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Is Money Everything? Serious Points to Consider

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This is definitely a tough topic to tackle. And the reason why is money is a very highly contested and debated issue, but on the same flip of the coin, it is a taboo subject and nobody talks about money. So the question remains is money everything in life.

I am going to be brutally honest in this post and highlight both sides of the coin. The hard part with money is money provides opportunities. Yet, money can also be the root of all evil.

Thus, is life all about making money?

In this post, we are going to outline everything that you would want to know about this topic – is everything about money. The reasons that you should care about money and the reasons that you need to forget about money.

Too many times, you want desperately to care about money. Yet, you are afraid of taking the right steps to get where you want financially. You are trapped in the vicious cycle of making poor decisions.

Is money everything? Is life only about money? Why is it said that money if not everything in life. In this post, learn 3 serious points to make money work for you. Money is almost everything depending on your priorities and relationships.

Everything is About Money

Everything is about money seems appropriate, right?

You roll out of bed each morning to go out and make money. You think about how you should save your money while you’re out buying a coffee or picking up groceries. Then, you began to think… all I do each and every day is go to work, make money, spend my money, rinse, and repeat. Or maybe you are sticking your head into the sand to ignore your financial situation.

Subsequently, you stress about money because there was not enough left over each and every week. Or maybe there’s a tiny bit leftover, but you are still not happy.

It seems like everything is about money. Life revolves around money. Every decision you make involves money.

That right there is the reason that managing money is so difficult for so many different people because you do not understand why money is good and why money is bad.

So, in your head, you must define good and bad.

Then, how money correlates to your belief system about finances, how you interact with money on a daily basis, and your definition of good / bad. This needs to happen to be able to move forward.

If you want to change how you feel about money and interact with it, then you must decide what steps you’re going to take.

Why is Money Everything?

Picture of couple discussing why is money everything.

Let’s go back a few 100 years.

In the times, people had to barter to be able to survive. They exchanged goods and services in order to get the things that they needed. They were able to help others with their services and in exchange get the supplies or services they needed in exchange. It was a basic system that worked for survival.

That is how the first marketplace was developed; it was a bartering system. You had to barter to buy and sell things.

As society became more advanced and industrialized, the concept of money came around. Instead of having to barter for goods and services, you were exchanging money for a good or service. That is how you made money and spent money.

Consequentially, at the basic form, money is almost everything because that is the basis of how we are able to survive and do the things that we need to do on a daily basis.

There is no possible way to go through life without money. Period.

Is Money the Only Important Thing in Life?

Picture of cash which makes you wonder is money the only important thing in life.

Honestly, the answer is no.

If you truly believe that money is the only important thing in life, then you need to think about your priorities. Even in the Bible, it states that money can be the root of evil, but that money itself is not bad.

Money can help others that are in need. It can help provide housing for your family and keeps you fed. It can provide a security blanket, aka an emergency fund in times of need.

So money is needed, but it is not the most important thing in life.

There are plenty of other things that are more important. Look around you and count your blessings.

But, you have to remember the bottom line is that money opens up the door for opportunities.

You Should Care About Money & What Money Can Buy

Picture of wads of cash and what money can buy.

Is life only about money?

In this section, we are going to outline the exact reasons you should care about money.

Money can buy everything! Specifically a whole lot of things; it can buy you a new house, a new car, take you on that vacation, buy the organic food that you want.

Money can buy you absolutely anything!

The problem with money for the general population is that it is finite. You do not have unlimited access to do everything you want with the money. And that can be a very frustrating situation to find yourself in.

That is why you get caught up in this belief system, that nowadays money is everything.

You have to have money to be able to do anything, to go anywhere, or to buy anything.

But the difference and the key you must learn from this post is while money is important, money management is the critical lesson.

You Should Not Care About Money & What Money Cannot Buy

Picture of happiness - what money cannot buy.

Why it is said that money is not everything in life?

In this section, let’s discuss the exact reasons why you should not care about money.

Money cannot buy you happiness.

Let me repeat that again, money does not equate to being happy.

Money will not change your depression; money will not make your relationships better. There are many things that money can do, but money cannot cover up the deeply hidden wounds and poor decisions that you made previously.

Those are things that money absolutely cannot buy. And that is the reason that most people say money is not everything.

You have to find happiness in other ways that do not involve your finances. You have to find joy in the simple things. You must find gratitude for what you have.

These are all things that a $100,000 check cannot buy you. Only your heart can buy you these things and that takes some deep soul searching in time and investment.

Can you find the things that make you happy? But money cannot be one of them. And that, my friend, is the reason that money is not everything.

Five Steps to Make Money Work For You (Without Controlling You)

Picture of notebook and calculator while planning how to make money work for you.

As stated earlier, the critical lesson you must walk away from is proper money management.

You must know how to manage your money. So that money can do everything that you want it to do.

