30 Day Money Challenge: How to Make Your Money Work For You

Welcome to the 30 Day Money Challenge! Today, you will learn how to make your money work for you. You don’t have to be a millionaire before knowing these things, but it’s important for everyone who wants financial stability. Remember these keywords: saving and investing? This is where they come into play for long term … Read more

Save 5000 in a Year with this Easy $5,000 Savings Challenge

I started my $5,000 Savings Challenge on February 16th and haven’t missed a day since. I’ve already saved over $3,500 so far – can you beat that? A savings challenge is just like any other contest or competition that is designed to get people motivated into saving more than what they normally would. It works … Read more

100 Envelope Challenge – Fun $5050 Money Saving Plan

Let’s be honest… sometimes you just have to make saving fun because saving money for another day can get kind of boring after a while. Here at Money Bliss, we have plenty of money saving challenges to help you find the perfect one for you. Today, we are going to bring you one that is … Read more

101 Fun Things To Do With No Money

Having fun doesn’t have to cost a fortune! But, that is the trap, we find ourselves in. We believe that in order to have fun, you must spend money. However, we are going to debunk that myth. It is possible to have fun without spending money. This is something my family does ALL-THE-TIME. There are … Read more

5 Tips to Save Money for Travel with a Vacation Fund

Every traveler has big dreams about going around the world and touring famous destinations. While this is nice, we have to admit it; it will cost us a lot. Even just going to a different country for a simple vacation can cost you time, effort, and money for only a few days. You might be … Read more