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Best 25 Reddit Personal Finance Threads You Must Know

Inside: r/personalfinance is full of popular subreddits with ideas on how to make money and save money or invest. Know best practices for Reddit personal finance and ways to learn from them.

Reddit is a popular online community where people can share content, ask questions, and comment on news articles and topics. One of the most popular sections for personal finance discussions is /r/personalfinance.

Here are some of the best posts from that section:

  • “How has your finances changed post-graduation?”
  • “I was able to pay off my student loans as well as move back into my parents’ house without any difficulty.”
  • “My financial situation isn’t too bad right now, but I worry about the future.”

Reddit has some great threads that cover personal finance topics.

This blog post will give you a list of the top 25 Reddit Personal Finance Threads, letting you know which ones to check out next time you want to learn more about personal finances.

I created this list because there are very few resources that point to real people with real stories they want to share.

Our site is jammed packed with information on how to succeed with money. You may be looking for more specific personal finance information.

Also, you can find very specific information on r/personalfinance like how to save money when you’re starting off your career or trying to figure out how much it costs for certain things in life like specific college tuition, where rent costs vary, and so forth.

In addition, it includes some of the most popular and insightful posts on this website.

Hopefully, this will help you learn about all aspects of personal finance so that you can start managing money and reach financial independence today!

r/personal finance is a great way to find ideas on how to make money and save money, especially on some of the most popular subreddits. Here are some best practices you can use today for reddit personal finance.

Why use Reddit Personal Finance?

There are many reasons to use Reddit Personal Finance.

Some people use it as a resource for their own personal finance, while others may be using it in order to plan out what they want to do with their finances.

Reddit Personal Finance is a community of people who share their experiences and tips on personal finance.

Users can post questions, browse the subreddit’s popular posts, or find new content in the “new” tab. Reddit Personal Finance also has a directory of personal finance resources and tools that you can use to better your finances.

The personal finance subreddit is thriving, and it’s only going to get bigger. With over 15 million subscribers in 2022, the community has a lot of content to explore. Plus almost half of users are online at any time to answer questions.

It can be hard enough to find your way around this vast platform but by following these 15 threads you will soon have no problem navigating Reddit Personal Finance with ease!

Positives of Personal Finance Subreddits

Picture of a phone with someone pulling up the app for reddit personal finance.

The internet is a place to share information and connect with others. One of the best ways to do this is through various social media platforms such as Reddit.

The following are some of the benefits of using personal finance subreddits.

  • Find out about new financial trends and learn about the best ways to invest your money
  • Get advice on how to manage your finances and make smart financial decisions
  • Be a part of the community and have a chance to grow your own knowledge
  • Learn about new products, services, and companies that could help you with your finances
  • Get advice on how to invest your money.
  • Grow your personal finance knowledge to help you reach your goals faster.

If you’re looking for a place to find some personal finance-related content, Reddit offers many subreddits that are all about these topics.

Some of the posts offer objective and helpful information while others can be subjective and relatable in person.

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Reddit Basics

Picture of someone scrolling r/personalfinance

Before getting completely lost in Reddit, here are some important things you need to know.

For me, I quit using Reddit because I got overwhelmed and couldn’t find what I needed quickly enough. Thus, here is the lingo that will help you succeed.

  • Subreddit: A popular place to find information is on the subreddit; for example: “r/personalfinance”.
  • Upvote / Downvote: Users can upvote or downvote a comment. Reddit gives the comment a “score,” which is the number of upvotes minus the number of downvotes.
  • Karma: Other users can upvote or downvote your posts and comments; these tally to your “karma.” When providing helpful comments and posts, then they will reflect a higher karma score.
  • OP: Original Poster.
  • AMA: Ask Me Anything. An online Q&A session hosted by Reddit’s community in which some guest (normally famous) is or are available for questions
  • EDIT and ETA: Edit and Edited. A simple way for a user to denote the added to their original comment.
  • TL;DR: Too Long; Didn’t Read. This is added at the end of long text posts or comments to quickly summarize an article or comment as being too long to read. Sometimes, people use it to summarize the main point in case you don’t want to read the entire thing.

Top 5 Reddits Personal Finance

Picture of the reddit app to find the best reddit personal finance threads.

