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The Most Epic Gift Ideas for Kids Under $10

Inside: These gift ideas for kids won’t break the bank! This list is totally KID APPROVED! Plus ideas are gifts under $10.

Are you ready for the list of the most epic Christmas gift ideas for kids under $10? Made with love by kids!

Too many times, we fall into the trap that it isn’t really a gift unless you paid a hefty price for it. However, that doesn’t have to be the case.

These are the best kids gifts under $10!!

For my daughter’s birthday, she wanted a CD player (my old CD player finally bit the dust after MANY years). I looked online and couldn’t justify spending $50 for a CD player. So, I jumped on Nextdoor and asked if anyone had one sitting around. I ended up with 5 different people saying they would love to give me their CD player. A Buy Nothing FB group is another place to check.

My lesson learned.

Epic gift ideas for kids don’t have to cost a fortune!

This is true for any holiday.

Cheap Gifts for Kids

In actuality, they can be reasonably priced gifts for kids under 10. That way you can stick to your Christmas budget.

And these gift ideas for kids are perfect for any occasion! Birthdays, Easter, back to school, stocking stuffers, or stocking your gift closet. Use this holiday gift guide for all of your shopping!

Now, that it is finally snowing around here (over 12 inches so far) and Christmas is just a month away, I wanted to give you the best Christmas gift ideas for kids that are under $10.

Don’t worry… these gift ideas won’t break the bank! And even better…some are non-toy ideas!

No video games on this list. Think brain thinking and body moving gift ideas.

Oh, this list is totally KID APPROVED! Made with love by kids!

Which gifts for kids under 10 will be delivered to their doorstep? These cheap gifts for kids are perfect for any budget and won’t break the bank!

So, what is a good gift under $10?

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids. Everything is under $10. Find the best gift for boys and girls. Perfect to stay under your Christmas budget. The perfect small present doesn't have to be cheap things. Find DIY non toy Christmas gifts for kids. You will find unique non toy gifts on this list. Either homemade or easy to make or just buy online. Click here for this Christmas gifts kids guide. Made by kids for kids.

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under $10

Oh, this list is totally KID APPROVED!

Made with love by kids!

1. Barbie

Barbie Dreamtopia Doll
$11.99 $10.99

Move over Elsa and Anna from Frozen!

Barbiecore is the hottest trend this season! Make sure your kids are geared up.

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02/19/2024 06:57 am GMT

2. Pop It Fidget Toys

Christmas Pop Bubble Fidget Sensory Toys

These are the hottest toys for kids! Most teachers will even let their students fidget with these toys.

Plus they are super cool to trade and borrow from their friends.

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06/03/2024 04:03 pm GMT

3. Fidget Dodecagon for Children and Adults

Fidget Dodecagon –12-Side Fidget Toy Cube
$10.59 $7.99

If you haven't gotten the memo, fidget toys are the rage with elementary-aged kids!

They cannot get enough of them. Plus make sure you have enough to trade with friends!

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03/01/2024 02:14 am GMT

4. Bead Bracelet Making Sets

Bead Bracelet Making Sets
$12.99 $9.97

Make one-of-a-kind designs!

Mix and match the jewelry cords and beading strings to create knotted and beaded creations!

Buy Now on Amazon
03/01/2024 01:54 am GMT

5. Beyblades

BEYBLADE Burst Rise Hypersphere Battle Hunters 3-Pack
$27.99 $16.98

One of the hottest toys for boys age 6-12! Don't forget to get one of the Drop Battle Set Stadiums for epic times!

Buy Now on Amazon
06/03/2024 05:47 pm GMT

6. Garden Kits for Kids

Plant and Decorate Your Own Flower Garden Kit

Fun way for kids to learn about how to grow their own food. Plus they love digging in the dirt!

Buy Now on Amazon
06/03/2024 05:57 pm GMT

7. Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand, The Original Moldable Sensory Play Sand

Kinetic Sand sticks to itself & not to kids so it can be easily cleaned up & stored!

Brilliant and fun! Perfect for ages 3 and up.

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03/01/2024 02:24 am GMT

8. Cube Fidget Toy

Infinity Cube Sensory Fidget Toy

A great way to release stress and anxiety from school and work. Keep your hands and minds busy.

My teen still loves his Infinity Cube!

Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now at Walmart
03/01/2024 02:32 am GMT

9. Rainbow Scratch Paper Art

pigipigi Scratch Paper Art for Kids
$23.99 $9.59

These are hugely popular for all ages!

Plus they make great travel essentials for kids.

Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now at Walmart
02/19/2024 07:17 am GMT

10. Science Kits

Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Experiment Kit

Let the imagination happen! These science sets will help kids understand how the world works and have fun doing it!

Buy Now on Amazon
03/01/2024 04:12 am GMT
STEM Toy Rock Science Kit
$13.99 $12.99

Perfect for the budding geologist!

These kits are great to reinforce learning happening in school.

Buy Now on Amazon
06/03/2024 06:58 pm GMT

11. Brain Teasing Puzzles

Educational Insights Kanoodle 3D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game
$13.99 $9.97

PERFECT FOR ALL AGES from puzzle-loving, visual learning kids to puzzle-master adults.

Great stocking stuffer for boys and girls.

Buy Now on Amazon
03/01/2024 03:15 am GMT

12. Kid’s Cooking Aprons

Kid Apron Adjustable Strap with 2 Pocket

What kid doesn't want to be on Kid's Baking Championship!?!? Get them started today!

Also, great for painting and other crafts!

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 09:09 am GMT

13. Playing Cards

Bicycle Standard Rider Back Playing Cards
$7.99 $5.39

Teach some of the classic card games for hours of fun! Create family memories.

Go Fish anyone?

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 09:53 am GMT
Skip-bo Mattel Games
$14.32 $8.70

Skip-Bo is a timeless card game and a family favorite from the creators of UNO!

Players use skill and strategy to create sequential stacks of cards. LOVE THIS GAME!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 04:53 am GMT

14. Fun Socks

Cookie Time - Funny Socks Novelty Gift
$11.99 $9.99

Long and unique socks are trendy for girls and boys. Get the cool gift they will love!

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 10:38 am GMT
Lavley If You Can Read This Bring Me Socks
$11.99 $9.99

Boys want bacon. Anyway, make sure you pick up this pizza blanket as a combo gift.

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 10:53 am GMT
The Most Wanted Christmas Movie Socks

Even if you are shopping for kids, you know your mom or grandma or even yourself, want these!

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 10:33 am GMT

15. Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk Comb Temporary Hair Color Dye for Girls
$8.98 ($1.50 / Count)

Let her hair as vibrant as her personality! Glide on temporary color and add strands of shimmering beads to do up her do! 

These are improved over the old messy chalk!

Buy Now on Amazon
03/01/2024 02:44 am GMT

16. Monkey Noodle

IMPRESA 5-Pack Glitter Original Monkey Noodle Stretchy String Fidget/Sensory Toys

Stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze them - then watch them bounce back to their original frozen shape!

Time to stretch from 10 Inches to 8 Feet!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 09:57 pm GMT

17. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels 5-Car Pack
$6.25 $5.69

Time to rev the engines for a time trial. Which one is the fastest?

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 11:28 am GMT

18. Binoculars

Scotamalone Kids Binoculars

I spy. Do you spy?

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 11:37 am GMT

19. Swim and Beach Toys

SwimWays Disney Finding Dory Mr. Ray's Dive and Catch Game

Just because it is cold now doesn't mean summer won't be here soon! Plus you can head to an indoor swimming pool.

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 11:43 am GMT
Training Diving Swim Toys

These are my kid's favorite swim toys! Hours and hours of fun!

Buy Now on Amaozn
07/09/2024 11:48 am GMT

20. Skins & Decals

Bekayshad Stickers for Water Bottles, 100 Pack

Extra Durable 100% Vinyl Trendy Stickers! Perfect for Water bottles, Laptops, Phones, Travel, and Rooms! Plus Waterproof!

Definitely will impress!

Buy Now on Amazon Check out the Best Sellers
Motivational Stickers for Water Bottles, Laptops, and More!
$6.99 ($0.05 / Count)

Great way to start motivating yourself to success with these millionaire quotes!

These are some of the hottest items with teens and teachers!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 08:57 pm GMT

21. Travel Games

Hasbro Clue Travel Card Game

Card games don't have to be for road trips and airplanes!

Perfect when you are stuck in traffic!

