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76 Easy Thrifty Tips & Tricks to Live a More Frugal Lifestyle

Becoming thrifty is a great feeling. 

It helps you to learn how to be self-sufficient and less reliant on the outside world. Plus, with all of the thrifty tips and tricks, you will learn awesome saving money tips.

For most people, a thrifty lifestyle is one that is learned over time. Our grandparents and generations before that were extremely thrifty because that is what they needed to do to survive. They didn’t have access to the 24 hour shopping available to us. Sometimes a crisis throws us into a need to become more thrifty with what we have.

In order to be successful with a thrifty lifestyle, you need to pick up a few thrifty tips and tricks along the way.

Just like the 175+ best frugal living tips, don’t try and accomplish them all at once. Start will a few and keep going until thrifty living is natural and normal to you.

In this post, you will find plenty of saving money tips from kitchen, home, DIY, making money, and more.

We are going to cover why we need to be thrifty.

Plus the saving money benefits are immense! Ready to save money?

Let’s dig in and help you transform into becoming a thrifty person.

Here are the best thrifty tips and tricks you need in your life! This helps you improve your frugal lifestyle and ways to save money. Thrifty living is perfect to challenge your frugal living extreme. Plenty of money saving ideas and hacks!

Why Do We Need to Be Thrifty?

There are many reasons to start living a more thrifty lifestyle.

For some, it is a desire to be less wasteful. For others, they are interested in saving money hacks.

Their household behaviors are different than mainstream society on purpose. A thrifty person chooses to carefully use money and other resources carefully each day and not be wasteful in the way they live.

The main answer to why do we need to be thrifty is…. consumerism and materialism have taken over our society.

By living a thrifty lifestyle, you are able to take control, spend less money, and produce less waste. That is the desire for a thrifty lifestyle. 

Let’s take a quick look around… your recent trip to the mall, the amount of trash you put out each week, the amount of stuff you need to go through and donate, the impulse purchases you made at the store, the list can go on and on. How many times did you see thrifty habits going on? More than likely, it was a lot of consumerism and materialism overflowing. Plus it is costly.

The need to be thrifty comes from a desire to save money and produce less waste.

It is a lifestyle choice.

First, we will cover how to live a thrifty lifestyle and then, take some of these thrifty tips and tricks and apply them to your life.

The expectation to live zero waste and completely thrifty overnight is difficult to do.

Start somewhere. Pick and choose what works best for your household. Plus saving money is a great perk!

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Benefits of Being Frugal and Thrifty

Picture of a calculator and saving pig to show the benefits of being frugal and thrifty.

Frugality means being intentional with your money by thinking carefully about what to spend it on and also by putting some of the money towards a ‘need’. Frugal living can help you live below your means and, in turn, save more.

The benefits of being frugal and thrifty are worth the investment.

Furthermore, being frugal is about finding balance in life so you can enjoy it while meeting your financial goals. Thriftiness does not have to be a sacrifice, but rather an opportunity for people who are able to find the right fit and make sacrifices on occasion with their own needs set as a priority.

It’s not only about saving money; there are many health reasons to be frugal and thrifty, too.

1. Thoughtful Spending

The first benefit is that it encourages mindfulness overspending, which can prevent wastage.

With this in mind, people should take care to plan their purchases so they don’t spend too much money at one time or neglect buying groceries for a week to save on gas during the month if you’re driving around town more often than usual.

Many thrifty people tend to make over $100k a year.

2. Reduce stress

Frugality and thriftiness can be healthy ways to reduce stress in your life. 64% of respondents in the 2020 American Psychological Association Survey reported that money was a significant source of stress in their life.

Some people have a hard time living this type of lifestyle, which can lead to stress.

One way to reduce stress is by taking the following steps:

  • Take care of your health
  • Go on walks outdoors when you’re feeling stressed
  • Spend time with friends and family
  • Find a hobby that interests you
  • Take care of your health by eating healthy and exercising regularly
  • Spend time in the sun and fresh air
  • Avoid too much TV or video games, which can lead to boredom

Remember to keep these steps in mind and you can live a life full of happiness.

3. Debt Relief

Given our society has the mindset of we want things and we want them NOW. This is the opposite of a thrifty person.

They know it is impossible to get out of debt if you continue to incur it.

Getting out of debt is a must for people who are struggling with debt. By living below your means of being frugal and thrifty, it will help you get to save money and lead to less stress.

4. Better sleep

The benefits of being frugal and thrifty are better sleep, no worries about money, and less stress.

If you are trying to save money, not only will it help your wallet, but it could also improve the quality of your sleep.

Sleep great because you know your bills are taken care of and there is money available in case of emergencies or unexpected bills that come up.

5. Being Intentional

Being frugal means being intentional with spending and saving, while thriftiness is more about having good judgment when buying things.

