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Why Give Money? Understand the Importance Today

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For some, giving is an afterthought. For others, giving is top priority. Many others, giving doesn’t happen.

So, why give money? What is the importance?

The interesting aspect on giving is actually a hotly debated topic.

Many people are open to sharing how much debt they have (or had). Or even the percentage of saved each month.

What gives. What is the difference?

So, why give money?

What is the importance of giving?

Why Give Money? Understand the importance. Giving vs. pay it forward. Why give when ends barely meet? #givemoney #giving #payitforward

Why Give Money?

One simple reason…
Giving blesses others.

That is the one and only reason to give.

By giving, you are able to bless others.

Your giving multiplies many times over compared to the original gift.

For many, it is difficult to release the tight grasp. That desire to hold on tightly.

Just remember – 

One simple reason…
Giving blesses others.

How can that be??

  • Think about how your $10 for lunch could be used if you grabbed leftovers from the fridge?
  • How a teenager could benefit from a mentor?
  • What about raising money for a cause you believe in?

What is the impact you can have with your one act of kindness?

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Food for Thought On Giving

In 2015, donations from American individuals was estimated at $264.6 billion, according to Giving USA.

Just for reference…American’s credit card debt was $953.3 billion as of May 2016, according to the Federal Reserve (that number does NOT include credit card debt that is paid off monthly).

As Americans, we are charging 3.6 times more than we are giving to non-profit organizations. Plus, that credit card balance is outstanding and can’t be paid in full.

Just something to chew on.

If we can’t let a dollar go, but we are willing to buy at item for $3.60 that we can’t afford.

Is there room for improvement on the giving front? Honestly, yes.

Many ways to give:

1 – Your Time
2 – Your Talents
3 – Your Money

It is completely up to you on how to give! There is no right or wrong answer when giving happens from the heart.

Giving from the heart means you are a cheerful giver.

Don’t get wrapped up in how much to give based on gross or net income or how many hours.

Focus on freely giving what your heart desires. Don’t focus on a set amount.

Time. Talent. Or Money. Each one is capable of blessing others and the gift to be multiplied.

Just give. Period.

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Why give money when other don’t?

The statistics show one-third of households don’t give money.

Of the households who give money, the average percentage is 4% of income.

Why give when other don’t?

One simple reason…
Giving blesses others.

Regardless of the way you give, giving is generous and kind.

The gift gives and multiples to bless others. Set aside the reason you may or may not have given in the past.

Past Experiences on Giving

Everyone’s path is different. That is what shapes you into you. Your past experiences influence your decision on everything in life including giving.

Some people have amazing testimonies of what happened when they gave their last dime to someone else.

Others have stories where the person took them for a ride and didn’t truly need the money.

Also, let’s be honest, other give as a status symbol. A checkmark in the “good” column.

That is the where the cheerful giver enters in.

What are you able to cheerfully release to be planted for someone else?

Is it your time? Your money? Is it your talents?

As a cheerful giver, what impact can you have? Just you being you. You doing what you love to do. Imagine the impact.

Look at why giving is important.

One simple reason…
Giving blesses others.

Nitty-Gritty of Giving

For those who want more details, here you go.

At Money Bliss, we recommend giving 10% of your income. Don’t get wrapped up in gross or net income.

If you are looking at giving your time, consider giving 1-3 hours per week. There are plenty of causes that could use extra help and maybe even a solid mentor to rely on.

For many families, they want to give money, but feel the pressure of barely having enough themselves.

So, why give when your bank accounts aren’t overflowing with cash?

One simple reason…
Giving blesses others.

Just focus on being a cheerful giver.

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Why Give Money? Understand the importance. Why give when ends barely meet? Learn the importance of giving. #financialfreedom #giving #give

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