Why a Money Coach?

Without a money coach, more than likely would just continue on the path you are currently on. If you want a change, I have the tools to provide you accountability and actionable results. With one-on-one coaching, it provides the time and presonalization needed to reach your personal money goals. Just like with a personal trainer, career coach, or life coach - you want to see results.

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Strategic Money Consult

Need an outside, unbiased opinion to get you on the right track? Looking for a solution, but unsure where to start? Overwhelmed on how to start the Money Bliss Steps to Financial Freedom?

During this 90 minute consultation, we will uncover your money questions and concerns.  We will outline a basic plan for you to succeed with your money visions.

Coaching topics (as our limited time allows) may include:

  • Understand your money visions and how to reach them
  • How to Kick the Cash Flow Killer (DEBT) and how to avoid it in the future
  • Understand how much money is needed for emergency funds or long-term savings
  • Reaching your Saving Goals
  • Creating a Cents Plan that will work
  • Stop the Cycle of Previous Financial Failures
  • Stop living paycheck to paycheck
  • Build wealth
  • Teaching kids about money

After one month, we will have a quick follow-up to check on your progress and further address any questions or concerns.

*Coaching sessions will be conducted online or over the phone.

Deep Dive Money Coaching

Ready to take a customized journey into your personal finance situation? Do you need accountability to stick to your money visions? This is where one-on-one coaching is perfect.

We will discuss your money visions. Understand the life you want to live. Figure out how you are currently spending your money. Determine what underlying issues are holding you back from financial success. Set short term and long term goals. We will set up a plan to accomplish your money visions.

During our time together, you will receive:

  • Initial 20 minute consultation to discuss your goals
  • An email course to understand your current money situation
  • Six 60 minute meetings (conducted through online video conferencing)
  • Cents + Vision Planner
  • Personalized Debt Payoff (if needed)
  • Unlimited email support for 3 months
  • Tools & resources to meet your money visions

We will cover your specific reason for money coaching in depth as well as specific topics I believe are important foundation to be successful with money.

This is your customized money journey. I am here to help guide and provide accountability.

After our coaching journey together, you will be on your path to Money Bliss | Where Cents Parallel Vision.

*Coaching sessions will be conducted online or over the phone.

Schedule a Free Consultation

Unsure about working with a money coach? Want to make sure money coaching is for you? During our time together, we will discuss your current financial situation and how Money Bliss one-on-one coaching services can alter your view of money and your life.

Change Your Financial Future Today!