Money can provide you with those opportunities.

With poor money management skills, you are absolutely unable to make progress. You won’t be able to take any steps further.

1. Learn about Money

One thing that is not taught in our education system is how to manage money, why it is important to save, and how to stay out of debt. Our society is living paycheck to paycheck because we are not taught anything better.

You must take the time to learn how money works.

That right there is the reason most people fail with money.

Learning how to save or how to pay off your debt will not happen overnight. Most people quit quickly because they want instant success, instant gratification. And with money, it is a long-term game.

The choices that you make starting today will affect your future. The choices you made one year ago, three years ago, or ten years ago are affecting where you are at financially today.

2. Understand the Purpose Of Money

Money is a tool. Money is not an object.

Hence, let me define that a little bit deeper.

Money is a tool to help you accomplish what you want in life, and where you want to go by utilizing money correctly. You are able to reach your financial goals.

Whereas, money is not an object. That means when flashing your cash when out with friends, flashing that brand new car, or buying that house in a dream neighborhood just because you have something to show off.

That is an object. That is not what money is about; you are just showing off. That is when money is everything, specifically your ego. But, it doesn’t have the right meaning of money success.

3. Consequences of Poor Decisions

This is the reason people feel like money is everything. The past decisions that you have made might have cost you money, you may have lost money and you are still paying for those financial hits today.

Consequently, you feel like money is everything to be able to get out of your current situation.

You need more money to be able to advance your financial freedom. You need more money to be able to pay off the debt that you bought into your life.

The desire for more money and everything circles back to the concept of everything is about money.

There are no ways to move forward because your finances are holding you back. If you are stuck in this trap of past poor financial decisions, you have to recognize those mistakes and learn from them.

  • Write down your past mistakes, and list exactly what you have learned from them. Once you’ve done that, you have to let it go and let it be a lesson learned.
  • Focus on positive ways to change your habits.
  • Find a different community or a new group of friends that have the same values around money that you are striving towards. Then, the temptation of poor money decisions slips away with the bad influences.
  • Dedicate time to make your goals and values a priority.

4. Talk About Money

Money is a taboo subject in our society.

Because of that, wealth is not passed down from generation to generation. The older generation was taught that you don’t talk about money, so they’re not going to share the lessons that they learned over time. Yet, how many recipes are family favorites that everyone knows how to make because they’ve been passed down from generation to generation.

That needs to change.

You need to learn to talk about money. And that will help you set you up for money success, because like I said…

Money is a tool that can be talked about money. Objects are just showing off.

Kristy@ Money Bliss

While it can be hard to talk about money for the first time, set up a dedicated time with your spouse, significant other or a friend to just ask some questions and learn their money tips.

Maybe even reach out to your parents and ask, “what was your biggest financial failure? What was your biggest financial success?” Learn from their answers. If that is not an option, find a mentor that you believe has done well financially and ask them about making smart financial decisions in their life.

  • Ask them what they did to get there.
  • Ask what do they see that you are doing wrong, so that you can change today.

By talking about money, you will learn from other’s mistakes without making those same mistakes.

5. Prioritizing Money Is Not Greedy

If you have money, that does not mean you are greedy.

Unfortunately, money and greed are tied together in many ways.

The difference comes into play with how you view money. Is it a tool or an object?

Greedy with money is when money becomes all about you and your wants. You hold onto your money so tight and cannot use money to help others. It is all about money upholding your flashy lifestyle.

When you prioritize money as a tool in order to buy the things that you need in life. That prioritization leads to money success and you are able to open up doors of opportunity.

And that right there can lead to so many wonderful life choices for you.

That does not mean you are greedy about your money, it means you actively choose to prioritize what money can do for you as a tool.

Is It All About Money?

Picture of 100 dollar bills folded to make a house. It makes you wonder is it all about money in life?

In this post, we discussed so many variables that can impact your money.

Overall, money is a belief system.

  • You can believe that it is a tool to help you succeed.
  • You can believe that it is an object to show off.

And that lies the difference of your perception of money.

Do you perceive whether life is going to be all about money, or are you going to use money as a tool to do things that there is no possible way you could do without that money?

You have to learn to not let money control you and to start controlling your money.

Is money everything or not? I will leave you to come to your personal conclusion.

In this post, we listed why money is a good thing. But, we also listed reasons why money can be evil.

You just have to remember the key to success is money management. In order to do the things that you want in life, you must decide how the income and cash assets will work in your favor.

Now for you, is everything about money or not?

Is money everything in life. Why money is every thing. Learn the pros and cons to the love of money. The simple answer may surprise you.

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Did the post resonate with you?

More importantly, did I answer the questions you have about this topic? Let me know in the comments if I can help in some other way!

Your comments are not just welcomed; they’re an integral part of our community. Let’s continue the conversation and explore how these ideas align with your journey towards Money Bliss.

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