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Important Money Lessons You Must Master to Find Success and Build Wealth

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Have you ever thought about life lessons about money?

Honestly, most of us haven’t because we go through our day-to-day lives without taking the time to reflect or even journal about our experiences.

This past week, I had the chance to visit my kid’s elementary school during lunchtime. It has been a LONG time since I have stuck foot in a lunchroom. Wow – that room is loud! Really quickly I realized some lunchtime lessons we tend to forget in life.

These are the best money lessons you need to know.

The teachers were present to keep the lunchroom in order. My hats are off to them! They are amazing ladies with gifted talent (and personally, I am thankful for each of them). They kept control of the chaos to make sure the students did what they needed to do – eat lunch while still enjoying their friends.

After observing the students and the teachers, I realized habits start at a young age. If those habits, don’t change. Then, the cycle repeats. As kids, we learn behaviors whether good or bad (and most of them stick with you through your adult life).

It is a matter of choosing which path we want to live.

So, you are probably wondering what does an elementary lunchroom and money have in common??? I’m going to unpack four lessons learned in grade school that people struggle with in their money life.

These are the financial lessons you must embrace to enjoy a life of financial independence.

These money lessons you learned as kids, but probably quickly forgot. Now, you can learn the basic principles of success with money management advice from Money Bliss. You can still achieve financial success with your personal finances. Click this post and begin your journey to financial independence. | Money Bliss

How Can I Learn About Money?

Just like reading, writing, and arithmetic, financial literacy is important. It is a building block to becoming financially secure. More specifically, being smart with money opens up doors of opportunities.

You are in the exact place you can learn about money.

Here at Money Bliss, we believe people want to learn to alter money management, so they can enjoy life and money.

Unfortunately, financial lessons are not taught in school or at the home.

So, that means as a college student or young adult, you must become self-taught. There are lots of various opinions and advice that you can get. Some of the best money books are highly rated because they have solid money management tips that are life-changing.

Stick around our Money Bliss tribe! I guarantee you will find insightful tips as many others have that will change your personal finances.

Money Lessons You Need in Life

best money lessons

The important lessons in life are simple.

They are basic practices in life. These are not specific tactics to help you get out of debt, budget better, or save more money.

Your mindset will determine success or failure – just by how you are thinking.

Research has proven that your mindset will determine your outcome.

These are the daily money lessons you need to remember that will help you reach financial freedom.

These life lessons about money are you already know, but you may need to practice them more often.

1. Stay Disciplined

The first lesson is about discipline. Going back to the lunchroom, the kids know the expected behavior. It takes discipline to sit down and actually eat lunch vs. throwing food and chatting with friends then no food is eaten. As adults, we know how much income we make and how much we can spend. With money, it takes discipline to stay within a budget or as I prefer to call it – Cents Plan.

In today’s society, there are many ways to fast cash whether by using credit cards, payday loans, or even a home equity loan. It is super easy to rack up thousands and thousands of dollars in debt in a short amount of time. While it may be fun spending all of that fast cash, it comes at a steep price called interest.

Discipline is living within your means.

It takes discipline to say, “No, you can’t afford this.”

Even better is learning how to live below your means and save more money each month.

2. Avoid Pushing the Boundaries

life lessons about money

Oh, children are the best at the second lesson! How far can I push the boundary? At what point, do I actually cross the line? During my time in the lunchroom, I observed students after students trying to push the boundaries. Remember, they have wonderful teachers who have taught them the expected behavior.

However, it is natural behavior as humans to test the boundaries.

With money, pushing the boundaries typically starts out small. $20 over on groceries this month. $100 on eating out because we had to celebrate a birthday. Picking up that one item just because it is on sale even when there isn’t enough money to cover the basic expenses. Then, after time, it starts a snowball effect.

It just keeps rolling and rolling, getting bigger and bigger until overspending is out of control and the person is now smothered in debt.

With money, is pushing the boundaries truly worth it? Why should you test your own boundaries when money is at stake? The answer is no. Stop pushing the boundaries.

In the end, you are only hurting yourself financially by testing the limits and causing undue stress.