These are the most popular subreddits for personal finance. They have the most followers and daily interactions.

Does it mean they are the most important? No, there are plenty of subreddits to read regarding personal finances. (Don’t worry… we have a list of them below!)


R/PersonalFinance is a subreddit that focuses on personal finance.

This is the most popular community related to personal finances.

R/PersonalFinance is a subreddit for personal finance discussions, such as investing, budgeting, and saving money.

The subreddit’s community primarily consists of people who are just starting out with personal finance and those who are struggling to make ends meet as well as plenty of people who are ready to give back and help others.

Followers: 17.6m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: You are not “family” to your employer.


r/wallstreetbets is a subreddit that discusses the world of Wall Street, and how it impacts current events in financial markets. The subreddit’s name is a reference to the popular trading platform Wall Street.

Wall Street bets are financial wagers known for moving so-called “meme” stocks. Also, they are known to move stocks quickly in one direction to force hedge funds to cover their short sales, such as GME or AMC.

People in this community may win big and lose big since they are gambling on the information. You need to learn the meaning of YOLO.

Followers: 13.8m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Times Square right now


The subreddit r/CryptoCurrency is a place where users can discuss cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Users who want to discuss cryptocurrency-related topics are welcome to post in the subreddit.

Many people on this forum want general information on what is happening in the cryptocurrency world. Types of crypto include Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin, Dogecoin (DOGE), and many others.

They have an interest in crypto and do not know much about it yet or how to invest.

Followers: 6.3m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: You hear about the kid who put in $500 into a memecoin and made 100k, but you don’t hear about the hundreds who put $1000 and are left with $0.1


The subreddit r/bitcoin is a popular Bitcoin news, discussion, and information site. The subreddit is one of the most active on Reddit with over 3 million subscribers.

As it is a digital means of payment, Bitcoin can resist wild rises in inflation and unfair banking practices because people are the ones who control their power and money. That is the belief of this community.

Followers: 4.9m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: It’s official! 1 Bitcoin = $10,000 USD


r/stocks is a subreddit in which people discuss the stock market, share trading strategies, and ask questions related to the stock market. There are no rules on r/stocks; users can post links to articles, ask questions, or share their own thoughts on the stock market.

Posts related to reddit stocks are welcome on /r/stocks, but read the rules first. Feel free to share a ticker everyone should know about.

Followers: 5.3m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Companies try to prevent people from trading GME and AMCDiscussion

As you can tell, most of the popular Reddit topics are related to making money through stocks or cryptocurrency.

Is that a bad thing? No.

Just remember… You can learn to fish or you can be fed by others. Personally, I think it is best to learn how to fish and find your own way to make money with stocks and cryptocurrency.

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The Next Best 21 Personal Finance Subreddits

A lady thinking about which personal finance reddit threads she will join.

The purpose of any of these subreddits is to provide an online community where people can discuss their finances in a respectful, non-judgmental, and anonymous environment.

We will cover the best personal finance Reddit forums that offer advice that can help people at all levels of their finances with tips ranging from simple ones such as grocery shopping without checking receipts and getting discounts by using apps to more complicated ones like how to save up for a vacation.

This list is not limited to just Reddit threads.

Here is a collection of the top 22 personal finance subreddits on Reddit:


R/Frugal is a subreddit on Reddit.com that focuses on frugality and the concept of living life with less money. Also, the community is made up of individuals who are interested in living a lifestyle of less spending and more saving.

Frugality takes mental preparation of all your resources including time, money, convenience, and any other desired things.

Followers: 2.9m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: I got bids from tile setters to do a backsplash for $2000. I ended up doing it myself for under $200.


Reddit’s r/investing is a subreddit dedicated to the stock market. It has more than 2.0 million subscribers and provides information on stocks, investing strategies, and other related topics.

Investing is the process of putting money into assets in the hope that they will increase in value. Sometimes investments are made by professionals, but most often, people invest for themselves and their families.

If you are looking for advice on investing, r/investing is the place to go. With nearly 2 million readers and growing, there is a lot of information here that can help people make better financial decisions.

Followers: 2.2m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Robinhood and other brokers literally blocking purchase of $GME, $NOK, $BB, $AMC; allow sells


A discussion community focusing on travel and cheap options for traveling, whether through couchsurfing, camping, staying in hotels or hostels.

