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What Do Baseball and Money Have in Common

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Over the past weekend, my husband was watching baseball. If you know anything about our house, sports is always on. Football…Basketball…College…Baseball…Pro…no one is picky.

My husband loves baseball the most. He played in college. He has a love for the game. Watching baseball was nothing new in our household.

When I sat down to watch this baseball game, I quickly realized it wasn’t just another baseball game!! This game was about to make baseball history. The Chicago Cubs were playing the LA Dodgers in the 2016 National League Championship Series. The Cubs were leading the series 3-2. Through the top of the 7th inning, the Cubs were ahead 5-0. History was within reach.

For the Chicago Cubs, this small achievement of winning the World Series didn't happen overnight. They have been planning for this time and held onto the same behavioral traits to reach success. So, what does baseball and money have in common? Find financial freedom. Get out of debt. Save money. Understand personal finance.

Just for background info…the last time the Cubs made it to the World Series was 71 years ago – back in 1945. They have won the World Series twice: 1906 and 1907. That means 108 years have passed since the Cubs have won a World Series title!

The Cubs won the game! History was being written! It was exciting regardless of who your team is! The whole country was excited when the Cubs went on to win the 2016 World Series!

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For the Chicago Cubs, this small achievement didn’t happen overnight. They have been planning for this time. In order to have success, the Chicago Cubs players and management all held onto the same behavioral traits to reach success.

Behaviors Traits Needed to Win in Baseball and Money:

In order to win with money, we have to put some effort into it. As much as we wish, money does not grow on trees. We need to learn to be smart with our money. By using this behavior traits, you will successful with money as well as in life. Baseball and money have more in common than you ever thought.

1. Patience –

The game of baseball is known as “the boys of summer.” My hubby fondly refers to it as the grind. The game isn’t fast paced. It takes time.

Just like money, it takes patience to pay off debt, to save for retirement, to reach financial freedom. You can’t speed up time, but you can build a strong foundation with money.

2. Tenacity –

Those Cubs players were very determined. They knew what their goal was. Everyday. Every practice. Everything they did was for this moment. Their persistence could be felt. Their resolution to hold on to the ultimate goal of winning the World Series.

With money, you can spend money when and wherever you please. Or you can learn from the Cubs players to stay determined on your money goals. Do you know what your money goals are? Have you defined your money goals and vision? Those are imperative to reach to financial freedom and find Money Bliss.

Once a vision is decided, the tenacity is needed to get you there. It is one thing to decide what you want in life. And a complete another to actual accomplish it. Winning with money means you are willing to work harder for what you want.

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3. Teamwork –

The road to the 2016 World Series didn’t start at the beginning of the season for the Cubs. They have been plotting since 2009 under Theo Epstein. He worked to bring in the best assets and strategically built the Cubs team.

To have success with money, you need accountability to reach your goals and work together. Many times you need to build a team of people reach your goals. Sometimes, that means bringing in a money coach to guide you.

However, many times with money it is the comparison game that will derail our financial plans. Don’t be afraid to be different with money. Remember, most people live in a great deal of debt.

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Baseball and money have much more in common than we realize.

It took patience, tenacity, and teamwork for the Cubs to reach their goal of the World Series. Every step those players took held that specific goal in their heads. The lived and breathed their goal of winning the World Series.

What is your specific money goal you are reaching for?

These behavior traits of the Cubs franchise is the reason behind their success. They can also be the reason for your success of winning with money and finding financial freedom. It may mean following your own path and not the Joneses’.

Just like when we paid of our $53,000 debt in one year, we held on to the same traits – patience, tenacity, teamwork.

It is your choice on you to spend and save your hard-earned money. Stick to the Cubs behavior traits to help you win with money.v

What behavior trait has helped you to succeed with money?

For the Chicago Cubs, this small achievement of winning the World Series didn't happen overnight. They have been planning for this time and held onto the same behavioral traits to reach success. So, what does baseball and money have in common? Find financial freedom. Whether you want to get out of debt, save money, or understand personal finance, you need these behavior traits. #basebell #financialfreedom #traits