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3. Keep the Focus

Um, hello? Are you listening? Still, reading? Good! Yes, focus is the third lesson.

The lunchroom serves one primary purpose – fill up the belly with food before the next class comes in. However, my observations proved that was the last priority on any of those kids’ agendas. Thankfully, the wonderful teachers were present to provide guidance and focus them back on the task on hand. Did it take one reminder? Um, no. Many reminders to stay focused on their primary purpose.

In our society, there are MORE distractions than ever before. Plus the distractions will keep growing exponentially as technology advances and history has proven. So, what does that mean for you and your money?

Develop a plan and stay focused. Don’t stray. Don’t let others change your plan. Focus.

When we paid off our student loans, we were focused on ONE thing. Pay off our loans as soon as possible. Thus, freeing up cash flow in our Cents Plan. We didn’t stray. No changing our minds when things got tough. We stay focused on our vision – PAY OFF OUR STUDENT LOANS.

Staying focused means creating an overall money vision and making money goals.

Every single day, you are focused on making decisions that will make sure reaching your money goals is attainable.

4. Accountability

life lessons about money

Teachers through school help keep kids accountable. They were present in the lunchroom making sure chaos didn’t break out. These teachers provide a firm guiding hand with a huge dose of caring love.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an accountability standard for money? Unfortunately, we don’t have many great examples around us. The U.S. Government is trillions of dollars in debt. Most Americans carry debt on their shoulders while living paycheck to paycheck.

We have never been taught to be accountable with money.

The first step to being accountable with money is an accountability partner – either your spouse, friend, or coach. Someone who will keep your best interests in mind.

The second step is to have benchmarks to hold yourself accountable to. Understand how our tagline “Where Cents Parallel Vision” means to you and how to apply it to your life. Make sure to set long-term visions with attainable short-term financial goals. Also, journaling your journey is a great way to stay focused and track progress!

If you are struggling to find accountability, make sure to join the Money Bliss Tribe!

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What’s the best lesson you’ve learned about money?

what's the best lesson you've learned about money?

Personally, for me, it is living with millionaire habits and possessing their mindset. This all happened well before becoming a millionaire and deeply in debt.

It started by believing that I could be successful with money.

These powerful money lessons helped shaped my perspective, and ultimately, the desire to change money statistics with this blog and online business.

If you are stick in the negative mindset of always being poor or broke, that is where you will stay (unless you decide to take control of your mind). Living paycheck to paycheck is an unfortunate place to be.

If you believe that you can become a millionaire, then that is the best lesson you will learn about money, too.

Every money decision is a building block towards financial freedom. There isn’t one thing that will take you from negative net worth to over $1,000,000.

It is a cumulative effort of many daily resolutions that will change your personal finances.

You Need these Important Lessons about money

important lessons about money

All of these money lessons we learned early in life, but still need reminders on a constant basis.

In all honesty, they will help every facet of your life. Build the life of your dreams and find money success.

Don’t forget these personal finance lessons:

  • Stay disciplined
  • Stop pushing the boundaries
  • Focus on money goals
  • Keep accountable
  • Think like a millionaire

In order to succeed with money and become financially free is to put into practice the lessons taught in school. We don’t have teachers watching over our every move to guide us.

We need to remember why it is so important to stay disciplined, stop pushing the boundaries, stay focused on our plan, and find accountability.

One of the benefits of the Money Bliss Steps to Financial Freedom is it provides a guide with all of these money lessons on how to succeed the fastest.

The steps are to be done in order, therefore, stay focused on the current step and not be distracted. Ten steps to walk through your life’s journey. They won’t happen overnight.

Just like in school… you took one grade at a time, learn what in needed to advance to the next grade.

Take these important lessons about money and willingly use them in every aspect of your life. You will be overcome with how much you are capable of accomplishing!

The Money Bliss Steps are developed to build upon one another and lay the foundation for financial freedom.

Learn how to manage your money, your way. Not have your money manage you. 

Side note on teachers and mentors… I am thankful to all of the teachers who dedicate their lives to enriching students’ lives. Each and every one of you makes this world a better place! Thank you.

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