The Most Epic Gift Ideas for Kids Under $10

Are you ready for the list of the most epic Christmas gift ideas for kids under $10? These can be the best Easter gifts, too! Too many times, we fall into the trap that it isn’t really a gift unless you paid a hefty price for it. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. … Read more

Want a Great Gift? My Honest Review of Bitsbox

In case you didn’t know, coding is the wave of the future. For our kids, coding will be a basic skill like reading and writing was for us growing up. Coding is something kids need to know. Actually they must know. Believe me… I dragged my feet as long as I could on allowing screen … Read more

Roundup of the Best Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is a time for fun! Summer is a time to relax! But, as moms, we know the dreaded sentence is coming… “Mom, I’m bored.” So many times, I want to look at my kids and say “Seriously, how are you bored? You are blessed. They are games to play, books to read, the outdoors … Read more