Our lives are a gift to enjoy. In today’s society, our lives cannot run without the daily use of money.

Money is not about dollars and cents.

Money is about our behavior in spending and saving those dollars and cents.

At Money Bliss, we focus on Where Cents Parallel Vision.

Money coaching combines the emotional and psychological side of money with the practical.

Money coaching is not the same as working with a financial planner or investment adviser. A Certified Financial Planner offers advice in regards to is investment, retirement, insurance, and tax planning. A investment or financial adviser provides investment advice and may manage your investment portfolio. (And many times, they make a commission on offering you the same products that they “recommend”.)

Many of these professionals are unable to provide the resources needed to change how you relate and spend your money.

With money coaching, you become financially organized and in control of your money situation. Money coaching changes how you view money and thus changes your life forever. By utilizing a money coach, we will develop an action plan with your specific desires in order to reach Money Bliss.

When working with a client, the focus is on you. A journey specific to you. A plan customized for you. Then, you can finally start seeing the results you want.

This is my focus when coaching clients.

Without a money coach, more than likely would just continue on the path you are currently on.

If you want a change, I have the tools to provide you accountability and actionable results. With a financial coach, you receive the one-on-one attention that provides the time and personalization needed to reach your personal money goals.

Just like with a personal trainer, career coach, or life coach – you want to see results.

Client Testimony:

Over a year ago, I started working with Kristy after my husband lost his job due to his store closing and I was a stay-at-home mom with three children under the age 6 years old. Times were scary and I was vulnerable. Yet I was able to manage with Kristy’s help. My goal was simple: to get started with a new vision and stay on track.

Kristy has helped us think outside the box, be creative, challenge ourselves and be motivated to at least try. Times are still challenging, yet we have made more progress this year than any other year of our marriage. We have paid $10,000 off on one vehicle, afforded $40,000 in dental work and paid off $2,000 in personal loans.

We have used techniques and solutions Kristy has shared through her research. Her tips and suggestions are practical. They can be applied if you are willing to make the changes towards a better way of life. I trust Kristy’s opinion and she is able to personalize what works for you in the season of life you are in.

I highly recommend listening to what Kristy has to offer with her one-on-one coaching. My husband and I still have a lot of work to do, but I can sleep well because I am moving toward a goal and I have a coach to keep me on track. ~T.S.

As a money coach, my goal is to help everyone achieve their visions and reach Money Bliss – Where Cents Parallel Vision.


Client Testimony:

Managing my finances has always been a priority. After speaking with Kristy, it became clear through her coaching that I was tackling my finances in the reverse order. I needed to prioritize creating a medical and emergency savings first before paying down student loans and saving for vacation.

This was confirmed a few weeks after our session, when I had unexpected medical expenses and had not set aside funds to cover them. Although they have since been paid off, Kristy’s wisdom guides my financial moves as I go forward and I wish I had followed them sooner.

Take care of your finances and start by following Kristy’s steps toward financial freedom. -K.L.

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