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  • Why a Jumpstart to Money Bliss is Important and why the time to start is now and not delay.
  • How to Let Go Previous Financial Failures and move past them once and for all.
  • How our Emotions and Money are Intertwined. Learn how to make sensible decisions with money.
  • The Cash Flow Killer (debt) in your Life and how it is holding your visions hostage.
  • How Savings Can Fund Your Bliss and let you enjoy life.
  • Why Giving Gives Beyond You. Learn to enjoying the fun of giving.
  • How to Create A Cents Plan and Why a Budget is too restrictive. Set up your future success with money.

"Jumpstart Your Money Bliss is exactly what it states, a chance to be motivated to have a new relationship with money. It is a wonderful balance of encouragement and practical tools that are helping to shift my thinking about money. I feel empowered to take baby steps to see what I am capable of doing with my finances." - T.S.

"I thought this free course was great! It really helped me get a grasp of where I stand financially and then how I can start taking some steps to improve things." - K.W.

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