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45+ Best Easter Basket Stuffers 2024: [Gift Ideas with No Candy]

Inside: If you’re looking for some non-candy Easter basket stuffers, we’ve got you covered. These ideas will get you excited!

Easter is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start thinking about what to put in those Easter baskets!

If you’re looking for some fun and unique Easter basket stuffers that will make your little ones (no matter their age) smile, look no further.

We’ve put together a list of the 51 best Easter basket stuffers for 2024, complete with gift ideas for both boys and girls of all ages – from toddlers to tweens.

And the best part? Not a single one of these easter basket stuffers contains candy!

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your Easter basket shopping today with our list of the best easter basket stuffers for 2023.

Looking for Easter basket ideas? This guide has you covered with 45 different Easter basket stuffers ranging from cheap items to budget-friendly options. Whether you're looking for fun and unique items, this list has everything you need.

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What are the top 5 most popular Easter basket items?

To make your basket stand out, opt for creative gifts with a theme!

However, many of the most popular Easter basket items are mostly candy.

The top 5 most popular Easter basket items:

  1. Chocolate Bunny
  2. Peeps
  3. Jelly Beans
  4. Easter Books
  5. Toys and games

What can I put in my Easter basket instead of candy?

Yes, there are plenty of non-candy Easter basket stuffers that provide twice the fun!

When it comes to Easter basket stuffers, there are a variety of options to move away from traditional sweet treats to non-candy items.

  • For kids, opt for finger paints, pajamas, magnetic letters/numbers, or a Wiffle ball & bat.
  • Tweens and teens are the hardest. But, we have Easter basket ideas for teens.
  • For adults, consider adding pampering items such as botanical bath bombs or perfume samplers.

Ultimately, you can create a unique Easter basket that everyone will love.

What to consider when choosing Easter basket stuffers

Picture of an easter basket stuffer ideas.

You can even find gifts under $25 or gifts under $10. So when shopping for Easter, don’t forget to look for unique, non-candy Easter basket stuffers for the whole family!

1. Easter Basket Stuffers: Price & Budget

When it comes to Easter basket stuffers, price is an important consideration.

With skyrocketing inflation, you want to know you are stretching your dollar the furthest.

All in all, there is a range of Easter basket stuffers to choose from, depending on your budget and needs.

If you are shopping on a budget this year, then consider our Easter gifts for kids – all under $10.

2. Themed Easter Basket Stuffers

When it comes to choosing Easter basket stuffers, choosing a theme is a key consideration to be fun and unique.

Classic Easter stuffers like Easter baskets, decorations, and eggs create a timeless look.

Whereas, you can purchase a pre-made Easter basket from places like Amazon, Walmart, or Etsy.

  1. Classic Easter Stuffer: traditional items like chocolate bunnies, jellybeans, and other sweet treats are popular.
  2. For the Sweet Tooth: Delicious, chocolatey bunnies and friends for your loved ones to enjoy.
  3. Educational Easter Toy: Perfect for encouraging learning, educational toys are a great Easter gift.
  4. Surprise Easter Basket Stuffer: You can never go wrong with a surprise basket of goodies. Fill it up with things like figurines, books, and arts and crafts supplies.
  5. Unique Easter Basket Stuffer: Make your gift stand out with something truly unique, like a DIY Easter decoration or craft to make it extra special.
  6. Perfect Easter Basket Stuffer for Girls: Look for something that she’ll love, like a colorful accessory, a unicorn stuffed animal, or a fun jewelry set.

if you’re looking for something on a theme, you can opt for items like all sports-related Easter basket stuffers or all pampering items at home.

3. Family Traditions with Easter Basket Stuffers

When choosing Easter basket stuffers, the value of family tradition is paramount.

Easter baskets can be a great time to explore beliefs and values, as care is taken to find gifts that are reflective of a family’s values.

Not only does this provide an opportunity for meaningful learning for the younger generations, but it can also be a time for families to come together and share stories, experiences, and memories.

Ultimately, the value of family tradition when choosing Easter basket stuffers is immeasurable, as it provides an opportunity to connect with one’s family, culture, and values.

