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Are you looking to save money on a consistent basis? Then, you need to pick up some of the basic traits of a frugal person.

These money saving tips will save you thousands of dollars each year!

Saving money will lead to financial freedom. Just read this millionaire’s story on being frugal.

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This is how a millionaire did it. Learn how to be frugal. Saving money is great. But, change your ways with these tips from a true life case story.

Being Frugal with Money – A Millionaire’s Case Study

Today’s case study isn’t about one named person because this person wishes to stay anonymous. They don’t want everyone to know they have become the millionaire next door. They are happy being frugal with money and don’t want a spotlight on their life. Simple living at its finest. Being frugal with money is about deciding

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Organize the clutter and tame the chaos. Find out why clutter is hurting your time, money, and sanity. Understand why it is important to clear the clutter. How to minimize stuff in your home. Learn how to reduce clutter. Minimize clutter and simplify your life. #clutter #minimalism #moneybliss

Why is it Important to Clear Your Clutter

Clutter can easily overwhelm a household. In today’s society, we have much more “stuff” to manage than even twenty years ago. This clutter comes in various forms – toys, school papers, gadgets, shoes, email, etc. More and more stuff overwhelms our homes. (and storage units are growing at a fast rate!) Why is it so

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Get your finances in order with this free bare bones budgeting printable. Start saving money with these simple budget hacks. Real people use this to template to budget.

How to Improve Your Finances with a Bare Bones Budget

A bare bones budget. The bare minimum living expenses. That is what we are going to uncover today. So, many times we get wrapped up in life with bills and spending that we confuse what are mandatory and discretionary expenses. Needs vs wants. The gray area is very difficult to see through. If you have

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How to shop for clothes on a budget. Ultimate guide to saving money. How to dress well without spending a lot of money. Beyond thrift stores, where is the best place to find outfits? Learn how to save money on your fashionable frugal style. #Fashion #savemoney #frugal #cheap #moneysavingtips

How to Shop for Clothes on a Budget

Shopping for clothes. As women, we may love to shop. But, then, the guilt factor may take over for the price of clothing. Sometimes it can be sticker shock. Or maybe you are paying off debt or trying to reach FIRE. So, how can you have a trendy, stylish wardrobe without spending a fortune? Can

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Cash envelope system. Be prepared to be successful with your budget. Learn how to get started with this ultimate guide for beginners. Find your free printable template. Start saving money today.

How to Successfully Use the Cash Envelope System

The cash envelope system can be a game changer for anyone struggling with money. It is the best way to only spend what you can actually afford. IN CASH! For many people, they can’t imagine ever spending money any other way than using the cash envelope system. While it is a game changer, you must

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Awesome ways to find affordable plus size clothing. The best places and sites to shop for trendy women's plus size clothes. Find budget friendly options for work, casual, summer, fall, winter plus accessories. #clothing #shopping

7 Awesome Ways to Find Affordable Plus Size Clothing

Hi! Today, I have a friend sharing her tips for shopping for stylish plus size clothing. Finding cute fashion items at a reasonable price can be hard, right?. I am thankful to my friends and ladies like her who provide awesome tips on how to dress for less. Have you looked for plus size clothing only

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