Buy Now on Amazon Check Out Popular Games
02/18/2024 09:02 pm GMT
Best of Mad Libs: World's Greatest Word Game

Another classic - guaranteed to bring hours of fun!

Our kids like to play mad libs in the car!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 04:57 am GMT

22. Modeling Clay

Cra-Z-Art Modeling Clay
$3.72 ($0.21 / Ounce)

This air dry clay is so flexible, malleable, and colorful that it can easily attract children's interests and create anything in their imagination.

Even better... it never dries out!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 09:12 pm GMT

23. Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Ultimate Washable Chalk Collection (64 ct)

You doesn't love sidewalk chalk? Perfect for every age and ability!

Buy Now
02/18/2024 09:12 pm GMT

24. Puzzles

Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs 4-in-1 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
$15.99 $9.49

Another great gift idea for hours of fun and learning! Plus it is great for your memory.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 09:27 pm GMT

25. Magic Tricks

Magic Makers Mystery Trick Pen Through Dollar Effect Prop

Do you have a little wannabe magician in your house? Great way to start learning magic tricks for any imagination!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 09:22 pm GMT

26. Sticky Silly Hands

Glitter Sticky Hands

Keeps kids entertained for hours, they will love tossing & flinging them so that they stick to the ceiling, walls,

Windows, tables & virtually any surface.

Buy Now on Amazon

26. Slinky

The Original Slinky

Since 1943, the Slinky has rocked gifts given. Stretches like an accordion, bounces and walks down steps.

Bring back your inner child!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 09:32 pm GMT

27. LED Gloves

Finger Light Up LED Glove

This takes glow sticks to a whole new level!

Your kids will be the coolest and most well light on the block.

Buy Now on Amazon

28. Lightsabers

STAR WARS Lightsaber Squad Boba Fett

Grab your lightsabers and let kids train to perform lightsaber moves like their favorite Star Wars characters.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 10:02 pm GMT

29. kid Size Blankets

Personalized Blankets for Kids with Names

Perfect for cuddling on a cold day! Who doesn't love their blankets?

Make sure you plan extra shipping time if you want to personalize this name blanket!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 10:12 pm GMT

30. Snowman Kit

Christmas Snowman Decorating Making Kit for Outdoor Fun
$20.99 $17.99

Make your snowman come to life with this snowman kit! It is a must for everyone who gets enough snow.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 10:07 pm GMT

31. Satin Pillowcases

Bedsure Satin Pillowcase
$9.99 ($5.00 / Count)

My kids say they sleep better on their satin pillowcases. Either way they love them!

Buy Now on Amazon
03/01/2024 05:34 pm GMT

32. L.O.L. Surprise!

L.O.L. Surprise! Lil Sisters- with Collectible Lil Sister Doll

Collect one or all of them! Very popular gift idea!

Great for girls over 4 years old.

Buy Now on Amazon Check Out the Collection
02/18/2024 10:27 pm GMT

33. Brain Teasers

Difficult Riddles For Smart Kids: 300 Difficult Riddles And Brain Teasers Families Will Love

Can you crack the puzzle? These brain games are fun for all!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 10:27 pm GMT
Shape Pattern Block Tangram Brain Teaser

Find the perfect challenge with one of these brain teaser puzzles.

Endless possibilities for kids, not only limited to the instructions but also try to figure out more solutions to make fantastic works of art.

Buy Now on Amazon
03/01/2024 03:45 am GMT

33. Scratch Notes

Rainbow Scratch Mini Art Notes
$19.99 $8.99

Fun way to jot down notes, etch doodles, and create cool illustrations and designs.

Who says these are only for kids?

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 10:37 pm GMT

34. Playground Balls

Champion Sports Rhino Playground Balls 8.5"D

A kid and a ball! That is all they need to get plenty of exercise and get their energy out!

Buy Now
02/18/2024 10:42 pm GMT

35. Wiffle Ball & Bat Set

Plastic Baseball Bat & Wiffle Balls

No more broken windows! Perfect for the aspiring baseball or softball player.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 10:42 pm GMT

36. Kite

Rainbow Arch 27" Diamond Kite
$10.99 $10.11

Get out into nature and go fly a kite!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 11:02 pm GMT

37. Journals

feela 3 Pack Pocket Notebook Journals with Pen Holder and 3 Black Pens

Let them have their creative outlet. They are able to write down experiences, thoughts, and future goals and desires.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 11:07 pm GMT
The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids: A Journal to Teach Children to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness

This is a self exploration journal designed to focus on being thankful for what we have, the big things in life, as well as the simple joys.

