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10 Essential Vision Board Supplies You Need for Making an [Epic] Vision Board

Inside: The essential part of manifesting your dreams is having the right vision board supplies. Use this vision board checklist to make sure you have the right supplies for a vision board.

Making a vision board is one of the most powerful things you can do to manifest your dreams and goals.

A vision board is basically a giant collage of all the things you want in life, from material possessions to lifestyle changes to career aspirations. The act of creating a vision board helps you get clear on what you want, and it’s also a fun way to tap into your creative side.

But before you can start making your own epic vision board, there are a few supplies you’ll need.

In this post, you will find a list of 15 essential vision board supplies to help you get started.

The essential part of manifesting your dreams is having the right vision board supplies. Use this vision board checklist to make sure you have the right supplies for a vision board.

What is a vision board?

A vision board is a visual representation of one’s goals and dreams that can help to focus on what is important.

Vision boards have been found to be effective because they encourage people to manifest their desired outcomes.

Creating a vision board requires the right supplies to make an epic vision board.

What Supplies Do You Need For A Vision Board?

1. A large board or poster board – preferably one in a bright color to attract attention.

2. Magazines, newspapers, and other printed materials that contain images related to your goals and dreams.

3. Glue sticks, tape, or glue dots for adhering images or words onto the board without damaging them or the board itself.

4. Scissors for cutting out images from printed materials.

5. Markers and colored pens for writing inspiring words.

6. Printed words of affirmation such as ‘I am strong’, ‘I am successful’, etc.

7. Pictures of people who have achieved success like yourself – this serves as an inspiration that anything is possible!

8.”Wish list” items such as homes, cars, jewelry, etc., which can be cut out from magazines so you’re constantly reminded of what it is you desire most in life.

9. Stickers and other decorative items to make your vision board more visually appealing and fun!

10. Pictures of places you’d like to visit, such as foreign countries or tropical beaches – this serves as a visual reminder that these destinations are possible with enough hard work and dedication

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How do you make a vision board from scratch?

Picture of a blank vision board to create one from scratch.

To make a vision board from scratch, you will need a piece of poster board or cardboard, pens, magazines, or pictures to attach onto the board and any other creative materials they would like to use including stickers, glitter, and more.

Also, you can use a software program such as Canva Pro to create a digital vision board.

Those looking to create a vision board should set aside some time, gather supplies, and turn on some music.

Many people enjoy starting with this vision board planner to help you reflect on where you have been and what you want out of life.

What kind of paper is used for vision boards?

Picture of lots of paper for what kind of paper is used for vision boards.

This is an important first step and one that people are afraid of messing up

Since creating a vision board is a popular way to store your dreams and aspirations, it’s important to use the right kind of paper.

  • Poster boards are the most common type of vision boards and are easy to find and inexpensive. Also, you can upgrade to a tri fold display board.
  • Fabric boards are a good option if you want to be able to adjust items easily and also create a sustainable environment.
  • Magnetic dry erase boards or wooden boards can also be purchased to give the user more customization options.
  • The Quartet corkboard is another item that can help organize thoughts and ideas in an aesthetically pleasing manner with its black frame and decorative cork.
  • Journaling is another popular option as it’s portable, can be made into separate pages for different categories, and can be easily lost.
  • Online vision boards and apps are also great options as they do not require any other supplies beyond what you need for your device or computer.

The most important thing when creating any type of vision board is that you will be able to see it in order for it to reach its full potential in helping you achieve your goals or objectives.

Here is a list of craft supplies to have on hand at all times.

The Best Vision Board Magazines to Use

Picture of a new stands with magazines laid out

These are some of the top vision board magazines because they provide inspiring stories of success as well as helpful tips and advice.

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List of the Essential Vision Board Supplies

Picture of a lady making a vision board with a list of vision board supplies.

A vision board is a powerful tool that can help you manifest your deepest desires and bring them into reality. But in order to create an effective vision board, you need to have the right supplies.

Most of these supplies are reasonably priced depending on what product you choose but all are incredibly high quality. Time to start goal setting and achieving dreams!

Here is a list of the 15 essential vision board supplies you need to get started.

