Why Do You Need Surge Protectors?

March 29, 2017

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In today’s world, everything needs to be charged. Phones, laptops, tablets, appliances, printers, toys – everything found in the American house! Hundreds and thousands of dollars of electronics exposed to a power. Why should you care about protecting your electronics and appliances? Does it really matter?

Here is why you should care… Generally, power surges are considered to be the most destructive of the four types of electrical power disturbances. Power surges are brief moments where the voltage increases. The amount of time and magnitude can vary in intensity. The other types of electrical power disturbances are voltage dips, electromagnetic interference, and radio frequency interference. It is important to know about these power issues and how they can affect our electronics and appliances.

According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), 60-80% of power surges are created within large appliances, like air conditioners, turn on and off. Another type of power surge are initiated by the electric company when they switch power grids. Lightning is the cause of the most powerful surges; however, they account for the smallest amount of power surges. Most of time we are completely oblivious to power surges happening all around us as we go through our day completely unaware.

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Are you protecting your items from ruin?

What happens when a power surge happens or lightning strikes your house? Is the wiring up to electrical code? Do you have the extra cash on hand to replace items after a power surge?

The impact of the spike in voltage will be harmful to all those electrical devices. Excess voltage can damage to the electrical components. Even small power surges may shorten the life of electronics and appliances because of damage slowly occurring to the electrical components.

So, have you taken steps to protect your electronics and other major appliances? I know for many years I couldn’t care less about preventing harm to my electronic devices. Did I know better? YES! One of the childhood homes I grew up in was struck my lightning and everything (absolutely everything) plugged in was destroyed. Fast forward, I assumed technology was better today than back then. That thought is true. However, power surges still happen and are still destructive. In today’s society, we heavily rely on electronics and many electrical panels aren’t capable of handling the workload. It is a necessary to protect our electronics from harm.

The solution is a surge protector. Yep, surge protectors. And you probably need more than one.

A surge protector protects devices from spikes in voltage. You probably have heard of them. You probably have a couple around the house. Most people use them for TVs and media centers. However, we leave most electronics and major appliances without protection. Anything digital is exposed to power disruptions.

Other important facts about surge protectors:

  • Cost has come down significantly.
  • Many include a connected equipment warranty.
  • The more joules, the better protection.
  • Reduce energy consumption. Look for EnergyStar certified.
  • A cheap surge protector may not provide enough protection.

Best Surge Protectors for each part of your house:

 For Washer and Dryer:

 **Yep, a $5 surge protector!

For Refrigerator:

 **Look for one to swivel, so you can push the fridge all the way back.

For Computer / Desk Area:


**Battery backup is recommended because the computer is immediately shut down in a power surge. They surge protector will help, but won’t protect for the stress of the machine shutting down.

For Multi-Function Space:


**Pretty sleek organization system!

For Bedroom or Small Desk Area:

For Media Center:

**Recommended to have battery backups on media centers because how smart the electronics are becoming. Most function as computers.

For Basic Electronics (TVs, Stereos, etc):

For Travel:


All in all, spend a little money to save replacing the electrical devices in the long run.

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