You know exactly how and where you plan to spend your money.

Since you plan how to spend your hard earned cash, no one can say, cheap people.

6. Need Over Wants

You know the exact difference between a need and a want. There is no gray line.

You know where you “need” to spend money and where you “want” to spend money.

Consequently, many people who have always been frugal and thrifty struggle to spend any “want” money once their reach financial security.

7. Save Wisely

By choosing to be frugal and thrifty, allows you to save at least a small amount of your income.

It also makes life more manageable when you can make do with less, which leads to spending money on things like vacations instead.

Find ways to do just that by keeping your spending at a minimum, exploring ways saving can simply be a part of your everyday life, and asking yourself how you can cut corners in your fridge or buy a used model rather than a new one.

8. Make Dreams Come True

Being frugal and thrifty can help you reach your dreams. Frugality allows you to save money for the things that matter most, while also protecting yourself from financial instability.

Although it may seem impossible, if you are able to pay off your mortgage or get out of debt altogether, then you will be able to make your financial goals a success.

One way to make dreams come true is by writing them down, talking about them, and making a plan for achieving those goals.

You can live a life full of happiness by following these steps.

How Do I Live a Thrifty Lifestyle?

how do I live a thrifty lifestyle

Enjoying a thrifty lifestyle allows you to free up money to spend on things you matter. Many times, it will help to reach your money goals faster.

For us, personally, we enjoy thrifty living because we can save more money for retirement and paying off our mortgage as well as funding our love to travel. Plus, we are choosing to raise our kids to know the value of money and to make mindful decisions on how and where to spend hard-earned money.

Learn how to live a thrifty lifestyle. (Hint: it is easier than you think.)

1. Conscious of Choices

The first step is to be more conscious of your choices.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Can I make do without it?
  • Do I have money set aside for it?
  • Am I being resourceful with my options?
  • Is there a cheaper way to do this?
  • Do I need it now?

When choosing to be thrifty, you become more mindful of your actions. You realize that all of your decisions will impact your wallet and the environment. Thus, being frugal green.

2. Use Every Last Drop

how to live a thrifty lifestyle

My thrifty husband earns this award, especially with t-shirts. Once a t-shirt has been deemed unwearable (finally), then it is cut up for rags for outside and the garage. That is just one example of using every last drop.

Typically, people love to scrape every single drop out of a yogurt cup. But, do you do the same for all food items like peanut butter?

The mentality of using everything to the very end of its lifespan will help in saving money over the long run.

This also applies to children’s clothes. Do you need to buy new clothes because they are growing and need a bigger size but summer is right around the corner? I have been caught with kids with very few clothes that fit, but couldn’t justify a new wardrobe with summer so close and the chance they would outgrow them the following year. (They survived and never even noticed.)

Using everything to the last drop will help to save money over the long term. 

3. Buy Used 

The markup on products is what helps companies make their profit. Since companies are more focused on making a profit than anything else, these costs passed on to the consumer can be a little excessive.

A great thrifty tip and tricks are to buy used whenever possible.

The BEST example is to buy a new car. Within the 1st year, a car depreciates by 25% and 50% within four years (source). That is a lot of wasted money. Your best bet is to buy a car that is 4-6 years old. Here are tips on buying a beater car.

This principle applies to most materialistic items.

A thrifty person would have what they would buy used and the non-negotiable items they must buy new.

4. Wait to Buy

thrifty tips and tricks

How many purchases have you regretted buying within the first 24 hours?

Those impulse purchases can add up quickly. Do you know how much wasted money you had last year?

Implement a 24-hour rule on buying things. To make things easier, we have a spending wish list in our free printable section.

A thrifty person is very confident when they make purchases because it is something they have wanted for a long time, they know their buy price is lower than normal, and it is something they truly need. Waiting to buy is the fastest way to save money.

5. Start a Side Hustle

Thrifty people are always looking for ways to save money AND earn more money.

It could be small extra cash with grocery cash back apps or surveys. Or it could be starting your own business.

The purpose of a side hustle is to bring in extra money, so you can spend money on the things that matter to you. 

I started Money Bliss as a side hustle. I wanted to bring in extra income as well as being able to raise my kids and be there for them and my husband. Plus along the way, I have positively impacted thousands of people by helping them to improve their financial situation.

Another side business is swing trading in the stock market. There is a learning curve, but well worth the outcome. Check out the freedom investing gives you.

One of the best ways to pay off debt faster is to start side hustling to get the balance to zero as quickly as possible.

Your side hustle doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be easy as offering services or space with Rover or Neighbor.

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6. Trim the Extra Expenses

what are the ways in which you can be thrifty

When you are thrifty, you don’t want to spend any more money than absolutely necessary. That is one of the primary characteristics of a thrifty person.

You have to trim the extra expenses. AKA living stingy.

