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Difference of Rich vs Wealthy: Which should you be?

There is a difference between being rich and wealthy.

However, most people combine rich and wealthy into one bucket because they both seem so far off and unreachable.

It is important that you understand the distinction because what one person considers “rich” might actually be considered “wealthy.”

There is a huge difference between the two words, no matter how they are used.

Earning a lot of money does not automatically lead to happiness and success because when one achieves happiness when it can be reflected in the fulfillment of ambition.

Being rich usually means that you have an abundance of material things such as money and expensive items.

Being independently wealthy can be seen as someone who has a lot of money, but it also means that they have enough money that will last the test of time.

There is a difference between being rich and being wealthy, but they are both can be seen as positive things.

Let’s discuss the different types of wealth and how they are defined in order to help differentiate these two concepts.

The real key of Rich vs Wealthy is the discussion on which one you should be striving to be.

So, is it better to be rich or wealthy?

The rich and wealthy are often confused. Learn the difference between the two and how they can enrich your life in a way that you might not have thought of before.

What is a Rich Person?

A rich person is someone who has a lot of money and assets. This may be a businessperson, an investor, or just someone who has been very successful in their field.

This rich person has probably created new money vs old money.

Rich people tend to barely save any money and spend excessively, meaning they run out of cash quickly. For example, a rich person might earn $10,000 in a month while spending $12,000 to wind up with a negative $2000 when the month is over.

The amount of debt for a rich person tends to be higher. They are willing to keep up the lifestyle rather than tell others about their debts.

To be rich you have to be able to take the risk of having money to invest and time to wait for the windfall.

What is a Wealthy Person?

A wealthy person is someone who has a lot of money for their lifestyle standards.

Since a wealthy person is consistently growing their money because they save and are wise with what they have. They tend to think of the future and put away some cash for it rather than spending everything.

Their goal is to take their large sum of money and grow that money even more through active or passive income.

A wealthy person does not have to be a number-crunching billionaire or someone who is living lavishly.

It is all about the decisions that you make and how those decisions can lead to wealth.

You can start to build wealth when you hit your first $100k in investments. When you have a salary of over $100k a year, this is much easier to do fast.

Wealthy people are those who have a lot more money than you do, but they work hard every day in order to keep it.

Rich vs Wealthy Money Habits

Picture of money trees to represent rich vs wealthy habits.

Rich people tend to spend more money than wealthy people.

The difference between rich people and wealthy people is that rich people have money habits that often lead to debt. Rich people are not usually frugal, and they tend to spend a lot of money.

Also, rich people have the ability to earn more if they choose something different in the future.

Rich people are usually defined as those with a net worth of over $10 million, but there is no set number for how much money someone has to be considered rich.

Wealthy people, on the other hand, have an annual income of $150,000 or more. Their wealth comes from hard work and saving money to slowly increase their net worth.

Broke People Habits:

  • Spend time watching TV and playing video games
  • Keep up with the Joneses’
  • Blame others for failures
  • The concept of change is too overwhelming
  • Too afraid of setting goals because they don’t want to be accountable
  • Deep in debt
  • Feel their situation will never change
  • Never save money
  • Willing to get a credit card just for a discount
  • Think bank fees and overdraft fees are a part of life
  • No emergency fund

Rich Habits:

  • Earns a lot of money
  • Spends a lot of money
  • Enjoys a flashy lifestyle
  • Okay being in debt
  • Focuses on the short term
  • Not big savers of their money
  • They frown upon being frugal
  • Prefer a challenge to make more money
  • Takes on bigger risks
  • Their inner circle is people exactly like them
  • Very impulse with decision making

Wealthy Habits:

  • Set long term goals
  • Creates an action plan to reach their goals
  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Saves money consistently
  • Understands that passive income will grow their wealth
  • Constantly learning
  • Spend time reading
  • Enjoys the fact they have options
  • Lives below their means
  • Embraces frugal
  • Shy away from debt
  • Finds a mentor

How to Go from Rich to Wealthy

Picture of a stack of 100 dollar bills to show how to go from rich to wealthy.

Many people feel the need to be rich because they have the idea that being rich is key to success.

However, many times, wealthy people are wealthier than their counterparts who are both richer and wealthier.

If you are rich, then it is important that you are not frugal because many times, being wealthy means having a lot of money and saving the rest. If you have a lot of money and are not frugal with it, then you could end up broke.

However, if your goal is to become wealthy meaning having a lot of money AND saving, then you are on the right path to financial freedom.

This is the difference between being rich and wealthy.

Rich vs Wealthy Mindset

Picture of a lady thinking about rich vs wealthy mindset.

First of all, the definitions of each of these are really close.

  • A rich mindset is a state of mind that knows that there are no limits to what you can achieve.
  • A wealthy mindset believes that success and wealth come from hard work and dedication.

Honestly, both money mindsets are needed to keep pushing yourself to reach financial freedom and enjoy time freedom.

You need a rich mindset to grow your money, but a wealthy mindset to keep that wealth.

The wealthy are more likely to have a growth mindset than the poor because they know that money is merely an instrument for achieving their goals.

Whereas, rich people often spend too much time worrying about what others think of them and why they aren’t as successful or wealthy as other people in society.

How to Become Wealthy

Picture of stacks of 100 dollar bill to understand how to become wealthy.

This is a question that has been asked many times, and finding the answer depends on how you define wealth.

