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This page is here to provide all of my recommendations into one concise page. These are companies I have personally used or veeted to find they are valuable. Thus, helping you save money and precise time!

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no cost to you. All of these products or companies below I highly recommend or they wouldn’t be on this list. Please read the full disclosure here.

Now, here is a list of all my favorite go-to sites:

Money Management Tools

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Make Money Resources

Money Saving Wins

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Apps to Save Money

Personal Finance Resources

The Scholarship System – 

The Scholarship System. How to pay for college without student loan debt. Find scholarships.

If you have a high school age kid, this is for you! Everyone knows that scholarships will save you thousands on college tuition. However, very few students actually use scholarships to for school and instead default to student loans.

With the Scholarship System, you will learn every step to pay for college without student loans.

The Scholarship System helps prepare families so that their children can graduate from college debt-free, offering free online resources and training as well as an online course on how to find, apply, and secure scholarships.

Their process, taught through a self-paced course, saves families time and frustration by offering a streamlined scholarship process that is proven to work. So far, it has helped students secure over $805,000 and that number continues to grow. Learn more here.


Trying to keep all of the passwords straight is a challenge times thousands!! With Dashlane, you will never forget another password! Dashlane is the world’s best password manager & digital wallet, making identity and payments simple and safe. Their apps include PC, Mac, Android, and iOS and they have helped over 3 million users manage and secure their digital identity.

Not a digital fan? No worries, check out this Password Logbook.

TurboTax – 
TurboTax - Choose Easy

Every year as Americans we must file taxes. Make life easier by using TurboTax. Personally, this is all I have used for almost 20 years. Their process makes filling taxes easy and seamless.  It is like they are hand holding you through the whole process. 

TurboTax software will walk you through each section of your tax process with Yes and No questions. If you aren’t sure, they have a help button right there to find more information.  No need to sort through tons of support pages to find your answer.  TurboTax guides the process.

Liberty Mutual –

Shopping around for insurance is a must. Even though, it isn’t convenient or fun thing to do. Getting quotes from various insurance companies is a priority to save money. Every area varies in their cost to insure, so comparing with friends and family won’t get you far. Start with Liberty Mutual. They offer free quotes for both auto, home, or multi-line. It is very quick and easy to get your free quote.

LifeLock – 

Doesn’t seem that everyday the news announces a new data breach and millions of confidential information is stolen?!? Unfortunately, that is the world today. Thankfully, there are companies like LifeLock that provides a proactive identity theft service, specializing in helping protect identity theft rather than the reporting of it. Plus they will assist you in fixing the issue if you become a victim of identity theft.

Investment Resources

Personal Capital –

Personal Capital is wealth management for the Internet Age, specifically those people that are hands-off with investing and haven’t found a local investment advisor they like. Their online platform combines digital technology with highly personalized service to provide a holistic view to a unique financial picture. Their tools include snapshot of net worth, ability to analyze your portfolio, and customized retirement plan. Did I mention? It is free to use.

Blooom – 

See how your 401K stacks up against other companies. This is a completely free analysis of your current employer-sponsored retirement plan. Understand your investments at a glance and uncover unnecessary hidden fees. Learn how Blooom helps give people the confidence to make smarter decisions with their hard-earned dollars. Keeping tabs on your retirement is important!

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Lastly, life wouldn’t be the same without Amazon, Amazon Prime (30-Day Free Trial), and Target.

Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no cost to you. All of these products or companies below I highly recommend or they wouldn’t be on this list. Please read the full disclosure here.

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