For most thrifty people, living on a bare bones budget is common and ordinary for them.

They are consistently looking for ways to trim their expenses even before. And for some, enjoy the idea and process of negotiating for lower costs or finding more money saving tips. This is something that doesn’t just happen once and is done. It is a continuous process.

Here are some apps to help trim expenses for you (at NO COST to you): Trim or Paribus. They are simple to set up and will automatically find ways to get you cashback.

More Resources to Cut Expenses:

 7. Stockpile Strategically 

why do we need to be more thrifty

This isn’t the time to stockpile a huge amount of toilet paper, soap, and over-the-counter medication that will last for years out of fears of the unknown.

This is learning tips and tricks on how to stockpile what you need at the lowest price (without going overboard and lean towards hoarding).

A stockpile is accumulated goods and materials; typically, used for a shortage or emergency. On a more personal level, I think of a stockpile as food and personal care items needed so I am not running to the store every single day.

When it comes to stockpiling and being frugal and thrifty, you need to assess the following:

  • What do you use most frequently?
  • What would reck havoc if you didn’t have it?
  • Which seasonal items would be best to stockpile for other times of year?

Unfortunately, too many people try to stockpile items during a crisis, thus not following the thrifty practice of building a stockpile at the lowest prices.

This is especially true if you are living off the grid.

8. Shop Sales & Clearance

When you need to actually buy something new, then it is best to shop sales and clearance. 

This thrifty habit will become second nature to you.

One of the best examples is children’s clothing. The best time to buy their clothes is after the season. At this time, you would be buying the next size up. Obviously, it is best to buy used when possible. But, let’s face it, what preschooler or elementary school kid survives all of their years without holes in their pants?!?!

Another time it is great to buy on clearance is for seasonal goods – holiday decor, grills, outdoor furniture, snow shovels, gift wrap, etc.

This money saving tip should save you 50-80% off the sales price. That is money that you can spend on something else.

9. DIY

how do I become more thrifty

Time to do it yourself.

This is one of the top thrifty living habits.

You have to know how to do something yourself (and thanks to YouTube, you can watch a tutorial). You can save thousands of dollars by learning how to do it yourself. 

Just a key note on DIY… Look around your house and see what supplies you have before buying items for a DIY project. You probably can substitute something you have on hand.

These DIY thrifty tips and tricks are great ways to save money in the long run. You must have to be willing to try. Be okay to fail. Then, learn from your mistakes and do it again.

10. Enjoy FREE Fun

One of the key aspects of being frugal and thrifty is trimming extra expenses.

That means you look for ways to enjoy free fun overpaying for entertainment. This may seem like a foreign concept to you.

But, what would happen if all movie theaters, restaurants, and meeting places closed down? A little over a month ago, you would say that would never happen. However, in 2020, that has become our reality.

Learn how to enjoy free fun! And guess what? Many times you will enjoy the simplicity of having less on your schedule.

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Thrifty Tips & Tricks

thrifty money saving ideas

These are the exact ways to be more thrifty.

We all need to know these thrifty money saving ideas. 

Learn how to be more thrifty at home. Use what you have. Become thrifty with money. Enjoy your money savviness and save more money. Learn ways to become thrifty in the kitchen and laundry room. 

Also, many of the thrifty tips and tricks on this list overlap to many areas of your life.

What are the ways in which you can be thrifty?

Let’s dive into the long list:

How can I be thrifty with money?

1. Budget.

2. Save first.

3. Use cash.

4. Say NO to debt.

5. Be content to live below your means.

6. Review your bank statements and credit card statements for errors.

7. Trim unnecessary expenses.

8. Save money each week. Here is a great 52 week money saving challenge.

9. Lower your recurring expenses with a lower subscription. Even better opt for a free option.

10. Don’t choose the debt snowball method to pay off debt.

11. Wait 24 hours before buying.

12. Buy used.

thrifty careful with money

13. Pay the full amount due on the credit card statement.

14. Pick up a gig economy job.

15. Bank without ridiculous fees like one of these banks like Chime or Empower Finance

16. Stop paying ATM or bank fees.

17. Say NO to expensive activities. Here is a list of things to do with no money.

18. Say NO to things you don’t really want to spend money on, but feel pressured to do so.

19. Use cashback apps for online shopping. My favorites: Rakuten, Swagbucks, Ibotta, and Honey.

20. Use Acorns or Qoins to roll up purchases and save the spare change.

21. Track your net worth.

22. Only buy when you really need something.

23. Live in a city with a lower cost of living.

24. Start becoming more thrifty with a no spend challenge.

25. Seek out free entertainment.

26. Rent or borrow instead of buying new.

27. Do NOT Spend Tax Refund like this (yet it happens).

28. Learn how to make money fast.

29. Learn the habits for debt free living.

30. Know how to talk about money with your spouse.

31. Learn the tips and tricks to save money on Amazon.

32. Learn why being frugal and thrifty with money is key. A Millionaire’s Case Study.

33. Learn how to stop spending money and why overspending is causing your ruin.

34. Rock your Christmas Budget.

35. Improve your money mindset.

36. Know what to do if your Amazon delivery is late.

thrifty money saving tips

How can I be thrifty at home?