Discuss topics such as booking last-minute plane tickets, cheap destinations, budget transportation like hitchhiking or staying in Airbnbs. Learn the benefits of these different methods of travel.

Wanting to travel on a shoestring budget is a real gig!

Followers: 2.0m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: I worked roughly 10 hours a week at an Airbnb in exchange for housing and amenities.


Real estate investing is the process of buying a property with the intention of renting it out or flipping it for profit. The term applies to any real estate investment but typically refers to residential properties that are bought and sold.

Real Estate Investing is a popular topic on Reddit. It covers the types of investments, such as flipping houses to investing in commercial real estate, or even wholesaling.

Followers: 1.7m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Today, at the age of 28, I became a millionaire


A subreddit for entrepreneurs who want to learn from others, share ideas, and get advice on starting their own businesses.

The community supports small businesses, side hustles, venture-backed startups (e.g. technology), lemonade stands, and most revenue generating businesses. NO blogs or MLMs allowed.

Followers: 2.1m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Reselling essentials like toilet paper and water is not entrepreneurial, it is taking advantage of the needy. If this is you, please stop.


The r/financialindependence subreddit is a good place to find people who are working towards financial independence.

This is a place where people who are or want to become financially independent, which means not working for money can meet one another.

Having money affirmations are a huge part of the motivation for those in the FI movement.

Followers: 1.9m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Just Crossed 100K Net Worth Living in NY


A subreddit for discussions of personal finance, budgeting, and money management.

In this online community, no one is judging you here. You can find all the information to self-educate yourself. Find financial advice, tips, stories, opportunities, and general guidance for people who are experiencing financial difficulty.

Followers: 1.7m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Moved into my first apartment today, on my 39th birthday! I have nothing but a bed and my cat, but I did it!


r/PersonalFinanceCanada is a subreddit that is dedicated to Canadian personal finance and investing topics. The Reddit personal finance Canada community has over 600,000 subscribers who share questions, experiences, advice, and more.

This is great for country-specific financial issues.

Followers: 1.2m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Bullet Dodged- First Time Home Buyers Be Ware.


The subreddit r/UKPersonalFinance is a place for people to share their personal finance experiences with others. The subreddit was created by two UK-based users in 2013 and originally had about 200 subscribers. It now has more than 500,000 subscribers and is one of the most popular finance-related subreddits on Reddit.

Learn, discuss, and request help on how to get access to, budget for, protect your money from, save and invest your money in the UK.

Followers: 1.0m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Financial Reality Check


R/CreditCards is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of credit cards, credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, banks, loans, etc.

In addition to the standard trading of information on pricing and terms, Reddit users can also post links to other websites that offer credit card offers.

Followers: 1.2m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Do not do this, if you want your credit card to remain open


R/Finance is a subreddit on Reddit that focuses on personal finance. The sub has more than 20,000 subscribers and receives more than 100,000 views per day.

All questions must be asked in the Monday Morning catch-all threads.

Followers: 1.8m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Bipartisan bill would ban lawmakers from buying, selling stocks


The subreddit r/budgetfood is dedicated to discussing and sharing the best cheap food ideas. It has a strong focus on coming up with recipes that are both nutritious and easy to make.

Find great tips to stretch your grocery budget.

Followers: 1.2m Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Sesame “chicken,” but with cauliflower


A subreddit to discuss and ask questions about personal finances, budgeting, investments, and insurance of people’s portfolios.

Followers: 581k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Dad Level – Expert


R/leanfire is a subreddit for posts about lean startup, business, and marketing. The name of the subreddit comes from the lean startup methodology philosophy which has been popularized by Eric Ries and Steve Blank, who are both cited as the founders of the lean startup movement.

R/Leanfire is a subreddit for those who are trying to achieve the type of success that qualifies you as financially independent. It’s not an easy task, but it can be done with hard work and determination.

Followers: 260k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Just paid off my house


R/fatFIRE is a subreddit that posts pictures of overweight and obese people and their reactions to being called fat.

Followers: 358k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: I just confirmed that, for the first time ever, I made $2 million in a single year. I told my wife this morning and her response: “That’s nice, can you make me some breakfast?”


Reddit has a subreddit that is dedicated to the topic of passive income. This includes things like side-hustles and other ways to make money without having to work for it.