1. Vision Board Background (Poster, Cork Board, Journal, or Digital Design Program)

Vision boards are an important tool for helping individuals to focus on and achieve their goals. They provide a visual reminder of aspirations and inspire action.

To create a successful vision board, you must decide if you are going to make a paper vision board or a digital vision board.

2. Clip Art Book of Photos, Words, and Phrases

Clippings are an important part of creating a vision board!

They provide a way to collect and organize meaningful vision board quotes, photos, symbols, and other content that can be used to visualize and remember goals.

Clippings can also be used to reflect on past successes and achievements. Using pre-cut magazine clippings or printed images makes it easy to put all of this content together in one place.

3. Scissors

Scissors are essential for making a vision board because they allow the user to cut out items from magazines, newspapers, and other materials that can be used to create a visually appealing collage.

Fiskars is a preferred choice due to their durability and sharpness, but decorative-edged scissors can also be used for added aesthetic value.

To make it more interesting and visually appealing, decorative scissors and a craft knife should be used to add pictures, quotes, and designs onto the board.

4. Markers or Specialty Pens

Markers are essential for a vision board because they can be used to write quotes and create borders, making them an effective way to visually capture goals and intentions. Using markers to enhance one’s vision board can add color, design, and quotes to the board.

Personally, I like using these archival pens for anything I want to last.

They are affordable and easy to find in various colors, allowing users to customize their boards with inspiring images.

5. Adhesive Vision Board Stickers

Stickers are important for a vision board because they add personality and bring the board to life. They can also be used as a way to remind oneself of positive affirmations, such as health, empowerment, self-love, and more.

Additionally, you can buy adhesive-backed vinyl sheets or create personalized stickers with a Cricut machine so you can customize your vision board exactly how you want it.

Stickers offer an exciting way to bring color and texture to the vision board, helping make it more dynamic.

7. Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational quotes are essential to vision board supplies as they help to motivate and encourage the person creating the vision board.

By incorporating quotes into their vision boards, users can stay focused on the ultimate goal that they have set for themselves.

Quotes can provide an extra boost of motivation, helping to focus on achieving their goals and staying positive while working towards them.

Here are inspiring millionaire quotes to help you out.

Additionally, quotes can serve as powerful reminders of why the user is pursuing a particular goal in the first place.

Find the best vision board quotes.

8. Ways to Hold Your Image In Place

Fasteners are necessary when creating a vision board to keep the pictures and words attached firmly to the desired surface.

Different fastening options that are easy to use and won’t leave marks or residue, such as:

If you are using a corkboard, then pushpins of varying shapes and sizes can be used for further decoration of the vision board.

9. Optional Vision Board Materials

Since your vision board is very personalized, the same is true for the supplies needed for a vision board.

Here are optional supplies you may want:

10. Vision Board Tool Kit

If you want the easy button to be inspired, then look no further than these vision board kits ready for you to dream, visualize, inspire and create life goals and big visions.

You need great vision board pictures for the full effect.

For many people, this is a great option.

Here are the popular vision board toolkits:

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How to create a theme for your vision board?

Creating a theme for your vision board is a great way to focus on what you want to manifest in your life.

It can be anything from increasing your wealth, improving your health, or finding love.

Add call to action

Creating a vision board and including a call to action is an important step in manifesting one’s goals.

Having a call to action helps to focus the intention of the vision board and encourages motivation and productivity. Including money affirmations or positive statements, visual images representing goals, and setting aside a special time each day to visualize, reflect on, or take action towards these goals can help bring intentions into reality.

A call-to-action serves as a reminder of why the vision board was created in the first place – as a tool for success!

Create a title for your board

Creating a title for a vision board is important because it serves as an immediate reminder of the goal or intention that has been set.

It also helps to focus the message of the vision board, providing clarity and direction. Having a title can help to keep motivation high while visualizing one’s goals regularly, as it provides an easy way to reference back to the original desired outcome.

Titles provide an additional layer of intent and purpose in order for visualization techniques to be most effective.

Hang up your board in a visible place

When the vision board is visible, it can help the individual stay focused and motivated on their journey to success.