1. Switch to cloth napkins.

2. Toss the paper towels and opt for reusable kitchen towels.

3. Make Your Own DIY Cleaners – These items I stock to make various recipes:

4. Reuse gift bags.

5. Learn to live with less stuff. Here is our journey to own less stuff after 6 weeks without our things.

6. Avoid air fresheners.

7. Make your own deodorant – read why I switched and only cost pennies.

8. Learn to DIY.

9. Opt to make rather than buy.

10. Choose to live in a smaller house.

11. Save on printer costs with a laser printer. Then, get cheap knockoff cartridges. (In the past week, I have convinced two friends to make the switch.)

12. Cut flowers from your garden and yard.

13. Open up the windows for fresh air.

14. Program the thermostat lower in the winter. (Then, invest in awesome blankets to snuggle in.)

15. Set the thermostat higher in the summer.

16. Turn down the heat at night or not at home. The same goes for A/C; set it higher.

17. In the morning, open shades in rooms. Then, lights being turned on or left on is less likely.

How to be thrifty in the laundry room?

how can be thrifty at home

1. Use less laundry soap.

2. Switch to laundry powder. This is my personal favorite plus it is very eco-friendly without harmful ingredients.

3. Wash laundry with only full loads.

4. Line dry clothes.

5. Buy fewer clothes.

6. Use dryer balls over dryer sheets. These are my personal favorite.

7. Mend your clothes. (It is easier than you think!)

8. Learn how to make your own homemade laundry detergent.

How can I be thrifty in the kitchen?

how to be thrifty in the kitchen

Many of the best thrifty tips and tricks are with food and happen in the kitchen. That is why we have a full post on being thrifty with food.

Here are some of the basics, but you want to read this post as well. Then, you can be a master at saving money in the kitchen.

1. Cook at home.

2. Don’t waste food.

3. Start from scratch.

4. Switch from plastic baggies and buy reusable food containers

5. Don’t buy pre-cut.

6. Avoid pre-packaged items.

7. Don’t use water bottles and purchase reusable water bottles

8. Invest in a quality water filtration system – this is the one we love

thrifty tips and tricks food

9. Make your own baby food (aka blend up your own food in this)

10. Avoid paper plates, plastic cups, and throw away utensils.

11. Use real food instead of pricey supplements.

12. Submit groceries receipts to earn cashback. Here are the best grocery apps for cashback.

13. Set a food budget or spending limit per grocery trip.

14. Meal planning is a necessity. Learn how to meal plan for a month.

15. Grow your own fruits and vegetables.

16. Learn how to can your own fruits and vegetables. 

17. Check out the post on how to be frugal with food.

All of these thrifty money saving tips will help you save thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Add them up over multiple years and you have a solid nest egg towards financial freedom

How to I become More Thrifty?

how can I be thrifty at home

There are two ways in which you can become more thrifty. First, it is a lifestyle that you are forced into because of a tight budget, economic situation, or drop in income. The other way is because you want consciously choose to be more thrifty, so you can save more money.

One of the best ways to become more thrifty is to find your community. Your tribe of people who are wanting to live a thrifty lifestyle

Next, you remember the guidelines we outlined above on how do I live a thrifty lifestyle:

  • Conscious of Choices
  • Use Every Last Drop
  • Buy Used
  • Wait to Buy
  • Start a Side Hustle or Gig Economy Job 
  • Trim the Extra Expenses 
  • Stockpile Strategically
  • Shop Sales & Clearance
  • DIY
  • Enjoy Free Fun
  • Cook at Home

All of these thrifty tips and tricks will help you become more thrifty and save money daily.

Like all tips, we always recommend starting with one or two thrifty tips and tricks and master those before moving on to the next area.

While yes, many of the tips overlap with each other. For instance, if you are focusing on waiting to buy, then at the same time you are working to trim extra expenses as well as shopping sales and clearance sections. That is completely normal and will happen over time.

Which thrifty tips and tricks are you going to implement starting today? 

Getting bored with a frugal lifestyle? Then, start implementing these thrifty tips and tricks. Find more ways to save money and being living with a zero waste living. Get your saving money tips and ideas that are more extreme.

Know someone else that needs this, too? Then, please share!!

Did the post resonate with you?

More importantly, did I answer the questions you have about this topic? Let me know in the comments if I can help in some other way!

Your comments are not just welcomed; they’re an integral part of our community. Let’s continue the conversation and explore how these ideas align with your journey towards Money Bliss.

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