The passive income community on Reddit discusses how they can make money. They post their experiences and give advice to other members of the community about making passive income. This is great for finding more ways to make money.

Followers: 322k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: I’m sure this means passive income. But can someone explain it. I don’t get it.


R/FIRE is a subreddit that focuses on the topic of financial independence retire early.

For financial independence retire early movement has become popular over the past 5-10 years.

This is not just a community, but a place to discuss Financial Independence Retiring Early (FIRE) by fighting for financial freedom and controlling your destiny.

Followers: 263k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Don’t be discouraged by young people who seem to be doing way better than you.


R/StudentLoans is a subreddit dedicated to financial aid advice and discussion.

Some people are having trouble with student loans and they may be asking for advice. Here is some information on how to pay off your loan, as well as make mistakes that could lead to fees or interest added onto the balance of a loan.

Followers: 281k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Biden to extend waivers another nine months


The subreddit R/Bogleheads is a community for people who follow Jack Bogle’s simple investing methods to diversify and let compounding grow wealth. They share common interests and discuss topics such as the US financial system, taxation, Social Security, and retirement.

Perfect community for the passive investor.

Followers: 241k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: I started investing in my 401k 25 years ago this week. Hit a milestone today.


The term, “side hustle”, is a movement in recent years. Side Hustlers are people who would like to supplement their income by doing activities that they enjoy outside of work or school. In this community, start a small business or non-professional activity that you do in your spare time to supplement your income.

Followers: 412k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: Strange Side Hustle – I resell Bras full time on Amazon. AMA


r/money is primarily composed of people discussing personal finance topics such as stocks, investing, taxes, and personal finance.

Consequently, this smaller subreddit will help you get real advice and not lots of random opinions.

Followers: 89.9k Members (as of April 2023)

Top Post: New r/money subreddit icon?

Reddit Personal Finance Flowchart

The flowchart below describes the general process of saving for a goal. The user has to consider how much money they can allocate each month, and then determine how long it will take them to save for their goal.

This is a very similar concept to a personal financial statement.

You must consider how much you want to save each month, as well.

Find the Reddit personal finance flowchart.

In addition, the simplicity of the flowchart will be surprising.

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Reddit Personal Finance FAQ

Avoiding Reddit may be hard, but it is possible to avoid the more toxic parts of this site. There are a few key things to keep in mind that will help you avoid the worst of Reddit.

Avoid #1 – Posting Personal Information

The best practice is to avoid posting personal information. As such, your information may be used against you. Reddit is a social media website with different spheres of interest.

In order to avoid appearing disingenuous, it is best not to ask for upvotes or downvotes on posts.

Avoid #2 – Breaking the Thread Rules

The website has its own set of rules which every user should be familiar with before posting anything on the website. Reddit is known for its open dialogue, where members are encouraged to discuss a variety of topics from politics to technology.

However, people frown upon breaking the community rules.

Getting kicked out of many Reddit forums for not following the community rules is a possibility.

Avoid #3 – Be Careful on Opinions

The popular, winning opinions on Reddit are often biased and not based on facts. One example is the “What’s your favorite type of cheese” thread. In the end, it was a wildly popular opinion and later debunked by science.

One way to avoid these posts is by following an established Redditor with a solid reputation who has shown their ability to discuss topics like investing or personal finance without being judgmental or overly emotional about it.

Always do your own research to back up anything you may have learned on a r/personalfinance thread.

Reddit Personal Finance Windfall of Information

It is difficult to save money and track your finances because there is so much information coming at you.

There is no one likable than a hero in the story of personal finance, but what if you could be that hero?

These Reddit Personal Finance Threads are a great way for beginner investors or people just starting out on their own journey to learn about the different aspects of personal finance.

Also, there are helpful for veterans trying to keep up with all those new financial technologies over the years.

The best 25 Reddit Personal Finance Threads include some interesting posts on the topic from different perspectives like stocks, earning more money through certain professions, making your first million dollars, etc.

Thus, giving you plenty of insightful tips for success in life and finances!

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Serious Way to Make More Money

One of the best ways to improve your personal finance situation is to increase your income. Here are a variety of side hustles that are very lucrative. With time and effort, you can start enjoying the lifestyle you want.

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