How to Overcome Societal Norms to Succeed with Money

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It is that time of year. Camping!

A time to escape the hustle and bustle for a little down time in the great outdoors. Take in the fresh air! Enjoy the starry nights! And enjoy Mother Nature and everything that comes with that.

In case you have never been camping, surprises will always pop up during your time away.

Last year, that included some rain. And when I say rain, it rained A LOT! Not just a sprinkle here or there. But, downpours that soaked through our tent. (Don’t worry – I solved that by picking this up.)

The interesting thing we witnessed was everyone taking off from their campsites. Um. Yes, it is raining, but isn’t that part of the adventure?

Why do people bail on looking at the money situation? Does society impact your financial decisions? Learn how to overcome societal norms to succeed with money. #money #society #financialfreedom

When it comes to money, when things get hard people stop and turn away (just like when we were camping).

  • Everyone wants financial freedom.
  • Retiring early sounds awesome.
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck.

Reality Check – are you honestly putting in the effort towards those things?

Be honest with yourself…is it easier to look at your money situation or scroll on social media??

Societal Norms That Reek Havoc on Your Financial Freedom

1. Dependence on Convenience

This may seem hard to believe for some. But, online shopping is still a relatively new concept (less than 15 years ago and it took awhile to really catch on). Back in the day, stores were closed on Sundays. A convenience store was truly that – items to pick up because the nearest grocery or hardware was miles away. Now, we can pick up items on every corner or on a phone wherever we are.

With 1-click on Amazon to grocery delivery to Uber Eats, it is possible to never leave the house or truly be inconvenienced. Seriously, if the power goes out or wi-fi gets knocked out, it is like a major catastrophe just hit.

Convenience comes at a price – specifically to your wallet.  Every dollar spent is one less dollar saved to financial freedom.

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Savings Builder

2. Life in a Silo

Even though we feel as connected as possible, that couldn’t be further from the truth. People today are more disconnected from true relationships. Social media is much to blame. People on average spend over 2 hours a day on social media in 2020 with the younger generations usage even higher.

We take care of our own household and would NEVER even consider relying on a neighbor to help us out in a pinch. We are very independent on making sure we can handle our household. Is that because we are too afraid to show others our weaknesses?

Life is meant to be done in community. It takes a village. What better way to learn and not make the mistakes as others? By listening. By reading. Taking the time to understand. Money is a hush, hush topic for many (and that is completely okay). However, it is still possible to share money experiences and stop living life in a silo.

3. When the going gets tough, people bail

Persistence is a trait that was a given when I grew up. Remember the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” It was expected to try over and over again until you succeed. It didn’t have to be perfect; it was the effort that counted. Today, persistence is a character trait our elementary school stresses to the students. Why? Because today’s kids give up WAY too quick.

The time we went camping and it rained a lot, people were bailing left and right. For many, it was easier to pack up and go home, then stay and make the most of it. (Honestly, it will be a camping trip I won’t forget because of the rain and the memories we made.)

Reaching financial freedom. Retiring early. Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Those things will not happen on their own (wouldn’t that be great if it could?). It will be tough to reach those milestones. Ask anyone who reached $1 million net worth, retired at 50, or had a little money left over at the end of the month. They will say it was tough at times. But, it is worth the extra effort and persistence in the end.

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4. Comparison Game

This is such an easy trap to fall into! Sometimes without even realizing it. We don’t even need to leave the comfort of our home to start the comparison game. Society even pushes the concept of comparison – even at the young ages. Across all media, it is okay to wish for something you don’t have.

If everyone else is doing it, you might as well, too.

Is comparison the root of all evil? Probably not.

With money, comparison can cause a quick, slippery slope to debt. The average household has $90K of debt (not including mortgage). That is a heavy weight to carry.

Even if you manage to stay out of debt, reaching financial freedom and retiring early will be harder. It is okay to be different. It is okay to stay outside of the comparison game.

5. Love of Money

Remember the saying, “Money Talks.” Unfortunately, in today’s society, money talks. It provides access. It provides freedom. Money is a status symbol.

This is not true of every person in society. Not everyone struggles with the love of money.

But, many of our decisions tend to be based on money rather than what is better for our lives.

Everyone dreams of winning the lotto. A chance to finally change their situation. Honestly, winning the lotto creates bigger problems without getting to the root of the love of money.

Find contentment. The best way to overcome the love of money is to be content with what you have been blessed with. Regardless of the amount in your bank account, look around and find everything you have been blessed with.

How to Overcome Social Norms to Succeed with Money

Going against the grain of society is gutsy. It is the willingness to be different. This is the moment when you say enough is enough of doing things society’s way and start putting your success first.

It will feel awkward at first.

Anything that is new is harder at first. Just like any resolution, it takes time for a new habit to be made.

Action List –

    • Learn to become self-reliant instead of just ordering something online.
    • When you want to bail on something, show persistence for just a little bit longer.
    • Sign up for Jumpstart Your Money Mindset to assess your finances.
    • Ask a neighbor or friend for help.
    • Find a like-minded community.
    • Decide what is more important to you than money.
    • Learn to say no (and not feel guilty).
    • Celebrate your successes when you go against society norms.

Societal pressures are huge. The impact can lead to financial ruin. From money coaching, I have learned that many of their biggest financial decisions and mistakes have been made with outside pressures.

For our family, camping is a time to relax and reconnect as a family. It also revealed to me how societal pressures can sway an entire group of people. It is okay to be different. Just think how people react when you reach financial freedom and they are still struggling paycheck to paycheck.

Different is good.

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Simple ways to succeed with money and overcome societal norms. Why do people bail on looking at the money situation? Does society impact your financial decisions? Learn how to overcome societal norms to succeed with money. #money #society #financialfreedom #fire

Know someone else that needs this, too? Then, please share!!

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