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I am excited to learn where I keep my money. It is nice having a financial binder with all of my key information.


Imagine your life when…

You wake up after a restful night of sleep because you aren’t lying awake at night worrying about finances.

Paying your bills on time and in full each and every month. No more late fees!

Find ways to save more money without drastic lifestyle changes.

Know you have sinking funds set up for unexpected or recurring expenses. The days are gone when everything is an emergency!

Be able to find your bills and paperwork quickly and easily. No more losing important documents.

Feel empowered and motivated about your financial future.

Organizing my finances has never been a priority. After the last couple of days, it is obvious I need this.


Your Money Organized Budget Binder

This is something you have been wanting to do.

  • Know when your bills are due.
  • Understand how you spend your money.
  • No late payments or missed bills.
  • Create a budget that works for your household.
  • A written list of types of accounts you have opened and where.
  • Breathe easy that your family finances are in order (in case of an emergency).
  • Finally get ahead with your money (once and for all)!

Know everything about your money situation.


Start your budget binder with your MONEY organized workbook. Full of 28 pages of printables to help you organize your personal finances today!

Everything you need in one place to start organizing your personal finances. All of the documents are ready for you to fill in. Store all of your key information in a budget binder. 

Perfect if someone needs to pick up paying bills in case of emergency.

The numbers are clear. There is no gray area.

By knowing the reality of your money situation, it is possible to start making changes that align with your vision and goals.

It doesn’t get more honest than that. 

Time to start telling your money what to do. Don’t want to the end of the month to see where you spend money.

This is the basics of how to categorize income and expenses. Make your first budget today without leaving anything out!

Time to uncover what you want out of life and how your money will get you there. Set your first money goal.

More importantly, get what you need to finally find success.

The numbers are clear. There is no gray area. The numbers (net worth) will show you the reality of your money situation.

By knowing the reality of your money situation, it is possible to start making changes that align with your vision and goals.




I believe people want to learn to alter their money management, so they can enjoy life and money.

More often than not, the overwhelm and stress paralyzes people to the point they are unable to make any changes. That is why I am here to help you transform.

I created this budget binder to help us personally and have been using it for years. It keeps my OWN financial documents in order. I hope you love it as much as I do! 

Oh, and it helped us to pay off $53,000 in student loan debt in one year and we are working our way to financial independence. And I want you to overcome your obstacles and struggles with money! 
Founder of Money Bliss

It’s astounding how this budget binder is transformational and your first step to financial freedom.

Print them out at home & start today!



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