In general, becoming wealthy means having enough money to support yourself without any outside help.

You have enough money to cover your expenses without the need for an additional influx of money. For many people, that means they need at least $1 million dollars, so they can live off the investments gains and dividends. If you are single, then $500k may be enough.

As such, becoming wealthy is one of the most difficult things to do.

If you are constantly struggling to make ends meet and never saving money, then becoming wealthy will be even harder for you to accomplish!

Here is what you need to do to move from well off vs rich vs wealthy.

Step #1 – Get out of debt

For people who are in debt, the solution is simple: get out of debt.

But for a lot of people, they need to make some changes before they can do that.

It’s important to get out of debt and that takes time. The more debt you have, the longer it will take.

However, I will tell you from personal experience. Until we paid off our debt, we didn’t make any progress financially. We were stuck on a hamster wheel. Since paying off our debt, we reach our financial goals so much easier.

Track your progress, set goals, and stay motivated while getting out of debt.

Step #2 – Stop comparing yourself

Although comparisons can be helpful and may indicate which side is doing better or worse, they are not always accurate. Sometimes comparing yourself to others will make you feel inferior and frustrated.

Keep in mind that you are not just the sum of your accomplishments.

Stop comparing yourself to other people and start focusing on the things that make you happy.

Conversely, spending time with people who inspire you will help cultivate a wealthy mindset. It can be anyone from your family members to celebrities, but it is important that these individuals are inspirational and not toxic for your mental health.

Step #3 – Become Your Own Boss

This doesn’t mean you can’t keep your 9-5 job. It means you are looking for ways to make money outside the traditional “job.”

An entrepreneur is a person who organizes and runs a business, typically with manageable risk and a small amount of capital, in order to turn it into a profitable venture.

Become creative with ways to bring in extra money. Some ideas include day trading, dropshipping, starting an Etsy shop, driving for Uber, or walking dogs.

Here are great ways to make money on the side:

It is possible to make more money on your business than you make more money in your current job or career.

Step #4 – Be Generous

Be generous to others.

Being wealthy means living a comfortable life and being able to help others.

Giving away money can be a way to build wealth, but it is not the only way. This helps you realize the impact you can have on the world.

Your small contribution can help shape and change the lives of so many.

Consequently, giving and helping others will motivate you to work harder and continue building your wealth.

Step #5 – Think Long Term & Set Goals

Life goals have exploded in recent years and many of us are now focused on growing our own wealth.

The truth of the matter is both wealth and richness are great.

Wealth enables a person to live life on his own terms and allows them to achieve the things they have dreamed of.

But, getting there does not just magically appear.

It takes a plan of action to reach those smart financial goals.

By consistently saving money, you will slowly build your net worth. Step by step you are building the foundation to become wealthy.

Baby steps to becoming wealthy.

Rich vs Wealthy Quotes

Picture of a rich vs wealthy quote from Stephen Swid that read, "Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time."

This rich vs wealthy quote from Stephen Swid is one of my favorite all-time quotes.

This quote quickly summarizes the difference between the wealthy vs rich definition.

“Being rich is having money; being wealthy is having time.”

As an American businessman and investor, Stephen Swid spent countless hours on various deal negotiations and build his own wealth. He understood the wealthy vs rich meaning.

This quote is something I focus on when making decisions of what next steps to take.

What does this quote mean to you?

What is considered being wealthy?

Being wealthy is a subjective term that can be interpreted in many ways. The definition of the term is different for everyone, so it’s hard to answer this question definitively.

Many people believe you need 7 figures or even 10 figures.

One could be considered to be wealthy or poor based on their country’s standards, their personal spending habits, and the types of investments they have.

The richest people are those who have made their wealth through investments and not necessarily the ones that have spent a lot of money.

The definition of wealthy is different for everyone, but it’s generally considered to be someone who has a lot of money and financial stability.

Being wealthy is measured by how much money you accumulate and save.

It is understanding your personal finances to budget, track savings, contribute to retirement, and grow liquid net worth.

A wealthy person is someone who has made wise decisions. Wealth does not have anything to do with how much money you have in your bank account.

Do you Fit the Definition of Wealthy vs Rich?

Picture of money falling from ceiling for the wealthy vs rich.

Now, we have covered the difference between the wealthy and the rich. If you’re wondering what is the difference between rich and wealthy, it’s not that complicated.

Rich people are those who have saved, invested, and built net worth through their income or assets. Wealthy people can follow these three simple steps to build your own wealth: save money in a savings account or investment account; invest in stocks, bonds, or other securities for growth; create an asset such as real estate by purchasing property with borrowed funds on low-interest rates

The key distinction between being rich or wealthy is the mindset.

Rich people might have more money in their bank accounts or assets, but they don’t think of themselves as rich because they are worried about their appearance and keeping up with their elite society. Wealthy individuals are those who see value in accumulating wealth primarily through investing and growing their financial portfolio with investments over time.

A rich person is someone who has more money than the average person but may not wealthy. They are always looking to make more money and spend more because they believe that there is not enough time or money in this world for them to enjoy.

Wealthy individuals are those who can afford to buy things and choose not to because it helps them increase their net worth and become more wealthy.

The only way to be wealthy is by being smart on your investments and having time for yourself in order to find happiness.

Being rich may or may not be something you should aspire to be. The more money you have, the more responsibilities you get.

There are many rich and wealthy people who are unhappy because they are so busy trying to keep up with society’s expectations.

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