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Our Story

Money.  Everyone relates differently.  Your individual experiences have shaped your view of money. Here is my personal testimony and why Money Bliss was launched.

I could track my money.  Oh, I am good at tracking my money.  Also, I was very good at spending a lot of money, too.  All was well.  I made more money than I spent and had a little savings (and a student loan that would eventually be paid off).  Life was good.  Fast forward to meeting my husband, who is a true saver at heart.  His philosophy was “No reason to fix or replace it, if it isn’t broken .”  Two worlds collided on the concept of money…

We were the typical American couple.  We had our ups and downs over money.  Slowly, adding to our saving accounts.  Kept our spending below our income (or close to it).  We both were laid off.  We both had bonuses.  Student loans.  We had kids.  Added a dog.  We had our tiffs over money.  Typical American family, right?  Money Bliss seemed like a lottery dream.

We had enough with our student loan payments. We wanted that cash flow back into our lives. We sat down and created a plan.  In one year, we paid off $53,000 in student loan debt. Wow! Life. Money. Enjoy. Money Bliss.

Fast forward, many friends asked us how we paid off our student loans. They wanted to change their view of money.  That was the beginning of Money Bliss.

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Meet the Founder

Kristy Marshall

Founder & CEO

Kristy Marshall has a passion to help others – specifically anyone who deals with money.  As a wife and mom, Kristy understands the daily struggles with money and joys of life with kids! Her professional background is in financial services and marketing.  She is the founder and CEO of Money Bliss.  Kristy and her husband paid off $53,000 in student loan debt in one year.  Through her journey, she has become aware of certain areas of struggles that typically center around money and wants to help others overcome them.  Her passion for teaching began at an early age as a dance instructor.  Kristy earned her a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in marketing from Colorado State University and her MBA from the Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver.  Besides spending time with her husband and children, she enjoys cycling, hiking, and volunteering.

Next Steps...

Today is the day for you to begin your journey to Money Bliss. Turn a new leaf with money.  Look ahead to what lies before you.

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