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Easy Summer Side Hustles for Teachers to Make Extra Money

Teachers often find themselves with extra time during the summer break, making it the perfect opportunity to earn some extra money! If you’re looking to boost your income, there are plenty of side hustles that can fit seamlessly into your summer schedule. From tutoring to freelance work, these easy summer side hustles can help teachers make the most of their time off while supplementing their income. Let’s explore some of the best options to keep you busy and financially secure this summer.

Resell your Curriculum

The image tells about a teacher reselling her curriculum like a lesson plan through a media platform to earn extra income.
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Teachers can make extra money by selling their lesson plans and study guides. Platforms like “Teachers Pay Teachers” and Etsy let you sell your materials to other educators. You might as well make money on lessons that work well in your own classroom!

Sell Printables

The image shows a teacher creating printables on her laptop to sell on an online platform to earn extra cash.
Image Credit: Dean Drobot.

Create and sell printables like habit trackers, meal planners, and chore charts. Use tools like Canva to design the printables and sell them on Etsy for extra cash.

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Rent Out Baby Gear

The picture of baby gear inside a car that is ready to rent out to earn extra cash.
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Make money by renting out baby gear to parents and tourists. Use BabyQuip to list your items and help families while earning extra income.

Trade Stocks and Options

The image of a teacher shows of engaging in trade stocks online as one of the side hustles.
Image Credit: Ipopba from Getty Images Pro.

Earn money by buying and selling stocks. It requires discipline and patience, but with learning and practice, it can be a profitable side hustle.

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Be the Party Planner

The image of a teacher planning a party theme and event sequences in her laptop and notes to make it successful during the event, one of the side hustles for this summer.
Image Credit: Pixelshot.

Use your organizing skills to plan parties and events. From birthdays to weddings, help people celebrate while making extra money. Use your social skills to shine!

Get Paid to Housesit

Picture of the teacher sitting on a couch and getting paid by housesitting, earning money as a side hustle during summer.
Image Credit: Fizkes from Getty Images.

Housesitting is a great way to earn extra cash. Take care of homes and pets while homeowners are away. Platforms like HouseSitter.com can help you find gigs. Maybe even travel to a new destination and experience the culture!

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Become a Referee or Umpire for Sports

Picture a teacher and become a referee in a sport during summer as a side hustle jobs for extra income.
Image Credit: Filo from Getty Images Signature.

Combine your love for sports with extra income by becoming a referee or umpire. It’s a flexible job that fits well with a teacher’s schedule. There is a shortage of referees, so there are plenty of opportunities.

Start Tutoring

The image tells about a teacher who starts tutoring a grade school student at home during the summer.
Image Credit: JasonDoiy from Getty Images Signature.

Offer private tutoring services to help students with their schoolwork. You can tutor in person or online. This is probably the most logical side hustle for most teachers.

Dog Walking or Pet Sitting

Image of the teachers working on dog walking in a park during the summer, pet sitting is one way to earn extra cash.
Image Credit: Kzenon.

If you love animals, consider dog walking or pet sitting. Use platforms like Rover to find clients and make extra money while spending time with pets.

Be a Babysitter, Nanny, or Caretaker

The picture of the young babysitter and a toddler having a quality time together by playing, babysitting during summer can add cash to your wallet.
Image Credit: Pixelshot.

Earn money by babysitting or providing childcare. Parents need reliable and caring individuals to look after their children, making it a great side hustle for teachers. Great side hustle as children are off when the teachers are!

Find More Side Hustles Ideas for Teachers

The image of the teacher typing and searching on her laptop about the best side hustles for teachers.
Image Credit: Wavebreakmedia from Getty Images.

Teachers can explore these 50 side hustles to make extra money. From online opportunities to hands-on jobs, find the perfect fit to boost your income.

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