20 Quick Tips For Debt Payoff Motivation + Free Debt Thermometer

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Just like with any other type of goal, you need to find motivation. The need is real in order to have success.

You want to pay off debt, but you feel the other ones that can become debt free have high paying jobs.

Your debt has been weighing over your head for far too long. You are ready to move on. But, you keep getting stuck. Or maybe too afraid to start paying off debt.

You need – may be desperate – for debt payoff motivation.

If you goal is to lose 10 pounds, that is great. But, in all honesty, are you interested in losing the actual number of 10 pounds? Or more interested in the way you look in your clothes?

In order to be successful, you must find motivation.

The first step to paying off debt is to make a plan.

Learn how to get out of debt in 5 simple steps.

Maybe you have figured out how to get out of debt, but you are still struggling. That is okay. Paying off debt quickly and easily is not easy. It takes time, patience, and learning to handle money different.

Plus debt snowball fatigue is a real thing. It isn’t a made up term. It will happen just only a matter of when.

So, how can you find the debt payoff motivation you need and find success in becoming debt free?

Don’t worry… I will tell you. All it takes is one primary ingredient.

Then, there are other fabulous tips to help you stay motivated when paying off debt.

This is exactly how I stayed motivated when paying off debt. Get on track today with the free debt worksheet printables and debt thermometer. Find your motivation to get out of debt!

How to Stay Motivated Paying Off Debt?

1. Know Your Why

What is your point of getting out of debt?

More likely than not, getting out of debt doesn’t mean looking at a zero balance. It means opening up the freedom to do other things. Experience a different lift than being a slave to debt.

This process can be difficult for some. This will be the breakthrough you need to finally pay off debt.

If you are struggling with coming up with your why and it is one of those things that make you bang your head against the wall and scream, why don’t I know the answer. Pause and reflect. Until you have your why figured out, you won’t pay off debt all of your debt. You may make some progress on some of it, but you will lack the motivation to get over the hump and give up before you become debt free.

Action Step: Pause and reflect on… Why do you want to pay off debt? What is your reasoning to become debt free?

Your “why” permeates through everything you do.

The reason will keep reminding you to say motivated when paying off debt.

Why is your primary ingredient to paying off debt.

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2. Find Accountability

Keeping yourself accountable is huge!

These are the people that will be there for you – thick and thin – these are the people that will ask the hard questions. Your people. Your accountability group. This is your tribe. Your path to success.

For example, if my husband misses a workout with friends, his phone blows up with text messages about his whereabouts. That is his accountability group to stay healthy and strong.

Do you have someone to hold you accountable?

How do you do without someone holding you accountable?

Did you achieve your goal? Did you stay consistent? Maybe you wavered, but stayed strong? Or did you waver and give in?

Action Step: Find someone to hold you accountable. 

3. Personal Reflection

Personal reflection is a huge part of paying off debt.

Each and every day you have to make choices with money. Some will be good decisions. Some may end up being poor decision. Others you may regret at a later date.

You must consider all of the variables that (1) got you into debt in the first place and (2) the reasons you can’t get out of debt.

Action Step: Think about the ways that you handle money. What things do you wish you did more often? What habits do you need to break? Take 

4. Debt Thermometer

This one is great for motivation!

By using a debt thermometer, you are visually able to see the progress you are making. Plus how much (and hopefully how little) you have left to go.

A simple yet very effective tool to overcoming your debt! 

In our free printable section, you can find plenty of debt worksheets and debt thermometer to help you along your journey to becoming debt free.

Quick Tips For Debt Payoff Motivation

1. Debt Free Date

Figure out your debt free date! (Here is a great tool to use.) Mark it on the calendar and write it everywhere.

2. Debt Thermometers

These are visual pictures of your journey to become debt free. Put visual reminders everywhere! Download your debt thermometer.

3. Use Slush Money

This pocket money is a set amount determined in advance to spend any way you wish. Learn more about slush money. No remorse needed!

Cash envelopes are great for tracking fun spending money.

4. Write Down Purchases

Spending can spiral quickly and easily. For every purchase made write it down in a notebook or journal. Personally, I skipped countless purchases because I didn’t want to log my spending! 