How to Make a Homemade Easter Basket

Picture of chicks for homemade easter basket

Making an Easter basket masterpiece is a great way to surprise your little ones this holiday!

To make sure you have all the supplies needed to make a beautiful masterpiece for your family, here’s a step-by-step guide to putting together a craft kit.

Step 1: Choose a basket

A wicker basket is a classic option, but you can also go for something more modern like a colorful plastic storage bin, if you prefer.

Here are great basket options!

Step 2: Fill the basket

Begin by adding some Easter grass to the bottom of the basket. Then, start adding all the goodies you’ve chosen to fill the basket.

We have plenty of Easter basket stuffers to choose from below.

Step 3: Add a special treat

To make the basket extra special, add one special treat.

Traditionally, most people would add a giant chocolate bunny to complete things!

But, you can opt for a non-candy item like something your child has been wanting.

Step 4: Make it festive

Use colorful ribbons, bows, or decorations to give your basket a springtime feel.

You can also use real or artificial flowers to add a spring-like feel to the basket.

Don’t forget those reusable eggs!

Step 5: Present it

Once you’ve finished putting the basket together, make sure it looks beautiful, and then present it to your family.

They’re sure to enjoy it!

Easter Basket Stuffers

When it comes to Easter basket stuffers, there are many types of gifts that can be included.

We will cover popular non-candy Easter basket stuffers including books, arts and crafts supplies, toys, figurines, and more.

No matter what age the recipient is, there are many types of Easter basket stuffers to choose from!

Oh, this list is totally KID APPROVED!

The Eggmazing Egg Decorator Kit

Create endless exciting designs with the unique spinning action to decorate your own dinosaur eggs. 

Plus each dino egg contains gooey prehistoric slime, loved by dinosaurs and kids alike - so you can make any design you like!

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02/29/2024 05:39 pm GMT
The Good Egg Presents: The Great Eggscape!

The Good Egg Presents: The Great Eggscape!

A great way to kick off the Easter season with a classic story or two. Or with one of the newest Easter books out, like the Great Eggscape

Buy Now on Amazon
02/29/2024 05:39 pm GMT
Painting Supplies Set
$42.99 $35.99

This paint set is perfect for artists of all levels. Each item in this art painting kit is made with high-quality, premium materials that are durable and sturdy. 

It's the perfect gift for beginners and experienced painters alike!

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02/29/2024 05:39 pm GMT
Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs are the perfect way to crack open the glorious story of Jesus’ resurrection.

A dozen rainbow-hued eggs are filled with surprises that can be stored in the carton.

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02/29/2024 05:40 pm GMT
Creative Kids Magic Bouncy Balls - DIY STEM Toys - Science Kit for Kids

There are plenty of craft kits to choose from! 

This one you can make your own bouncy balls! So fun!

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02/29/2024 02:31 am GMT
DIY Build A Bird Bungalow

What a wonderful springtime project!

This kit includes all of the supplies to build a bird bungalow.

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02/29/2024 05:40 pm GMT
Our Pick
Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Ear Buds

Any tech lover would love a basket filled with these great wireless earbuds!

The wireless AirPods offer a snugger fit, noise-cancelling technology making them a great option for any music lover. With the Bluetooth microphone, they can easily connect their smartphone to listen to their favorite music.

The AirPod leash Straps will hold AirPods or AirPods Pro tightly, preventing them from falling out while they work or exercise.

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02/28/2024 02:33 am GMT
Squishmallows Original 16-Inch

If you haven't heard, these are the must haves gifts for all ages.

Yes, I said all ages!! I love to snuggle on my kid's squishmallows and wouldn't complain about having my own 😉

There are so many names - a kid can never have enough!

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02/29/2024 05:33 pm GMT
Easter Bracelets
$10.99 $9.99

This is a classic Easter gift.

For many children, it marks the journey from young children to teens and teens to young adults.

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02/29/2024 05:41 pm GMT
The Baby-sitters Club Graphic Novels #1-7: A Graphix Collection
$90.93 $39.50

Move over chapter books, graphic novels are all the rage!

