The word budget makes most people cringe…

In all honestly, it means that we must live within our means. Plus, by living under your means you will reach financial freedom faster.

So, what do you choose?

Budget or Financial Freedom?

Here at Money Bliss, we focus on

Where Cents Parallel Vision

Understanding where you want to spend your money is key to obtaining the life you want to live.

That means you need to create a money plan. A budget. You decide (in advance) where you want to spend and save your money.

A budget is that simple.

Our Mission

Empower you to manage money well and live an abundant life.

Making a budget is the first step to financial freedom. Learn everything you need to know to how to make a budget. 

These ideal household budget percentages are to live a full life and not be a slave to money. Double-check you are not overspending on a category.

Popular Budgeting Tools

Get ahead using their FREE tools! Track and manage your money by seeing all of your accounts in one place.

Personally, I have used Quicken for years. This is a great tool if you want an in-depth look at your finances. Start taking control of your money.

Designed to inspire you to manage your money, Moneyspire personal finance software is straightforward—yet still has all the tools you need.

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By using the cash envelope method without cash, you become savvy with your personal finances. Money management is easier when you track your spending habits. Then, you can save more money, pay off debt, and build wealth. Same idea with budgeting categories - just a different system. Download your free printables from Money Bliss.

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The cashless envelope method is a fabulous way to jumpstart your budgeting process. It is proven that the cash method will help you to save money, get out of debt, and make sure you’re spending your money that you actually have to spend. There is no overspending allowed with the envelope system. When using envelopes

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