**This is still a habit I continue to do even though we are debt free (except mortgage).

5. Set Money Goals

Specifically, set money goals for when you are out of debt. This may sound crazy! But, it is so helpful. This quick debt payoff motivation tip goes along with finding your why.

That why will develop your money goals once debt is paid off in full!

6. Vision Board

Make a vision board based along the debt free money goals from the previous tip. Learn how to start making a money vision board.

7. Use a Budget

Honestly, there is no way of getting around the term budgeting when paying off debt. Learn how to make a budget in order to pay off debt.

8. Set Mini-Milestones

Progress needs to be celebrated with mini-milestones. These small rewards will help you stay motivated when paying off debt. Break up the amount you need to pay off into smaller segments.

This will also help with the overwhelm of paying off a large sum of debt.

9. Daydream

Think about what life will be life once you pay off debt. 

  • How will things be different?
  • What will you do?
  • How will you feel?

Paying off debt is a season – not an eternity. So, daydream about your debt free life!

10. Stick with Like-Minded Friends

As much as we don’t want to admit it, we subconsciously become like our friends.

By choosing friends with the same money ideals and goals, the likelihood of success with money increases.

Plus you will have built-in accountability partners!

11. Track your Net Worth

The first thing you are screaming inside…I don’t want to see that negative number on my net worth.

However, there will be a day when that negative number does to a positive one dollar. Then, overtime, it will keep adding zeros to that $1.

Use a free tool like Personal Capital.

12. Patience is Key

Paying off debt is a long game effort. Whereas, the process to sign for a loan or large purchase takes seconds. Patience combined with persistence will get your paid off.

Here is your debt payoff motivation – this is just a season and it to shall pass.

13. Don’t Compare Time Frames

Stop getting caught up when so and so paid off “$x amount” of debt in “y number” of months. That is a recipe for disaster.

Your personal finance journey is just that yours!

Don’t look at others debt free stories just for the sake of comparison.

14. Read Other’s Debt Free Stories for your Debt Free Motivation

However, on the flip side, gleam debt payoff motivation from people that have done it. Those you have paid off debt for good. 

If they did it, so can you! You got this!

15. What If’s

In all honestly, I hate what if scenarios because most of them focus on the negative outcome. However, for debt payoff motivation, use what if’s in these positive terms:

  • What if my debt was paid, would I have said yes to going?
  • If I could pay off my debt faster, what would change?
  • What if I could cut this expense out of my life?
  • What if I become debt free, what would I be doing right now (instead of working this second job)?

16. Reflect on the Past

Look back and see where you where 5 years ago, 3 years ago, 1 year ago, 6 months ago, 3 months ago, or 1 month ago.

How are you different? How does your money situation reflect that?

In all honestly, when paying off debt, one week or even one day can be significant progress in the right direction.

17. Focus on the Positives

There is already enough negativity in the world. You don’t need it in your mind as well. Use positive thoughts and thinking. Steer clear of the opposite.

The power of the mind is a real thing!

18. Don’t Be Afraid to Share

Talk about your plans to pay off debt. A LOT!!

The more you share what you are doing, you are keeping focused on your desire to get out of debt. Plus it gives you the confidence that you can do it.

19. Reign In Unnecessary Spending

A little bit here, a little bit there. It can add up to $500 a month easily, which would be a nice extra debt payment.

20. Stick Around

To be honest, life is to be done in community. While this community here at Money Bliss is online, we are still here to help you change your personal finance situation. Find the ability to enjoy life and money. Join our email list!

Debt Payoff Motivation Wrap-Up

At the end of the day, you need to remember your why. What is your big reason for paying off debt? 

That is the secret key to your debt payoff motivation.

While all of the above, quick tips are great ways to help your motivation. They are just quick wins. 

In the end, paying off debt is up to you. And only you. Then, you can thank your “why” for getting you there!

Oh, are you making these debt mistakes?

Find out how to stay motivated when paying off debt. Become debt free with these motivation tips and tricks. Use the tracker and printable to overcome your credit card, student loan, and auto debt. No more drowning in debt.” width=

Know someone else that needs this, too? Then, please share!!

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