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Top 10 Low Stress Jobs That Pay Well

Looking for a low-stress job that pays well? This list has you covered. These 10 jobs offer good pay without the stress of a typical 9-5. Perfect for those seeking flexible hours or needing low-stress work for health reasons. Find a job that fits your lifestyle and start enjoying a better work-life balance.

Massage Therapist

The picture of the massage therapist holding oil essentials for massage performance, this job is stress-free and pays well.
Image Credit: Pixelshot.

A massage therapist helps people relax by working on their soft tissues and joints. They need to know anatomy and medical procedures and often work in calm places like spas or clinics. This job is low-stress and pays well and is easy to get training..


The image shows the electrician working in testing wirings for electricity supply, this job is stress-free yet pays well.
Image Credit: Kadmy from Getty Images Pro.

An electrician is a skilled worker who only needs a few years of training. After an apprenticeship, they can work with electrical tools and circuits. This job pays well and doesn’t require many qualifications.


The image tells about the librarian bringing books together and working in a library, this job is perfect for retired people.
Image Credit: Adamkaz from Getty Images Signature.

Librarians help people find information and manage collections. They work in a calm environment and often have time to read. This job is low-stress and pays well, making it a great choice for those who love books.

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Dental Hygienist

The image tells about the dental hygienist in a scrub suit working at a dental clinic.
Image Credit: Piksel from Getty Images.

A dental hygienist cleans teeth and teaches patients about oral hygiene. With a two-year degree and state licensure, this low-stress job offers a good work-life balance and pays well.

Virtual Assistant

The picture shows a virtual assistant working on his laptop, finding stress-free jobs that pay well with these guides.
Image Credit: Chee Gin Tan from Getty Images Signature.

A virtual assistant provides remote administrative, creative, or technical help. Working from home, they avoid office politics and can enjoy a flexible schedule. Very popular for stay-at-home moms.

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Makeup Artist

The picture of the makeup artist glamming her client is one of the stress-free jobs that pays well perfect for side hustles.
Image Credit: Drazen Lovric from Getty Images Signature.

A makeup artist enhances clients’ appearances with cosmetics. They work in salons or as freelancers in the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industries. Basic communication skills are needed, but no formal education is required. Just style!

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The image shows the plumber man working on to fix the broken tube, this job is stress-free perfect for side hustles for men.
Image Credit: Pixelshot.

A plumber installs and repairs pipes and fixtures, ensuring water flows where needed. With apprenticeship training, plumbers can enjoy a well-paying job without a degree.


The image shows the photographer capturing some of the ingredients as the subject, this job is stress-free and has a good income.
Image Credit: Alliance Images.

A photographer captures moments and memories. Good skills in composition, lighting, and timing are essential. Training in art and design helps, but a degree is not needed. This job has good demand and many niches to seek.

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Solar Photovoltaic Installer

The image of the man working as a solar photovoltaic installer on the roof, this job pays well and is stress-free and good for men.
Image Credit: Zstockphotos.

Solar photovoltaic installers set up solar panels on buildings. They need to understand electrical wiring and troubleshooting. Due to a labor shortage, this job pays well and is low-stress if you like climbing on roofs.

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Radiologic Technologist

The picture shows the Radiologic Technologist with a client performing an X-ray to diagnose diseases, this job is low-stress and pays well.
Image Credit: SimpleFoto.

Radiologic technologists use imaging techniques like X-rays and MRIs to help diagnose and treat diseases. They work closely with doctors and need good communication skills. An associate’s degree is required.

Find More Low Stress Jobs that Pay Well

The image shows of the man searching in his laptop about low stress jobs that pay well with complete guides.
Image Credit: Drazen Zigic from Getty Images.

Discover more low-stress jobs that pay well without needing a degree. These jobs offer minimal stress and plenty of growth opportunities, making them great choices for a new career.

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