Exactly what kids need today!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 05:32 am GMT

38. Indoor Basketball Hoop

Mini Basketball Hoop

Bring the outdoors indoors with this back of the door basketball hoop!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 11:17 pm GMT

39. Foam Airplanes

Toy Foam Airplanes for Kids
$12.53 $9.39

Best outdoor gift for plane lover! These cool glider planes for kids provide hours of fun!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 11:12 pm GMT

40. Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies for Kids by Playco

Think landlines for kids.

It is perfect for kids to talk to their best friend next door or a couple of miles away.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 11:22 pm GMT

41. Joke Books

The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids

My lesson learned..the joke may be on you.

But, man, do kids love to tell jokes!

Buy Now on Amazon
03/01/2024 11:06 am GMT

42. Workbooks and Learning Activities

Beginning Traditional Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids

Perfect since many schools do not teach cursive handwriting anymore.

Yet, our kids need to learn how to sign their names.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 06:07 am GMT
Preschool Big Fun Workbook (Highlights™ Big Fun Activity Workbooks)
$12.99 $6.79

Find one perfect for your child and their learning abilities! They love them!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 11:32 pm GMT
Summer Brain Quest: Between Grades 3 & 4
$12.99 $6.79

While kids may not love these, they need the extra work.

This is the series we found to be the most engaging!

Buy Now on Amazon See All Grades
02/19/2024 05:57 am GMT

43. Coloring sets

Crayola Color Wonder Alpha Pets

These mess free marker inks do not show up on skin, clothing, or walls.

Colors magically appear on specially formulated Color Wonder paper.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 12:07 am GMT
149-Pack Art Kits for Drawing and Painting

With a wide range of art supplies, including watercolors, pencils, paints, crayons, and accessories, this 149 pieces art set provides endless hours of creative fun and exploration. 

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 06:27 am GMT
Soucolor 72-Color Colored Pencils
$19.99 $11.99

Beautiful colors!

Plus a convenient tube to store and keep the color all visible, without any trouble finding the color you are looking for. That is priceless to me!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 06:17 am GMT

44. Bath Toys

Cute Swimming Turtle Bath Toys, 3 Pack

It will bring your child a perfect bath and make your child interested in swimming.

This product is a set with three different color turtle bath toys.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 12:12 am GMT
Aromatherapy Shower Steamers
$9.99 ($1.25 / Count)

SWCANDY only uses high quality pure essential oils and natural flavors, which brings all the benefits of natural aromatherapy.

Perfect for pre-teens or teens!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 06:32 am GMT

45. Mini Lego Sets

LEGO Marvel Shuri's Lab, 76212

The LEGO Marvel Shuri's Lab Set offers lots of fun activities for young kids Ages 4+ with a buildable lab and 2 Black Panther Minifigures.

Buy Now
02/19/2024 12:17 am GMT
LEGO Friends Pony-Washing Stable, 41696
$15.58 $13.65

This farm animal toy set features a horse stable with a shower and rotating stand, plus a toy pony that kids can role-play washing and grooming.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 12:17 am GMT

46. Pop Tubes

BUNMO Pop Tubes Large 4pk

Stimulate your child’s imagination and explore endless creative ways to play with these Pop Tubes!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 12:22 am GMT

47. Writing Tablets

Hockvill LCD Writing Tablet for Kids

This popular drawing pad is the most wished for item.

The LCD doodle board is a creative education and learning toy, perfect support for drawing and writing.

Buy Now on Amazon

48. Collectible Bobbleheads

Funko Pop! Marvel: What If? Zombie Iron Man Collectible Vinyl Bobblehead
$12.99 $8.48

In the endless possibilities, venture to wonder and explore with Marvels What If ? animated series

Buy Now on Amazon See the Collection
02/19/2024 03:57 am GMT

49. Terrarium

Kids Mini Garden: Mermaid Terrarium

Use the quick-growing seeds and under-the-sea decorations to bring your mermaid terrarium kit to life.