Kids are 100% obsessed with graphic novels.

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02/29/2024 06:07 pm GMT

The popular graphic novels sets are:

Bible Verse and Jesus Christian Stickers
$7.88 ($0.08 / Count)

What a way to declare the love of Jesus during the Easter season!

Find 100 wisdom words stickers, inspirational stickers, and motivational stickers filled with bible verses and spilling over in faith.

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02/29/2024 05:41 pm GMT
Travel Gift Set Hand Lotion With Shea Butter And Aloe
$14.99 ($0.83 / Fl Oz)

The gift set includes 18 packs of hand cream, each of which has a different scent and plant-based ingredients.

The hand lotion is meant to moisturize dry skin and has a natural Shea butter and Aloe ingredient list.

The gift set is ideal for coworkers who need gentle and affordable hand care.

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02/29/2024 05:00 am GMT
CAT Construction Toys
$9.99 $5.99

The Cat Construction Little Machines includes 5 mini vehicles!

Perfect for play on the go!

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02/29/2024 05:42 pm GMT
Mega Science Lab Kit for Kids with 75 Easy Experiments

These are always a hit for gifts!

You are guaranteed to find hours' worth of fun with the Mega Science Lab bundle.

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02/29/2024 05:42 pm GMT
Crazy Straws for Kids
$11.99 $6.98

This throwback to the '80s is just as popular today as it was then!

Kids love silly straws!

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02/29/2024 05:42 pm GMT
Soccer Balls

Another classic Easter gift that serves a dual purpose if you are starting soccer season, too!

Already have plenty of soccer balls as we do? Then, pick up a futsal ball to improve your player's game!

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02/29/2024 05:43 pm GMT
Ultra Rare Bundle | 60 Cards | for Pokemon Card Collectors
$18.99 $11.99

Yep, trading cards are still the "in" thing to do - especially the Pokeman trading cards.

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02/29/2024 05:17 am GMT
350+ Rapid-Filling Self-Sealing Instant Water Balloons

Hello summer! 

Time to unleash fun! 

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02/29/2024 05:43 pm GMT
Ursteel Cross Necklace for Boys and Men
$14.99 $13.99

Perfect for boys or girls of all ages.

This is a way to show your faith.

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02/29/2024 05:44 pm GMT
Activ Life Frisbee Rings for Kids

Take your frisbees to the next level with these Active Flyers! 

This unique design flies straight and can be caught in the smallest of hands, on your wrist or even your foot!

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02/29/2024 05:44 pm GMT
NERF Vortex Aero Howler Neon Foam Ball, Classic Long-Distance Football
$11.99 $8.72

This is the ultimate gift!

Highly popular throwing toy for all ages!

Plus it makes a high-pitched whistle when it flies through the air!

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02/29/2024 05:46 pm GMT
Water Blasters

Summer is great around the corner! And water blasters are the perfect way to cool down.

These are the water toys we purchased and they are still going strong.

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02/29/2024 05:47 pm GMT
Crochet Hooks Set with Storage Case
$39.99 $23.99

This highly rated set for beginners and professional crochet knitting.

The crochet hook kits with a storage bag can help keep your hooks organized and safe.

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02/29/2024 05:47 pm GMT
Watercolor Paint Set
$32.99 $16.99

This painting set is perfect for beginner watercolor artists. The travel watercolor pan is portable with a sturdy storage case and contains a 36 paint palette including the primary colors.

The perfect starter kit for watercolor painting, allowing you to experiment with different shades and tones without any risk of ruining your work surface or clothes!

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02/29/2024 05:47 pm GMT
500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle with Hidden Images

Puzzles make perfect Easter basket stuffers for the whole family. 

Whether you’re looking for an activity that the kids can enjoy together or a challenge for adults, puzzles offer hours of entertainment. 

Plus, puzzles can be used again and again, making them one of the most cost-effective Easter basket stuffers.

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Crayola Silly Putty Egg Pack

Grab the classic Silly Putty in Easter Style fashion!

This silly Putty egg set is great for group gifting, with plenty of individual eggs that come with scented putty inside.