Don’t forget this important piece, so that it can serve as a visual reminder and source of motivation for one’s goals.

Buy Vision Board Materials List

A vision board is a tool that can help you develop a roadmap for your future. It is a collection of images and ideas, which you can use to inspire and motivate you.

With These 15 Essential Items Listed Below, Anyone Can Make An Epic Vision Board:

1. Poster Board/Cardboard
2. Pens
3. Magazines
4. Pictures
5. Glue/Double sided tape
6. Scissors
7. Markers/Colored Pencils/Crayons
8. Stickers
9. Glitter
10. Sequins
11 . Buttons
12 . Fabric scraps
13 . Washi tape
14 . Ribbon
15 . Yarn


A vision board is an effective way to focus on and manifest one’s goals and dreams.

It is a physical arrangement of items that represent those aspirations, which can help facilitate self-reflection and increase self-awareness, as well as assist in clarifying one’s values.

Creating a vision board can be a powerful tool for achieving success in life.

The most important benefit is it helps you to focus and motivate l to move towards your goals, values, and aspirations.

It can also be used as a creative outlet to express what one desires for the future.

A vision board can be made with words or images that represent the individual’s desired outcomes and remind them of what they are striving for on a daily basis.

A vision board wall is a larger space dedicated as an effective tool that can help you achieve your goals by providing a visual representation of what you want to accomplish.

You have more space that allows you to clarify your values and create an actionable plan for achieving those goals.

By utilizing various supplies, such as magazines, posters, images, fabric scraps, and other visually appealing items, you can craft a unique and inspiring vision board wall that will serve as a reminder of what they are striving for.

It is recommended that individuals should update their vision boards regularly to stay focused on goals and evaluate their progress. Most people tend to update their vision boards in January.

Updating the vision board can also help an individual decide which goals to pursue next.

Ultimately, how often you update your vision board is up to you, but for best results, it should be done at least when you reach major milestones on your current vision board, so that it remains personal and relevant.

The science behind vision boarding suggests that it can be a powerful tool in helping people reach their desired goals, as it allows them to imagine positive outcomes and increase their chances of success.

Studies have found that mental visualizations of goals are good for our well-being, and believing that we can improve is linked to better results.

Additionally, using vision boarding as a technique may help individuals gain clarity about what they want to achieve and help them create an effective plan for reaching those objectives. Ultimately, whether or not vision boarding is effective depends on the individual’s commitment to achieving the desired goal.

People often make mistakes when creating a vision board, such as not including affirmations that address common fears and distractions. This is the scariest part of the setting intentions is knowing which thoughts are holding back you from being able to manifest your dreams.

The other common mistake is not looking at the vision board on a regular basis. You need to make it a daily habit of reviewing your vision board.

How do you know if your vision board is effective?

Picture of someone happy who knows their vision board is working.

To ensure that a vision board is effective, it is important to look at it regularly and prayerfully.

It can be helpful to ask oneself “how am I working to make these things a reality?” in order to stay on track.

If you need to update your favorite board often, that is a good sign you are hitting your targets.

Are there any negative consequences to making a vision board?

Some might argue that making a vision board can have potentially negative consequences, such as creating unrealistic expectations that may be difficult to achieve.

Additionally, spending too much time visualizing your goals could take away from the time and effort needed to actually achieve those goals.

Finally, focusing too heavily on what you want out of life could lead to neglecting the present moment in favor of a future that may never happen.

Ready to Create Your Dream Board?

Are you ready to start creating your dream board? Dream vision boards are a great way to organize and visualize your goals and dreams.

Plus they can be used to track your progress, brainstorm ideas, and find inspiration.

The purpose of a vision board is to help you see your goals in a new and inspiring way. When you have a vision board, you are more likely to take action toward achieving your goals.

Creating a dream board is a fun and easy way to manifest your dreams and goals.

Don’t delay in getting started on your vision board. If you need motivation, look at hosting a vision board party.

With the right supplies and materials for vision boards, you can make a vision board that is both beautiful and effective.

By following this vision board supplies checklist, you can be sure you have everything you need to make your vision board.

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