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Monthly Meal Planner

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Monthly meal planning has been a game changer for our house!

Honestly, it was something I never really planned on doing, but thankful that I have been forced into the monthly meal planning process.

Very quickly, I realized that I needed a few templates to make sure I remember what groceries to buy for the next month.

So, I dropped everything and put together a monthly meal planner for us and decided if I needed, then everyone needed it.

These monthly meal planner printables are very helpful!

Plus I decided to make them in a variety of colors.

Monthly Meal Planner

Here is the basics of what you need for a monthly meal planner:

  • Calendar
  • Grocery Lists to your Favorite Stores
  • List of Favorite Recipes to Make
  • New Recipes to Try
  • Monthly Grocery Budget

If you are a beginner at meal planning, then learn how to meal plan for a month.

That is a very easy process! And over time, it become second nature to you.

Simplifying your life sounds like a good idea.

For my digital fans, yes, these are monthly meal planner pdfs. These are templates that will make your life easier and meal planning a cinch. 

Over the years, I have tried many meal planner apps and recipe apps. Honestly, I haven’t found one I love. 

Another reason I backed off of meal planner apps is I spent many hours putting our favorite recipes and grocery lists together then an update happened and I lost everything I did. So, maybe call it a controlling factor. But, I prefer paper and a few excel spreadsheets.

Sample Monthly Meal Plan

To show you the beauty of monthly menu planning, here is an example for you:

Sample Meal planning calendar with a full month of recipes. Find menu plan ideas to feed your family. Eat healthy and stay on budget. #mealplan #frugal #meals

No reason not to try meal planning with some cheap meals. That will help stay under your grocery budget.

Many of my favorite recipes are found in these cookbooks:

Get Started with a Monthly Meal Planning Template

Meal planning doesn’t have to be hard.

Honestly, it saves a lot of time, energy, and money plus there is less stress overall.

Download our FREE Monthly Meal Planner Calendar. 

Start with this monthly meal planning template.

Happy meal planning!

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