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02/29/2024 05:49 pm GMT
Hula Hoop Bundle Pack

Obviously, this doesn't fit in an Easter basket, but you set it outside as a frame for your goodies.

This will make a great Easter game and challenge with the family.

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02/29/2024 05:50 pm GMT
Paint & Plant Flower Growing Kit for Kids

This is a lovely Paint & Plant Flower Craft Kit for Kids!

Paint and plant your own small garden: Plenty of vibrant colors and pleasant scents to plant with the included step-by-step instructions.

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02/29/2024 05:50 pm GMT
Beach Toys Sand Set for Kids
$19.99 $15.99

This is a great gift! One that we have done before.

Buying beach toys on Amazon is going to be WAY cheaper than buying them at your destination.

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02/29/2024 05:51 pm GMT
Personalized Beach Towels

The pool and beach are calling your name!

Make sure your toys aren't confused with these personalized beach towels.

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02/29/2024 05:51 pm GMT
The Original Rainbow Loom
$11.99 $10.42

Super popular with girls ages 7 and up!

They don't leave home without it

Buy Now on Amazon
02/29/2024 09:33 am GMT
Play Doh Eggs 24-Pack
$21.99 $19.47

Classic Easter gift here.

Kids can get creative with favorite colors like blue, green, pink, yellow, and more. The color of the egg matches the primary color inside.

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02/29/2024 05:51 pm GMT
Insect and Butterfly Habitat Cage Terrarium Pop-up
$19.99 $15.99

These provide an unforgettable opportunity to watch insects up close and caterpillars turn into butterflies.

Don't forget to buy the butterflies kit. 

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02/29/2024 05:51 pm GMT
Eugy Hedgehog 3D Puzzle

These unparalleled 3D puzzles are easy to build and perfect for anyone, no matter who you are! 

Watch each unique creature come to life as you build them in just 20 minutes.

Buy Now on Amazon See Full Selection
02/29/2024 05:54 pm GMT
Melissa & Doug Let’s Explore Indoor/Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Play Set
$12.69 $10.99

Time to head outdoors with these fun scavenger hunt set! 

Makes a great gift for ages 4-8 years old.

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02/29/2024 09:46 am GMT
Personalized Hop ‘N’ Cuddle Plush Bunny

Talk about adorable! 

This soft and cuddly bunny will become their new best friend and faithful companion—on Easter and beyond.

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02/29/2024 05:54 pm GMT
Jump Rope, Tangle-Free Rapid Speed

This jump rope is made of high-quality steel wires that are coated with tough PVC material, making it durable even after a long time of exercise.

This is the one I have purchased for my kids.

Its adjustable length design enables you to customize the length according to your needs, making it suitable for everyone, no matter for kids or adults.

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02/29/2024 05:54 pm GMT
Cellophane Carrot-Shaped Goody Bags
$6.99 ($0.58 / Count)

Who can resist these carrot bags?!?!

Instead of the traditional candy, you can stuff them with beads, popcorn, or hair ties.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/29/2024 05:55 pm GMT
Engraved Bible Verse Cuff Bracelet

This meaningful bracelet is engraved with an inspirational Christian message. Choose from a variety of options.

One of the highest-rated religious Easter gifts you can buy.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/29/2024 05:55 pm GMT
Easter Egg Bath Bombs with Surprise Inside
$25.99 $22.99 ($1.92 / Count)

Looking for the perfect gift for the person who needs to relax in your life?

Look no further than the bath bombs! This set comes with everything you need to create beautiful bubble baths for yourself or loved ones.

Plus, it's a great way to get your kids involved in some healthy relaxation activities.

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02/29/2024 05:57 pm GMT
CLEAN CLASSIC Eau de Parfum Sampler

These highly-rated travel-sized rollerball fragrances are formulated with safe and clean ingredients you can trust. Wear them alone or layer them together to create your own signature scent that lasts throughout the day.

This is a great way to get a variety of scents to try without committing to a full size bottle.

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Customized Easter Mug

These mugs are personalized gifts for your friends and family. 

