal – these are general trends. Keep in mind that some towns might have their own unique quirks, like a Taco Tuesday tradition that can make all the difference in your earnings. So, stay open to local insights and adapt your strategy accordingly!

Maximizing earnings during peak hours

To maximize your DoorDash earnings during peak hours, you’ve got to stay in sync with local demand. Pay attention to special events, holidays, and weekends when people prefer ordering in, and keep an eye on weather changes, as rain and snow tend to increase order frequency.

For a winning strategy, position yourself strategically near restaurant partners to receive orders swiftly. Be selective with the orders you accept during peak times to make the most of high demand, and always remember to deliver with a friendly smile, because exceptional service goes a long way in building customer loyalty and boosting your income!

How can I maximize my earnings when doordashing?

Image of a dasher delivering the food to the customer's house to earn money.

Boost your income by merging savvy strategies with exceptional service. Dive into these success tips:

  1. First things first, get your radar on and gravitate towards bustling areas – that’s where the magic happens. More orders, more opportunities, more cash in your pocket.
  2. Now, speaking of timing, don’t miss the chance to dash during peak hours. Schedule your time in advance that you want to dash. That’s when the demand kicks into high gear, and you might just snag some sweet peak pay bonuses.
  3. Keep those eyes peeled for bonuses and promotions – they’re like little surprises that boost your earnings.
  4. Here’s a golden nugget of advice: build connections with the restaurant staff. It’s a secret shortcut to quicker order handling, and less waiting means more dashing!
  5. Lastly, never underestimate the power of professionalism. Deliver with a big smile, go the extra mile, and watch those top ratings and generous tips roll in. It’s all about creating an experience that keeps the customers coming back for more.

Strategic Planning Tips: Key is the Busiest Time to Doordash

Picture of the food delivery man working on his night shift.

Analyzing Location for the Best Times to Doordash in My Area

Your location is a game-changer for your Dashing journey. Consider this: urban areas are bustling with customers, while suburbs might yield bigger orders. So, explore your turf, identify areas teeming with DoorDash restaurant partners, and stick around.

Also, pay attention to where you’re making those drop-offs. Do residential areas bring in better tips, or does corporate tip higher? The sweet spots in different cities can vary, so it’s all about finding where your golden opportunities lie and making them your own.

Experimenting with different shifts to identify the most profitable times

Each time frame reveals its own unique potential for lucrative orders. So, switch things up, and you might just uncover unexpected opportunities and generous tips along the way!

Just make sure to log your earnings to compare.

Professionalism and Customer Service Matter

Your earnings and your ratings go hand in hand, making professionalism an absolute must. Following customer instructions, and ensuring a positive interaction all contribute to your review. Don’t forget to dress the part, maintain a friendly demeanor, and be responsive.

But here’s the secret sauce – infuse your interactions with a personal touch. Small gestures, like including extra cutlery or offering a weather-friendly greeting, can set your service apart and earn you those coveted 5-star ratings.

It’s all about going the extra mile for customer satisfaction!

Why delivering during promotions, bonuses, and streaks is beneficial

So to sum it up, what would really light up your earnings are promotions, bonuses, and those streaks that make the game interesting. My friend, Susan, said to pay attention to: Peak Pay or Challenges.

Peak Pay is your chance to pocket extra cash for every delivery when things are buzzing. The best part is, DoorDash rolls out these goodies during high-demand periods to give you that extra push to hit the road.

Well, they’re like your roadmap to earning bonuses by hitting a specific number of deliveries within a set timeframe. Typically $1-3 dollars extra per delivery. 3

Which Peak Times will You Choose to Doordash?

Image of the food delivery man working on the day shift to earn money.

In conclusion, the optimal times to make the most out of your DoorDash side gig are during lunch, dinner, and late-night shifts.

Experimentation though, is key to understanding what works best in your particular market.

You could further optimize your earnings by utilizing other gig apps such as Uber Eats and Instacart, or by capitalizing on specific types of orders, such as alcohol deliveries, which may provide higher earnings. Remember factors such as tips, peak pay, and other incentives can impact your earnings, so keep an open mind and always look for new strategies to maximize your income.

Whether you’re a morning person fueling the coffee rush or a night owl catering to late-night snackers, the choice is yours.

Find your rhythm and make the most of those high-earning hours. With a smart strategy in your back pocket, you’re all set to Dash your way to success!

So, why wait? Start your DoorDash journey today and let that extra income flow in. It’s time to take that leap and embrace a more financially stable fulfilling tomorrow!

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