Adults love terrariums as small gift ideas, too!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 04:17 am GMT

50. Books

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Books open the mind to many opportunities. Learning made easy. Perfect for every age!

Buy Now on Amazon See Featured Children's Books
02/18/2024 11:37 pm GMT
An Elephant & Piggie Biggie! (An Elephant and Piggie Book)

Everyone loves these books from Mo Willems, a #1 New York Times bestselling author and illustrator!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 11:47 pm GMT
Forge Your Dragon World: A Wings of Fire Creative Guide (Wings of Fire Graphix)
$12.99 $9.32

These sets are hugely popular with the 9-12 year old age group!

You may want to collect them all.

Buy Now on Amazon See the Collection
02/19/2024 12:03 am GMT

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids Under $20

These items below were on my kid’s original list of amazing gifts for kids under $10.

However, due to inflation, prices have gone up. But, they are still great gifts and I didn’t want to delete them.

So, your money-saving trick is to add them to your wishlist and then Amazon will notify you of a lightning deal. Then, you may be able to strike under $10!

1. Magnetic Putty Slime

Crazy Aarons Super Scarab Thinking Putty®

Give the coolest gift this year! Plus it is a great stress reliever.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 09:42 pm GMT

2. Hatchimals Collection

Hatchimals Alive, Egg Carton Toy with 5 Mini Figures
$19.99 $17.89

One of the hottest toys for girls age 5-8!

Buyer beware! They will want to collect all of the Hatchimals they can 🙂

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 09:38 am GMT

3. Magic Nuudles

A-Maize-ing Play Noodles Create Your Own Craft

Magic Nuudles stick to each other to create colorful sculptures, collages, sticky Mosaics, pictures, animals, 3-D projects and more.

All with no glue and no mess!

Buy Now on Amazon

4. Magic Chemistry Set


Let the imagination happen! These science sets will help kids understand how the world works and have fun doing it!

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 08:52 am GMT

5. Card Shuffler

Automatic Card Shuffler for 1-2 Decks

The purpose is to shuffle cards the easy way! Yet most kids love to work the card shuffler with hours of fun and laughter!

Personally, we love our 6 deck shuffler to play Canasta!

Buy Now on Amazon
07/09/2024 10:28 am GMT

6. Card Games

Taco vs Burrito Card Game

Enjoy this wildly popular, yet surprisingly strategic game created by a 7 year old. Our family loves this game!

Make game night fun - guaranteed!

Buy Now on Amazon Get the Expansion Pack
03/01/2024 03:34 am GMT

7. Stamp Kits

Melissa & Doug Wooden Stamp Set, Favorite Things
$22.99 $16.70

Kids love stamps! These sets contain everything you need for cute art projects to share with friends.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 09:17 pm GMT

8. Magnetic STEM Building Toys

Coodoo Upgraded Magnetic Blocks Tough Tiles STEM Toys

These are a long time favorite in our house!

Create many designs for hours with a quality learning activity.

Buy Now on Amazon
02/18/2024 09:22 pm GMT

9. Official Speed Stacks

Speed Stacks | Official Sport Stacking Set
$28.89 $27.12

Improve your hand eye coordination and have lots of fun, too! To be honest, the speed stack mat is worth the investment.

Yes, there are many knockoff versions. But, I know the dad, Bob Fox, who created this game for his basketball daughter!

Buy Now on Amazon Get the Speed Stack Mat, too!
02/18/2024 10:52 pm GMT

10. Spirograph

Classic Spirograph Design Set
$19.99 $14.10

This classic art set is just as popular now as when you were a kid!

Buy Now on Amazon
02/19/2024 12:07 am GMT

Christmas Gift Ideas by Age

It is hard to shop for gifts for kids who have everything, so hopefully, this list gave you some ideas.

Enough asking yourself what is a good gift for kids. Some are toys under $10; others are practical gifts. All of these ideas came straight from kids.

These $10 gift ideas for kids are perfect to help find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Which one is your favorite?

More Gift Ideas:

Know someone else that needs this, too? Then, please share!!

Did the post resonate with you?

More importantly, did I answer the questions you have about this topic? Let me know in the comments if I can help in some other way!

Your comments are not just welcomed; they’re an integral part of our community. Let’s continue the conversation and explore how these ideas align with your journey towards Money Bliss.

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