Just make sure to order ahead of time, so there is plenty of delivery time.

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02/29/2024 05:59 pm GMT
Vintage Spring Themed Home Art Print

Easter is a time to celebrate and brighten up any room. 

There are a variety of options to choose from, whether you want a Spring-themed piece, something with Easter eggs, or something that is just bright and cheerful.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/29/2024 05:59 pm GMT
Professional Makeup Set
$21.99 $18.99

For the tween or teen, this is a beautiful glittery makeup palette. 

It is perfect for the beauty junkie in your life and can be used to create a variety of different looks, from natural to glam. 

Buy Now on Amazon
02/29/2024 05:59 pm GMT
Hontry Binoculars for Adults and Kids
$32.99 $22.25

I spy. Do you spy?

Buy Now on Amazon
02/29/2024 06:00 pm GMT

Tips and tricks for finding the perfect stuffer for your child’s Easter basket

Easter Baskets are a tradition for many families and often include candy, chocolate, and other sweet treats.

However, here are some things to think about so you know your Easter basket is perfect this year!

1. Consider the age and skill level of the child

When picking out a stuffer for Easter, it is essential to consider the age and skill level of the child.

For example, a kindergarten busy book with activities to help teach reading is a great option for a kindergartener; but this may not be suitable for a 1-year-old.

An Easter basket for a baby may consist of more age-appropriate items such as toys and books.

Meanwhile, a tween may appreciate something like a gift card or an item that is part of a current trend.

2. Look for small toys, games, and crafts

By choosing a bunch of smaller items, you can fill your basket to look bigger.

Plus everyone loves to uncover more and more gifts as it makes them feel more loved and special.

Here are the best Easter baskets to fill up.

3. Adding a small stuffed animal to cuddle

It is important to add a small stuffed animal to your child’s Easter basket because it can provide them with a feeling of comfort and safety

With the right stuffed animal, children can also find a toy that they love and will cherish for years to come.

Mini squishmallows are a hot gift right now!!

4. Ditch the treats such as chocolate and jelly beans

Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings, not about an abundance of candy.

That means no chocolate eggs, no jelly beans, and definitely no cake.

You can still give an amazing basket filled with non-candy items.

5. Consider adding small gift cards or vouchers

Rather than just giving candy and other treats, gift cards or vouchers can help you find the perfect stuffer that your child will really love.

By including gift cards for things like movie theaters, restaurants, gas stations, or even Amazon, you can guarantee your child will find something that they really enjoy.

Plus, if you’re in a time crunch, there are even digital gift cards that you can print out at home and include in their Easter basket.


Here you can find the top sellers on Amazon right now.

Products like cute Easter books, botanical bath bombs, bunny motifs, pre-made Easter baskets, plush bunnies, and tech gadgets are all popular choices that are sure to make any Easter basket stand out.

Ultimately, it is up to the user to decide which Easter basket stuffers are the best fit for their needs.

This is the hardest age group to please guaranteed.

Many parents put items like chocolates, fruits, and candies in Easter baskets for older kids.

Great ideas are tech gadgets, Airpods, gift cards, or something they have wanted and can’t afford.

Find more Easter basket ideas for teens.

Easter baskets come in a variety of bags, ranging from traditional woven baskets to more unexpected options such as:

For a personalized touch, add a wooden Peep-themed tag or a set of bunny ears to each basket.

Which Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas are in your cart?

Easter is a time for family, friends, and of course, candy.

But if you’re looking for something a little different this year, consider one of these Easter basket stuffers.

From cheap items to budget-friendly options, there’s something for everyone on this list.

You will find something for everyone this Easter season.

All of these items can be found at reasonable prices, making them perfect for Easter basket stuffers.

So start shopping today and make this Easter one to remember.

Find more small gift ideas!

Know someone else that needs this, too? Then, please share!!

Did the post resonate with you?

More importantly, did I answer the questions you have about this topic? Let me know in the comments if I can help in some other way!

Your comments are not just welcomed; they’re an integral part of our community. Let’s continue the conversation and explore how these ideas align with your journey towards Money Bliss.

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